Reiki Animal Healing: Bring wellness to your Pets

Bring animal healing to your Pets today! You will elevate your pet’s wellness with animal energy healing sessions, and I will delighted to provide this wonderful energy to them. Experience holistic healing and support for physical, emotional, and spiritual health through Reiki animal healing.



Animal Energy Healing: Your Pets will feel awesome!

I am looking forward to helping your Pets with healing and white light through a Reiki Animal Healing session. Animal energy healing taps into the natural energy flow within your pet’s body, addressing imbalances and promoting overall health. From alleviating stress and anxiety to enhancing vitality and joy, these tailored sessions cater to the specific needs of your furry friend.

I will be delighted to work with any animal or furry (perhaps not so furry) companions such as dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, any type of reptile, and course, all types of eight-legged friends or any other critters. I am not scared of them either, I like to work with any living creature in your family.

Allowing your pets to speak for themselves will, for the most part, bring about the change you have been waiting for. I will also connect to your Pets’ energy to ask what they need since this is the greatest way to provide pets with wellness advice.

Tell me more about Reiki Animal healing

Firstly, I will connect with your Pets’ energy by looking into their eyes, and the higherself. On top, you can share with me any of your concerns, or intentions with working with your Pets. You can share any helpful information from the Vet if you find it necessary, but it is not essential. Through brief animal communication, I will ask them what they need, and how can I help them best.

From here and through positive energy transfer, I create a harmonious environment where healing can flourish. Whether your pet is recovering from illness, experiencing behavioral issues, or simply seeking balance, the holistic approach provides support at every level. During an animal energy healing session, I will transfer as much energy as necessary, I never put a limit to this. During a Reiki Healing for Pets session, they will tell me when I can stop.

Benefits from a Reiki Animal Energy Healing session

Firstly, you will embrace a holistic lifestyle for your pet and unlock their full potential for vitality and happiness. Besides working the physical body with a vet (we can also assist with energy,) it is imperative to work the mind, the emotions, and the soul. Animal Reiki Healing is wonderful for this because will address a lot of subjects on top of the vet’s work. We will cover the following:

  • Chakra Balancing. One essential for an animal healing service. I will make sure that your Pets’ chakras are balanced and aligned, removing any negativity or blocks that no longer serve a purpose.
  • Intention Setting. When I perform Reiki Healing for pets, I also include a little bit of animal communication so I know best what your Pets need. From here, and from any information you might have provided, I will direct the energy where it serves best.
  • Wellness and Mindfulness. Every living creature needs to feel well, this is the purpose of all animals, at least on planet Earth. This is one of the reasons I love healing creatures, doesn’t matter how they look or what they are.
  • Grounding techniques. During a pet reiki healing session, we will move a lot of energy. At the end of the session, I will focus on regrounding your Pets so they can be centered in the here and now.
  • Reiki Healing for horses, cats, dogs, spiders, cows, snakes, birds… You name it, if you have someone in your family who needs healing, I will send lots of healing light and connect deeply with their energy. During remote healing for animals, only the soul matters, and this is with what I connect.

During a Reiki Healing for Pets session, I will invest undivided time to work with your animal. I will open my Heart Chakra and connect with theirs and once I do, I will channel White Light from the Source to where is most needed. here you can check some key features of the session:

  • An intuitive approach yields a profound animal energy healing session, so I will make sure to always feel guided this way.
  • The session will last for as long as it’s necessary. Sometimes,  I will start sending healing before going to sleep, allowing me to run the energy for hours if necessary. Your Pets’ and my Spirit Guides will know when to stop.
  • I will work on timelines as well, such as sending healing to a past and troubling situation or sending healing to the future to materialize better energy in the here and now.
  • I will work on positive parallel realities where the energy is abundant, to channel it here overlaying any current negative energy present. This will trigger three of the Seven Laws of the Universe, translating into like-attracts-like.
  • I will record my findings in an mp3 file and send it to you. I will charge the file with healing energy for you and your Pets as well. This file will last a few minutes, and it has the same price as the Profound Healing option, so we cover it all during a Reiki Healing for Pets session.


I follow my intuition and let the Universe guide me in my life. Please remember that I do not embellish my readings; you will only receive the truth.

If you only want to receive news that you want to hear, you should remember that you will receive the news with my readings as it reaches me, whether good or bad.

This includes feeling energetic cleansing during and after any of the sessions.

You must read the terms and conditions by clicking here.

It will be a huge pleasure working with you and your beloved animal companion!


Q: Do I need to bring my pet for the healing?

A: This is a remote healing for animals session, so I only need a photo. If you choose to ask for Reiki Healing for Pets, but you want to do it through the Zoom Healing session (if so, please book the Zoom Healing here), you could show me a photo as well, however, I would love to see your Pets live, but it is not necessary, the reading will be as accurate.

Q: How does telepathic communication work?

A: With the assistance of your pets’ Spirit Guides and through their eyes, I will establish a connection with them. I’ll be able to intuitively access their wants and feelings, and I’ll also be able to see clairvoyant images in my head.

Q: Can I ask for specific intentions for a pet reiki healing session?

A: Yes! You can request any intentions you want for a Reiki animal healing session. I will make sure to project these intentions to them.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Animal Healing


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