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Past Lives: We are a lot more than just our current lifetime.

Past Lives: We are more than this life.

Written by Fernando Albert

June 30, 2021

Past Lives: We are more than this life.
Past Lives: There is much more to your own existence than this current life.

Hello! Since this month has an extra Wednesday, so it is not time for the Forecast yet. (However, it is available on Youtube.) This week we will talk about past lives. But before, have you noticed your ability to channel improve? Really, it just takes practice and putting your ego aside. This topic I want to make an entry dedicated to past lives, since we have commented a lot on the subject, but we have never had a dedicated entry. There are exciting things about past lives, and they affect us in this life much more.

I want to start by commenting that we are multidimensional beings. Therefore, we do not only exist on the physical plane. Therefore, just as we have a physical body, we have our astral body, and we also have bodies in higher dimensions. In fact, it is possible to project to higher planes of consciousness beyond astral travel. In fact, if we experience deep meditation, we will feel a little the energy of these bodies, or at least, those of a lower vibration that we can adjust to as physical beings. And it is also the same with past lives. The vast majority of us can say that we have had more past lives.

All souls have multiple lives.

I told you about souls a few months ago, and I explained how I perceive their origin. Through reincarnation, souls have many lives. And this is not just here on Earth but throughout the Universe. It is precisely for this reason that on this planet, we have starseed and incarnated angels, among others. In fact, after years of reading many Akashic Records, I have found that many souls have had experiences in multiple civilizations. This is especially true for starseeds, but I have also seen it in incarnated angels and even human souls.

Existence is eternal, and for this reason, we have past lives.

I want to clarify something. As I have told you many times, linear time does not really exist. Humanity has learned to understand linear time, and now we have a society with concepts based on this. In fact, I often don’t take linear time into account, especially when doing a healing session. In fact, it is for this reason that we can always send healing to past lives. It is possible to do this because, in reality, everything is happening simultaneously, but our perception is not able to understand this. Therefore, everything that you have experienced in past lives is happening right now.

However, it is easier to understand all this with our perception of normal time. In fact, it is important to keep in mind that although they are past lives, they affect us in this life. For this reason, sometimes a situation or place in this life can impact us very deeply. This is possible because we have memories of that moment in that same place. How everything happens simultaneously, you can perceive, connect with that energy, and even channel it. For this reason, if you do a past life regression, you will live those past lives in the first person practically.

It can be fascinating what you have been able to live in past lives, especially those who have lived in other civilizations. For this reason, a soul reading is fascinating, and it can answer many questions and emotions that you could not understand before.

Our past lives are influencing us today.

How past lives affect us in this life.

To make it easier, I’m going to continue to focus and underline the assumption of the time we have. The first thing I want to comment on is that it is not only how we have been educated and how our society has been that educates us. Our entire existence has to do with your choice to read this. It is possible that if I had done something different in a past life, I would not be here today writing this. All the experiences we have had, both positive and negative, are dictating to us today. That is why I like to say that past lives have and are shaping us as souls.

For example, in principle, they teach us that babies are like blank canvas. They have just been born and will start learning about life from the stimulus they are going to receive. However, it happens many times that it seems that the baby has had some experience in life. This is easier when the baby grows and can start talking. It is common for children to think that they have already been in a place when they have never been in theory. We affirm that taking into account only this life, these children may remember this site from a past life.

“I love this place, and I don’t know why.” A popular affirmation.

It is quite common to find things/locations that you like and do not understand why. You will find yourself in the typical situation of thinking that you like something a lot or feel a lot of connection, but without explaining it. This would be a form of claircognition, but you remember a past life where that energy benefited you in many cases. As everything happens simultaneously, you will perceive this energy with much more force because it is in this moment. Furthermore, we do not take linear time into account. If you strengthen the connection with yourself, you may find that there are many things in life that you have always liked and do not know why. Many times here, we can find connections with your past lives.

We have met again!

Therefore, as I have been commenting, past lives shape us and help us be who we are today. Of course, there is much more to past lives than being able to feel connected to a specific place. All the actions and decisions that you have taken in past lives have an impact on this one. For example, during the development of a soul, it will make good and bad decisions, and some of them will have consequences or karmic problems. In fact, it is especially true that this especially applies to connections with other people. There is a fairly old entry that talks about karmic connections with other people.

But, surely it has ever happened to you that you meet a person you have never met before, and that gives you the impression that you have known them all your life. In fact, you can even feel like having a strong connection. This means that you have had one or more lives with that person. If the feelings are positive, it is possible then that you have an optimal connection with this person. This is quite common, and it shows that we all have multiple lives. It is possible that your connection with this person needs something that was not there in past lives, and therefore, knowing this person again will help us achieve that something that was not there before.

Do not forget the Principle of Polarity, as this principle also exists through time.

This also applies in positive aspects (as always, everything has its positive and negative side.) In many situations, you will find that you have some gifts that you do not explain to yourself in this life. It is also possible that you have great desires to set out in art, spirituality or other paths in this life. The reason is that perhaps you have had a very fulfilling life, and in that life, you were following a spiritual path. You realize that this past life fulfilled you quite a bit, and for this reason alone, you may already have more desires to retake this path in life.

Souls develop through multiple lives, including this and past lives.

There really isn’t much more to comment on. I want to invite you to try this Akashic Records meditation (this one is also perfect.) Through this meditation, you will be able to connect with your Records and explore past lives. I am sure that you will find many things to learn, as well as many interesting things about yourselves. Some souls have had hundreds, even thousands of past lives. There are souls as old as the Universe, and even some of them that existed in the Universe that existed before this one.

The subject of past lives is fascinating because we have such a wealth of wisdom and experience under our belts that it is an incredible subject. For this reason, it would take us forever to be able to read a person’s entire Akashic Records. Well, we’re done for this week. In fact, the forecast is already available on youtube (you can see it here.) However, it will be next week, as always, when it is also available here. So, I hope you have a wonderful week. I will be back next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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