Understand what the Healing Rooms are for, and find peace.

Generally, you will visit the Healing Rooms in between lifetimes. Thanks to this step, the Soul has the opportunity to heal a lot of traumas from the current lifetime. Furthermore, the Healing Rooms allow the Soul to also prepare for the next lifetime, here on Earth or elsewhere across the Universe.
What are the Healing Rooms? Let's reflect.

The Healing Rooms: Where the soul understands and prepares everything.

Here we are, another week, and I hope that it’s a great one! I also hope you enjoyed the last article. Some of you are asking me about the healing rooms, such as the possibility of their existence, what are they for exactly, and how they affect our existence. As with some topics of a similar nature (such as death, or reincarnation), I want to point out that everything I share comes from teachings I have received from my Spirit Guides, beings of light around other individuals, as well as the Akasha, and discoveries through Astral Projection.

As you read this information, see how it resonates in your heart. If questions come up, it is a fantastic sign, don’t hesitate to ask them, you can even leave a comment here, and I will get back to you. Questioning everything will always bring greater understanding, learning, and wisdom. We have talked about this in the past, but not today, today we are focusing on this place (for the lack of a better term) and seeing what “The Healing Room” is all about.

An etheric “place” to comprehend, forgive, heal, and set intentions.

The Healings Rooms are not a place, as per se, but for us to be able to talk about them, we need to think as if it is a place. It is true that you can travel to these through Astral Projection, and we will talk about this further below in today’s article. However, to get started, I will explain everything I know, and believe about this marvelous place.

As you have guessed, the Healing Rooms are located in the Astral Plane. In fact, I could be connected with your Akasha, since after all, this is a place for healing, and reflecting. Sometimes when someone approaches me to connect with a loved one in Spirit who recently passed, the Spirit Guides of this loved one in Spirit approach me instead. They basically tell me, “They are in the Healing Rooms right now.” As if this was a “busy signal” notifying me that the loved one is there, safe and fine, but right now not available.

I shared a few years back in a very interesting article about “what happens after death” that generally after a couple of steps where you connect with your Spirit Guides, you have the opportunity to start healing. It is true that sometimes an individual may choose to not go to the Healing Rooms right away. Even after death, we have free will, and we still decide what we want to do, although we receive support and guidance.

The Healing Rooms: Earth also heals, you only need to realize how.

The Healing Rooms: Earth also heals, you only need to realize how.

Wait. So you may not go to the Healing Rooms?

Ultimately, everybody should go through the healing rooms. In fact, in the same article about transitioning I share a very important step to take, and I quote myself:


The fact that you have read this, your subconscious and Soul will remember this upon physical death. Even if you forget that you have even read this article five minutes later (I hope not!) So, we can assume that you will be grounded in your new life, or better said, the afterlife. Technically, thinking linearly, the next step would be to go to the Healing Rooms, and most of the time, this is a fact.

(An interesting situation.)

I remember one of my first experiences connecting to a loved one in Spirit. I was still working at the Eye of Buddha store in San Diego, and I saw two people looking around. To make the long story short, one of them had a sister in Spirit.

  • If you have ever driven a manual car, think about the horrible screech that the gears make if you don’t engage the gear properly. The connection with this soul flowed like that (meaning, it worked, but it was “screechy”). It was also like talking to a living person, but without the person being there, and only through clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

Basically, this Soul rushed to try to meet with her sister through me, without even going first to the Healing Rooms. This is not normal, but it can happen sometimes, and in this situation, she had an important message to pass on to her sister. At the end of the reading, my sister told me that her sister’s burial was the next day and that she could also deliver the message to some family members while honoring her passing.

Welcome to the Healing Rooms, may I take your baggage?

The above experience taught me that upon death, a soul still carries all the heaviness of their former life. This is sometimes why spirits appear in old houses, and places like this that for some reason, they lost their way, and they need guidance to start healing.  In fact, this brings me to share with you another story from an article where I share Why some loved ones in Spirit become our Spirit Guides, when a loved one in Spirit didn’t go right away to the Healing Rooms.

Long story short. My uncle was waiting for his brothers to come; they did come indeed (to loot his home), but not a single trace of grief. I told him a few times that, sadly, they do not care for him. I sent him love, a lot of love, and helped him to go to the light.

