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Fernando Albert

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Hi, I’m Fernando Albert! Psychic Medium, Healer & Author. Welcome to “Meditate with Fer“! A page of guided meditations and spiritual progress courses.

This is a small “about me,” such as, “Who is Fernando Albert?”, but here you can read much more in-depth everything about Fernando Albert right here. You will read about me (nice to meet you!), but I invite you to read all about this site here.

If you are more of a listener, here are a couple of videos that explain all. Otherwise, continue reading!

Who is Fernando?

I am a psychic medium and healer (if you want to read more about my psychic medium profile click here). But firstly, I love to learn and to follow a path of constant spiritual development. The Universe brought me the honor to have both assisted and taught workshops worldwide, as I treasure to keep learning, developing, and expanding. It is my purpose to help others reach their full potential. That way, they can help third parties to pursue a life of spiritual growth and personal bliss. Since I was a child, I have been lucid dreaming, and I now teach how to develop this great technique. My face? Okay, this is Fernando Albert🙂

How I Started?

For my entire life, friends and family said that my voice is very relaxing. Several years ago, a friend who is both a shaman and a vocalist encouraged me to create guided meditations, which is how I started. Since then, I began to develop spiritual guided meditations, inspired, and channeled through my spirit guidesI have had the honor to host guided meditations in the United States as well as in Spain. Now, thanks to the net, everybody will be able to experience my guided meditations. Take a listen below!

With Fernando Albert, you will always find healing and guidance

On this site, you will find all my meditations, courses, manuals, and resources. So, make sure you do not miss a thing; subscribe now. As a welcome gift, you will be able to download a free guided meditation. You will discover that it is a powerful guided meditation that lasts about 13 minutes, and it will balance and heal your chakras. This way, you can experience one of my meditations! Besides, I like to “charge” everything I do with healing. Either a meditation or this same thing that I am writing; I send light as I write it to receive that light. I am Fernando Albert. Therefore, you will always have healing.

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By the way, another way to contact Fernando Albert. You might find me on social networks. You will find the links on this page; however, I strongly recommend contacting me with the previous form or by e-mail if you need a quick answer.

Meanwhile, I invite you to visit the blog. You may find the answer to many of your questions (this page has a search engine to make it easier for you.) A more pleasant wait after contacting me. I’ll give you a few links that you might enjoy:

These are a few, but you will find others that interest you as you begin to read an entry. But you can undoubtedly contact Fernando if you need it!

Love and Light (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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