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Well-being: It is also important to take care of our bodies.

Well-being is essential. Bring wellness to your life.

Written by Fernando Albert

November 10, 2021

Well-being: It is also important to take care of our bodies.

Hello people! How are you doing this November? I hope that, as always, the forecast was helpful. This week, we will talk about a topic that we do not frequent much in this blog. An important part of spirituality is also understanding that we have a body. This body is our vehicle to be able to exist and interact on the physical plane. It is essential to take care of our body to have well-being or wellness. Optimal health is essential to have a positive experience in this life. In fact, you must know that you must always keep your body, mind, and spirit in balance. Many people usually discard the mental aspect, and a great majority, the spiritual one. This is incorrect since all three are essential, and they form us. A spiritual person does not completely ignore his body. In fact, quite the contrary. To have a good spiritual balance, it is necessary to have it on a physical level. We must not make the same mistake of ignoring one of these three. Therefore, this post is going to focus on wellness. I’m not going to talk about the typical thing like you do sports and eat healthily. The Internet is flooded with this type of information. In this post, I am going to help you reorient your focus a bit towards your body. The spiritual aspect, perhaps, and how to take spiritual aspects into account for improving physical health. And finally, I want to tell you that you always check with your doctor about any health problem you have.

The path of well-being is easier to travel than you think.

The first approach you have to take is to understand your goals well. Remember that, as I explained to you in the Hermetic Principles article, understanding the whole situation will benefit you. It is possible that due to some health or self-esteem problem, you may feel a disconnection with your body. In fact, you may not feel like spending time on your bodies. However, this does not mean that your body needs less care. On the contrary, in fact, your body probably needs energetic and physical attention. Perhaps your motivation is zero. Perhaps even you feel that your efforts do not bring results. I want to tell you that there are many possibilities to bring benefits to your well-being. As you well know, there has to be a balance between the body, the mind, and the spirit for wellness. Being souls having a human experience, we cannot discard our bodies. In fact, since everything is connected, I want to tell you that you will benefit more from your spirituality if you have a healthy body and know how to be happy in it. For example, astral travel brings spiritual experiences. Some of these will help you see the world from another perspective, in addition to giving you an experience that you will not forget. Your health will greatly influence your ability to experience astral travel. It could be due to a health problem, and here you should learn to find solutions. However, the fact of looking for these solutions is already part of the search for well-being. Because happiness also plays a significant role.

Understanding and alternatives will bring us well-being.

And it is not just a matter of visiting the astral plane. If you do not listen to your body enough, you will never realize possible blockages that were listening to it, you could find. This will affect your mental health and perhaps your spiritual one. So well-being needs to understand the limitations that your body has. Perhaps you can improve those limitations, but you will learn to be above them if you cannot. In addition, when there is well-being, this is replicated in all areas of your life and at all levels. Even the people around you will perceive this improvement. These people will be happy for you and will even find inspiration to improve their lives and bring wellness. There are some important aspects that we have to take into account for well-being. One of them, and this one is crucial, is about getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well will benefit you a lot on a physical level and a mental and emotional level. Your dreams may not matter to you. This may be a sign of a blocked Third Eye. However, think that you are losing a third of your lives. Everyone can have dreams that leave a mark on you, giving you a joy that could last for days, weeks, even months. In addition, you can also solve some of your problems, and as I explain in the lucid dreaming course, many more things. This contributes more than you think to have emotional well-being.

We not only exist on the physical plane …

In addition, we can also benefit from having out-of-body experiences through astral travel. This also benefits spiritual well-being to a considerable level. Perhaps you are the type of person who only reacts to stimulus from the physical plane. However, I remind you that you have to consider the mental and the spiritual, in addition to the physical. Materialize wellness in your life and reach well-being.

It’s time to feel great.

It is important to understand that wellness is achieved. It is never taken for granted. You have to feel gratitude for everything that works well in your body. Even for what does not work so well, you should project good emotions and visualizations, even if it is difficult. This is a part that you cannot discard to reach well-being. It is important to have gratitude to attract more abundance and positivity. This you know well from the Principle of Vibration and Mentalism. In this way, you will give more power and attention to your strengths. You are going to feel great, and it will be easier for you to deal with the problem, in addition to reducing its negativity or even reaching healing. You may sometimes tend to go negative. It may seem that it is easier to feel what you do not have because of your wellness. However, this does not help you at all. It hurts you. It is crucial to keep the Hermetic Principles in mind since they can harm or help you. Therefore, it depends on what you focus on and the actions you take. Therefore, focusing on the positive aspects (you have eyes to read this, or ears to hear this, right?) At first, it costs a bit, but as you gain practice, it gets better little by little. It’s a bit of projecting your life in the direction you want. It is possible that at first, you have to daydream since perhaps due to limitations, you cannot achieve your goals. Well, for those who only care about what can be played, I have to tell you that lucidly dreaming of situations that you cannot live will bring you a lot of gratification. So I invite you to try this lucid dreaming meditation.

A powerful meditation for your well-being.

I want to comment on a few more things before I finish. Having self-esteem and good self-esteem is essential. If now, as you read this, you are thinking about something negative about your body (health, appearance, etc.), you need to change your mentality. The goal really is to have optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health with well-being. Once in optimal health, you must learn to love your appearance as well. Self-love brings health, and rejection of your body or appearance will attract negative energies and disease. However, I have created a meditation to attract wellness. (I’ll make it official next week) This meditation is called “Perfect Version of Yourself.” This is the first meditation that does not have a spiritual aspect. This meditation will help you find your way to optimal health. I understand the importance of having certain aspects that society asks for, such as having strong abs, without being overweight. For this reason, this meditation will project you some aspects of physical appearance where you will find yourself in an athletic body. Also, of course, this meditation focuses on the well-being of physical health and on projecting the start of a wonderful day. For this reason, I recommend this meditation to use in the morning. And well, you can read a little more by clicking here or on the image below: Well-being in all degrees. Meet wellness. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

The path to perfect health.

As you can see, it is much simpler than it seems. With these few details, you can already make a difference. However, this is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. If you put this together with the other accurate advice on having optimal health, you will always enjoy well-being that will also affect you mentally and spiritually. Next week, as I told you, I bring you the meditation, more than anything to make it official. But all this in a week. I will tell you next week. Did you listen to the Forecast for November 2021 yet?. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday! So, If you do not want to miss a single update, click below to join our weekly newsletter, and you will gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe now! Subscribe and download a free guided meditation. I invite you to check earlier posts: fifth year, fourth year, third year, second year, first year. Love & Light, Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home) Rev. Fernando Albert Thank you for visiting!

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