Ascended Masters: Powerful beings that shifted the world!

Do you know who the Ascended Masters are? Your Spirit Guide team may have one Ascended Master, and one way you can find out is through meditation! Don't wait for more and check out today's article, as it will lead you potentially to a great discovery!
Ascended Masters guide us in our journeys.

Who are the Ascended Masters? You may be connected to one!

Hi there! I hope your week is fantastic and gets even better as it develops. I hope you enjoyed last week’s article about familiar spirits. Have you discovered something new? This week we will view all about the Ascended Masters, something that some of you have been asking me about. You will find a lot of familiar things as you read through today’s articles, and you might even discover that you are connected to one.

To get started, I want first to share who are the Ascended Masters. They are powerful 4th Dimensional beings that help humanity in their spiritual journey and development. In a way, they are like Spirit Guides because they work with many, many individuals incarnated here on Earth. They also work with beings from other planets, and potentially other Universes as there are Ascended Masters from other Universes assisting us in this one as well; I’ve discovered two.

I will share about them, from my point of view, all I have been learning over the years, and my experiences. I will share everything in a very casual and simplified way, far from Theology, so it will not be a throughout explanation. There are entire books for each Ascended Master if you want to learn more.

Tell me more about who are the Ascended Masters and how they assist humanity.

You will probably have heard of many religious figures across many cultures. Many of these religious figures have walked the Earth plane indeed and already helped humanity in many ways. The Holy Scriptures of each religion don’t collect the entire truth about these Ascended Masters, as there is a lot of lost information. We will not talk about whether they are accurate or not, but I am asking you to have a preconceived idea about them from whatever religious teachings you receive, but you have an outside-of-the-box approach.

Each Ascended Master has a different purpose, and they will be connected with the right souls that would need their specific help. I will mention five of them, there are many more, but I prefer to talk about the ones I can resonate with. However, I sharing a few points before we keep going.

  • The Ascended Masters see us as souls having a human experience, equal to theirs. This means that they do not want us to adore them… as they feel that it would be the same if we adored and prayed to our best friend… no need! The same goes with your Spirit Guides who feel as if you should treat them like a friend you can trust.
  • Generally, you can find Ascended Masters of all genders: female, male, neither, or both. Some Ascended Masters might indeed project a specific energy, depending on what you need the most at that time based on the Principle of Gender.
  • It is important to not confuse Ascended Masters with Archangels, they are not the same type of Spirit Guide, and they have different purposes and different ways to work through us. If there was a spiritual hierarchy, Ascended Masters would be above the Archangels.

Lord Ganesha: The Remover of Obstacles

Ascended Masters: Lord Ganesha - The remover of obstacles.

Ascended Masters: Lord Ganesha – The remover of obstacles.

I am sure you are familiar with this one since it is quite iconic.  Lord Ganesha is one of the most important Hindu deities out there, and he packs quite some power as a Spirit Guide Ascended Master. He is called the Remover of Obstacles by his capacity to give you the empowerment you need to overcome any challenge.  If you are aligned and work with Lord Ganesga you will be able to materialize a lot of wisdom that will help you overcome your problems.

The Role he plays in our lives is enabling our power to surpass any difficulties we face. Most of the time these are just challenges that you could overcome. In my own experience, I have found myself sometimes defeated and without the energy to suddenly feel the will once more to keep pushing, generally overcoming the challenge. I know this energy and perseverance comes from Lord Ganesha. He gives you the energy, but you still need to take action.

I work with Ganesha for most things in my life, and I know that by channeling his energy, I can get the energy necessary for a final push. I do not even have to ask for it, I only keep pushing any challenge or obstacle and I know I will always have the energy, even if I am depleted in that moment. Furthermore, sometimes when working in a healing session I can find that the person has a big block, and if so, by channeling the energy of this Ascended Master I can remove it quickly. In a way, Lord Ganesha can break any spiritual or energy wall if that is the intention.

Lakshmi: The Bringer of Abundance

Ascended Masters: Lakshmi - The Bringing of Abundance.

Ascended Masters: Lakshmi – The Bringing of Abundance.

Another very iconic Ascended Master, and very well known. Lakshmi is also one of the most important deities in Hinduism. She is the bringing of abundance, wealth, joy, and passion. While this is very much aligned with material abundance, she also represents the abundance at other degrees, such as emotional abundance, having an abundance in health, and even to a certain degree, abundance in wisdom and knowledge.