Unfortunately, he stayed there. As I medium, I did not want to see a Spirit suffering, so I did “threaten” him that I would not hesitate in banishing him away for him to find his happiness again and asked him to go back to the Healing Rooms. He did, and after some time, driving by his home, I saw the light, but it was bright, not like an old lightbulb.

The Healing Rooms: This is a traditional residence, similar to it.

A similar place to my late uncle’s home.

A very pale yellow of sorts.

My uncle was waiting to give me thanks for the help. He told me he realized his family and healed his pain. He told me he was very grateful, but he was going to leave this plane for good. I cannot find him now, and it is implausible he will come back.

His family members do not miss him (no wife, no kids, no close connections at all with other than his toxic brothers.) I told him that my wife and I do not need him to stay here for us, that it was time for him to start enjoying it (his life was not a good one). So, he left, and right now, he is somewhere in the Astral Plane, or maybe even reincarnated elsewhere.

A year and a half later, as I edit this, no changes. He is still enjoying existence elsewhere.

So, you can see how important the Healing Rooms are. I am sure that by reading these experiences, your soul will always remember to go to heal before anything else. In fact, it is an essential step for reincarnation and its mechanics to flow in a proper and natural way.

As soon as you arrive here, your Spirit Guides also help you, so you will know what to do. You will completely release what you have left of your human ego, bringing you to a state of non-judgemental ego-less state of being. You will be in a state of bliss, without fear at all.

Okay, I am here, so now what?

The Healing Rooms are a place of unconditional love, even you to yourself, and this is one crucial reason why we all heal so much here. As I shared above, you will find no fear or negativity here, and maybe you will be thinking, “But my life had negativity!” And you are completely correct, everybody’s life has some negativity, and with everybody’s I mean the entire Universe, by obeying one of the Seven Laws of the Universe, in this case, the Principle of Polarity.

However, in your heart chakra, you will only perceive the energy from a love perspective, for you to be able to review your former life with complete self-love and zero judgment. This step in your existence is not to suffer and pay your bills. It’s a time for healing, bliss, and getting ready for your next life, setting intentions, etc. This is why it is essential to visit this place, as it will always serve your highest purpose.

There is no time in the Healing Rooms, however, for us here on Earth, time will pass. As an interesting point, it is irrelevant the “amount of problems” a soul might have had. For some souls, a lot of time goes by (for us), while others seem to be “out of there” within a few days, but there is no connection, so the reason is unknown.

The Healing Rooms are timeless.

The Healing Rooms are timeless.

Am I healing to incarnate right away?

To incarnate: yes, right away: no. We are all surrounded by loved ones in Spirit, looking after us, and some of them even working side by side with our Spirit Guides. Pretty much all of them have already gone through the Healing Room process and experienced profound bliss, cleansing, and readiness for when they decide to incarnate one more (or transcend somewhere else.) So basically, The Healing Rooms is sort of a “checkpoint” before living you’re “live in the afterlife”, with everything ready for your next one, when desired.

Visiting the Healing Rooms through Astral Projection.

It is possible to visit the healing room through Astral Projection, which you can learn here. However, it will not be the exact same as if you are disembodied. It will be sort of “looking through the window”, but yielding a profound experience as well.

So, what do local healing rooms or online healing rooms mean?

Maybe you were searching for how to set up a Reiki room at home, or seeking help to receive healing (if so, I can help you with a healing session here!) and you just had a completely different read here. Well, I hope it was worth it. Is true there is a concept of healing rooms here on Earth, both online and offline. However, these are actual rooms in temples, homes, etc. where people set the intention of using said rooms solely for Reiki and other healing modalities.

In the future, I will write about this, but for now, I feel that we had a good read already.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s article.

It is important that we focus on the here and now with mindfulness, especially on our current life, and to get the most out of it. If you want to grasp more about the healing rooms, seek it out through Astral Projection one rainy afternoon, but otherwise, focus on your life, this life happening right now.

For the next week, it’s Forecast time. As usual, I will share this on YouTube a couple of days before. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday! If you do not want to miss a single update, click below to join our weekly newsletter, and you will gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe now!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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