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The Meaning of Channeling: The ego, obstacles, and illusions. How do we deal with them?

The meaning of channeling, and how to avoid obstacles.

Written by Akashicsoul

June 23, 2021

The meaning of channeling, and how to avoid obstacles.
The meaning of channeling: How to avoid obstacles and get the most light out from your experience.

Hello! Here we are for another week with a little topic that sometimes you ask me. But first of all, how do you have your Heart Chakra? As you can see, in the society we live in, having an optimal and balanced personal power is essential to progress properly in life, and a good heart is a must. But hey, this week we are going to talk about something very unearthly, but rather astral. In this case, personal power is not important. It is to have the heart, third eye, and crown chakra healthy and open. This week, we will talk about the meaning and obstacles you will encounter when you start channeling. I will also explain how to differentiate channeling from illusion.

Channeling Spirit with an open heart has a profound meaning, as it allows you to receive messages from Spirit and your loved ones on higher planes of existence. It is important to understand that channeling does not make you any more special. In fact, the ego is a block to channeling, and we will talk about that a bit below. You need to know that if you have the ability to channel, it is something important to be thankful for. However, it would be best if you did not go beyond this. Being able to channel is one more skill: drawing well or being very good at math. It is also a skill that brings you a very high capacity for self-help and helping others.

How do I know if I am truly channeling with a meaning?

If you learn to channel, some aspects of your life will change. Generally, you will perceive your feelings much more, and you will feel a deeper connection with yourself. You will realize that sometimes it is essential not always to put your judgments and ideas ahead. In fact, by adding channeling to your life, your life will gain more meaning, and you will learn to flow. When you channel the energy, you will see that many different emotions will flow, but these will never be your emotions. Learning to read these emotions will also make you a better person. You are going to start reading people’s emotions, and you will act accordingly.

This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially the one they are beginning to channel and want to find meaning. However, we can all wonder from time to time if we are channeling. It is a very humble act to question from time to time whether or not you channel. It is precisely a help, since if you are questioning it and for some reason, you are not channeling, you will realize it and connect again with the Spirit. This is something that is usually learned with practice. There will come a time when you will notice the energy in your chest (sternum area.) You may notice the energy elsewhere, but your green light indicating a connection.

When you’re trying to channel, the connection may not be perfect, especially in the beginning.

There is a very thin line between perceptions and channeling, but you will always find aspects that indicate exactly and from where you are receiving the information. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between ego, imagination, or even other mental activity that may get in the way, but don’t worry. You will learn channeling and its profound meaning.

Imagination is not channeling and might not even have spiritual meaning.

Usually, what worries more is the subject of the imagination. However, although it is the most common, I can tell you that it is easiest to differentiate. Imagination comes from a neural network connection, and channeling comes from Spirit with a profound meaning. Therefore, the perception of both, although similar, is different. I explain all this in the channeling course, but I will ask you to visualize an airplane to give you an example. Imagine that the plane begins to descend until it lands. All of this has been created in your brain through electrical signals from your neurons.

If you focus a little on how your perception has been with the above, you may notice that all this has been forming little by little in your mind. It’s like a movie, with a beginning (the plane flying) and an ending (when the plane slows down to a halt after landing.) The imagination will always give you the story following a linear process. As the Spirit does not perceive linear time, the information received in a channel comes without linear time. When the Spirit gives you the information, everything comes at once. It’s like watching a movie, in photos, all at the same time, in the same second. You will go from having a clean and clear mind to having the whole message in your head. From one split-second to another, you will know the whole story.

This is the most obvious difference of all and will help you identify when you are channeling or when you imagine everything. Also, as you already know, if you do not feel “that special feeling,” it will mean that you are not receiving this information from Spirit. When channeling comes without meaning, it’s not channeling.

Beware of excess optimism.

You may see what you want to see. You will forget to verify that you have a proper connection with your spirit guides. It is also important to remember that you have to feel that connection. You will find that everything is too ideal and too lucky for everything to be true. We live on a plane of duality. Although everything is “easy peasy” and even “a path of roses,” there will always be something we have to consider, even if we do not like it. When it seems that everything is too easy, I recommend you question this information. Our guides want us to question everything we receive from them that way. We make sure they are our guides. This is one of the true meanings of channeling, how our guidance arrives.

Our spirit guides will always tell us what serves the greatest of our purpose. Therefore, if it is necessary to have a difficult experience for a purpose, our guides will help us. Sometimes you go to collect what you have harvested, and in this case, perhaps it is all positive. It’s as easy as making sure the connection still exists or even getting a new confirmation. In this way, we will always make sure that we are well connected.