The Role she plays in our lives is to help to materialize that abundance we are seeking every day. Lakshmi reminds us of how important is to feel gratitude, as through it, we attract wonderful feelings, and abundance in all areas of our lives. This Ascended Master also brings a loving motherly and female energy, very caring for our needs, and one being that will project amazing healing energy to our hearts when we need it the most.

If you are connected with Lakshmi, you will find a certain sweetness in your heart very much aligned with her. In a way, you will emanate loving energy where other individuals will pick up that you are willing and capable to help them in a way. If you connect with this Ascended Master, you will find a profound love in your heart and a feeling of assurance that you will have everything that you need to thrive.

Jesus Christ: The Most Powerful Healer

Ascended Masters: Jesus Christ - The Most Powerful Healer

Ascended Masters: Jesus Christ – The Most Powerful Healer

Possibly one of the most well-known and highly misunderstood Ascended Masters out there. Jesus Christ is well-known across the planet and is the most iconic Christian figure, alongside the Virgin Mary, who happens to be another Ascended Master. Jesus Christ is a powerful healer, possibly the most powerful healer that has ever walked the Earth plane. Many of the miracles he provided are no other than powerful healing light that he channeled from Source.

The Role she plays in our lives is to yield to a state of healing. Some healers work very closely with Jesus Christ, and in a way, they can feel his presence around them. As with any other Ascended Masters, you need to be connected with Jesus Christ. If he is part of your Spirit Guide Team you will know it if you attempt to connect with him through meditation. When you work with Jesus Christ for healing, you will bring a powerful energy to the room that even the person receiving the healing will feel.

Jesus Christ will open your heart chakra a lot, and you will be able to understand much better how other individuals are feeling. You will potentially expand your empathic abilities, as this Ascended Master is also an empath. Please, remember that even if you work with Jesus Christ, it is the same as any other Ascended Master, even as any other Spirit Guides, it is nothing that makes you special, but maybe a better healer when you channel without ego.

Quetzalcoatl: The Feathered Serpent of Wisdom and Communication

Ascended Masters: Quetzalcoatl - The Feathered Serpent of Wisdom and Communication.

Ascended Masters: Quetzalcoatl – The Feathered Serpent of Wisdom and Communication.

Going all the way to the Aztecs, this Ascended Master has been around since the beginning of times. Before he started to be addressed this way, he was priorly adored already (source: History Cooperative). From my learning and experience (and without doing further research since I am writing from my experience), this Ascended Master represents a massive amount of wisdom, the ability to communicate, and a powerful self-expression energy that will be natural to you if you connect with him.

The Role she plays in our lives is to maximize our capacity for learning, teaching, and discovering. A powerful Ascended Master connected to wisdom will create a natural flow for you to communicate and get better with words. Your Throat Chakra will likely be strong, and you will get to communicate much better. You will know when you should be listening or when you need to speak up, and if you do, your words will have a stronger impact on other individuals.

If you are connected with Quetzalcoatl, you are likely very talk active, you have a pretty neat eloquence, and you are capable of finding the right words to express something. Furthermore, you will be drawn to learning, you probably love to read and learn new things all the time. You also will be connected with the drive to teach, and you will likely be quite good at it. You shouldn’t be surprised if you experience claircognition, as many times, this wisdom will come from Quetzalcoatl.

The “Mega-Guide” From another Universe

Ascended Masters: Mega Guida - From another Universe

Ascended Masters: Mega Guide – From Another Universe

No, this is not a joke, and this is not how this Ascended Master would look like, but there is no way to interpret it or “download” its appearance from my Mind’s Eye. This is the best way to represent this Ascended Master. Across the multiverse there are multiple Ascended Masters, in our Universe, we have many, and we know many of them here on Earth (but not necessarily all of them who exist within our same Universe.) However, don’t forget the multiverse, and therefore, many more Ascended Masters that exist there, may not exist here.

One day, connected with my wife’s Spirit Guides, I was presented with a new Ascended Master. Before it showed up, it advised me of its size, informing me that they came from another Universe where basically “everything was a lot bigger.” If we went by the side, it’s about planet Earth plus another quarter tall, so yeah, several kilometers in size, although this is irrelevant but a curious piece of data. Based on my wife’s Akasha, she had connected with this being through rituals during an Egyptian lifetime.

It would be hard to tell the purpose, for now, of this Ascended Master, but it is still an essential help for whom they work. There is more to discover in the future, potentially during future seánce sessions. One day, I will come back to update here once we know more. I once found, doing a reading to someone having an Ascended Master from another Universe as well. It was about the size and looks of a yellowish armadillo, however, it had no legs at all. I know nothing more about this one either, but it was quite interesting.