Spirit will not praise you, but empower you.

Ego or channeling? Easy to differentiate if you know them. One comes with meaning.

Another aspect that can be a bit problematic is the information that feeds your ego. If you feel that this information only makes you feel good, it is important to start questioning it. Especially praised, flattered, or even making you feel better than others. You will feel more entitled than others, and also, you will feel “good,” above others or even special. If you get messages and praises like “you are amazing, your light is brighter, etc.” I can already tell you that these messages will never come from the spirit, so you are doing something wrong.

This does not mean that you are full of hot air and your ego is through the roof. Although if you find that your ego needs a check, it is always good to invest a little time and improve this aspect. You may even feel an astral link, however, with a different vibration or feeling than usual. It is possible that your vibrations were not very high for some reason, and you are channeling a being from the lower astral. There is no cause for alarm, as your spirit guides are still with you.

You should start to visualize love and white light and use some protection techniques (I share a few here.) In this way, you will begin to raise your vibrations immediately. I want to invite you to read this post about spirituality to understand this better. By raising your vibrations, this lower astral being’s lower vibrations will no longer be compatible with yours. This lower astral being probably wanted attention and to absorb your energy. The biggest problem was believing this false information since, among compliments, it could give you the wrong guidance. Therefore, raising your vibrations will help you to connect with the correct source of information.

And what about mental illness?

I want to comment that I will speak from a spiritual point of view. If you have a mental problem, it is important to go to a mental health professional. However, I want to give you a little analysis from an energetic point of view. Some mental health experts, depending on what conditions, do not recommend lucid dreaming, for example. However, channeling is a spiritual connection. To reach channeling and bring more meaning to your life, you have to reach deep relaxation states. And maybe it should even contribute positively when there is a mental illness.

If a person thinks they may have had an episode because of their illness instead of a channeling session, there is a simple way to find out. Whenever you connect with the spirit, you will feel that special energy in your chest. Otherwise, it is possible that instead of channeling, it is an effect of some medication, or as a result of the mental illness itself.

The meaning of the obstacles during channeling.

Like everything on this plane, you can also encounter obstacles when channeling, especially at the beginning. In fact, all that we have discussed today are, in a way, obstacles. Since the lack of security about the integrity of the information, you are receiving always brings a lot of uncertainty. Like everything when it is new, doubts always come. That is why I wanted to make this post since many of you have the same doubts, and we have all had these doubts at some point. The course will also help you a lot. In fact, as I mentioned, even after a decade, sometimes I review what the beings of light give me to make sure I have been channeling and not thinking.

Everything I have said will help you a lot, I hope, but I am going to share a couple of tips before saying goodbye:
  • If you have a busy mind, you need to tame it. The next thing will be your emotions. You want to be “fine,” not unhappy, not super excited, but happy and well, as well as relaxed. Your mind will be the biggest obstacle, so it is essential to learn to master it. As I have explained many times, it only takes time and dedication, nothing more.
  • I have commented above situations that are not channeling, and it is possible that reading that you already know what to do but to get to the point:
    • If your ego or low vibration entities are “sweet talk” for you, visualize white light around you, and ask your spirit guides to help you while you are channeling, you will bring more meaning.
    • When your imagination gets in the way, return to mental relaxation. If you see that you cannot relax your mind or those new thoughts are constantly pouring in, it’s time to stop. Say thank you, end the session, and tomorrow will be another day.
    • If nothing comes to you, even with an empty, silent mind, ask the Spirit for help. Visualize white light around you, in addition to having clear intentions of what you want to know. If you haven’t asked a question, think about one now, which will help the channeling flow and meaning. However, if you continue without receiving a message, pack up. Tomorrow will be another day.
  • If you are not in emotional balance, you should focus on this first, so you do not run into blocks.
The most important aspect is to allow everything to flow.

In the end, this is essential. It is imperative to have a good balance between body, mind, and spirit. Once this applies true to you, you will already have more than half achieved. Mastering the mind and the ego is essential, and once you accomplish it, you will already be very connected with the spirit. Soon you will find yourself channeling with deep meaning connecting to your guides and other beings of light as your Higher Self.

And that’s all. You will realize you will always have answers by channeling with the heart and letting everything flow. This month has five weeks, and next Wednesday is still June, so although the July forecast will already be on YouTube, it will be in a week on the blog. Next week we are going to talk about past lives. This is another topic that we have also touched on in recent years, but there is no entry dedicated to past lives. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! Don’t forget June’s Forecast. See you next Wednesday!

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