How do Ascended Masters Contribute to Spiritual Development?

Ascended Masters assist us in our Spirituality.

Ascended Masters assist us in our Spirituality.

As I have been sharing, you can communicate with your Ascended Masters that you are connected with. One easy way is to experience a Divine Connection Guided Meditation where you will set a clear intention to connect with them. Another fantastic way is for you to start channeling them and here you can find out how. If you can clear your mind, and your heart from unwanted thoughts, you will be able to receive wisdom from these beings.

You need to shut down the mind parrot, and if your heart is full of feelings, you will need to organize those first before starting to receive wisdom from your Spirit Guides. You can easily identify any Ascended Master connected to you because their energy is very strong and unique to each individual. It is very possible that out of the blue, you will identify the Ascended Master, and if for some reason you do not recognize it, you will be able to pick up their trades, and with those, figure out who they are.

What matters is to set clear intentions to connect, and receive wisdom from them. They want you to connect with them because they are to help you out, especially when they are in your Spirit Team, so they will assist you in connecting. With true intentions and perseverance, you will end up connecting with your Ascended Masters and start receiving their wisdom. But even if you do not actively connect with them, you are still connected with them, and they can still help you out a lot.

What is the purpose of Ascension?

Ascended Masters will guide us through our Ascension.

Ascended Masters will guide us through our Ascension.

One important aspect of spirituality is that you never stop learning. Once you stop learning, you die spirituality, so it is imperative to keep always learning, and bringing new things into your awareness. Any Ascended Master you are connected with will assist you here, sort of an automatic process, you don’t even have to ask them. You only need to set the intention to keep learning and growing, and you will follow a path of constant discovery.

All souls are the same, it doesn’t matter if one soul has learned a lot, and another soul is going at a slower pace. What matters the most is to keep moving forward, focusing on your highest good as well as the highest good of other individuals. Souls keep learning and growing, ascending through the dimensions, but while we are here on Earth, we still have lessons to learn related to the third dimension and the physical plane.

A journey to self-mastery

The importance of learning from them through a clear channel is extremely important nowadays, and any external information will become secondary, and you will question it. This will be especially true when you start working with your Spirit Guides as well as the Ascended Masters.

Self-mastery is key, you will find some tangible support at some point such as a book, teaching from someone whom you choose to follow, etc. However, in the end, what matters the most is the knowledge you receive from Spirit, and as you connect more and more with them, you will understand this at a deeper level.

Buddha is another Ascended Masters that you might connect with.

Buddha is another Ascended Master that you might connect with.

How can you harness the power of an Ascended Master?

This is a popular question which answered by starting by projecting dedication to it, and especially a lot of patience. Your goal should be to start connecting to your Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides with daily learning and progress. If you obsess about reaching the goal too fast, you will find yourself blocked and frustrated.

As shared above, channeling is one fantastic way to meet your Ascended Masters. If you have certain control over your dreams, you can also meet with your Ascended Masters through dreams. You need to keep into account, with proper lucidity, when you are connected to the real Ascended Masters or a dreamt version of them. With practice, you will know.

You can also evoke their presence during meditation, and if the circumstances are right, and you are meant to connect with that Ascended Master you are calling, you will. Sometimes, you can reach out through a psychic reading to discover who is in your Spirit Team, and once you do, from there you can evoke them more clearly. It is a matter of daily practice, which is super important with the goal of improving a little bit every day.


Q: What is an Ascended Master?

A: Ascended Masters are beings of light, residing in the 4th Dimension who once walked the Earth. They are here to help us in our Spiritual Development.

Q: Is Jesus an Ascended Master?

A: Absolutely, and we talk about him in this Article. He is an Ascended Master connected to love and healing.

Q: What does 333 mean for Ascended Masters?

A: The number 333 is a Spiritual Synchronicity where we might have our Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters attempting to connect with us, calling our attention.

Q: How can Ascended Masters help us?

A: They form part of our life, generally connected to your Spirit Guides team, aligned to your soul’s path and desires for this life.

The Ascended Masters will project the same unconditional love to you as your Spirit Guides.

I hope you have enjoyed the read, también there is another article about Ascended Masters that could interest you. As always, you need to dedicate and invest time in connecting with your Spirit Guides and any other beings of light. February’s forecast is already up on YouTube and available for you to listen to, however, I will make it official here next week as always. See you next Wednesday!

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