Questioning the world that surrounds you: Open your eyes and discover!

Questioning your life and surroundings will open your mind.

How was the forecast? It is time to question life and begin to discover that the world around us and the things that happen to us can and will affect our lives. Questioning is spirituality. We live in a society that increasingly requires us to think less, decreasing our problem-solving ability and thus, independence. We all know that the human being is a bit lazy by nature. There is no problem with this, as long as it does not get to extremes. In life as busy as we have in this society, sometimes we forget to innovate, fight and discover. Changing it for acceptance, extreme comfort and basically, letting others think for us.

DON’T! We have to ask ourselves the why of things. Especially in the last decade, we have become accustomed to constantly using our mobile phones (it is not recommended …), as well as accepting things as they come to us, without questioning them at all. All this, although it brings many comforts in our life, we forget to question things, and even if we do not agree, we accept it because, “it is supposed to be like that”, or, “it is what everyone does. This can not be, and it has to end. You are able to take control of your life, taking into account your needs and being completely honest with yourself. In fact, knowing yourself is essential, in fact, you can read an entry here on this subject.

Questioning things leads to discovery.

In this post, I want to help you to question the whole world around you. Either to affirm that things are great and that the events in your life are as you want, as well as being able to realize the things in life that you may like less. Things that are hurting or that you simply prefer to change or improve. You are going to realize that it is much easier to understand things when we learn to question rather than simply accept things blindly. In a society of followers, the individuality and the essence of oneself is less and less taken into account, and this can weaken any person. In fact, it does., greatly. Questioning things causes the individual to become stronger.

A social example (at a popular level) is, for example, the subject of politics. Generally, at least in most countries, people disagree with many of the injustices that we live in today. However, there is not a popular movement big enough to claim precisely those injustices. There is no passion and desire. Only a minority group takes care of it, receiving popular criticism. Ironically, many could even agree if they observe and question the reason for these actions.

Open your eyes and begin to observe.

It really is not so difficult, you just have to be more present in life and at the moment you are living. I am sure that you can identify many things in life that you would like to change and improve. And I do not mean simply acceptance of oneself. But to the direct acceptance of something that you may be given unconditionally, and you may not even agree with that something. This can be applied to many things such as politics, religion, advice received from professionals and non-professionals, unnecessary rules (although we must comply with the law whether we like it or not,!) If you question things, you can discover the absent promises and lies that a source of information can provide.

This will help you a lot in life since you will know if something is going to bring you a good purpose, or it is better to eliminate it.

So I invite you to question things in this life. You can discover your needs more clearly. In many cases, you will get the solution to bring changes to certain aspects of your life. Solutions that will help you open doors, since you will see the entire big picture better about the situation.

questioning is beauty

To discover things you have to observe and be present.

It is important to be present on a day-to-day basis to question things. When you go to work, or go for a walk with your dog, try to be a little more observant. It does not matter if it’s the usual neighborhood, the people, the trees or even the usual atmosphere. It is almost a matter of joke when we talk about an invasion of zombies, however, we do have one. We think of horror movie beings that feed on human brains, but those ain’t the zombies I am talking about (since they are ‘passionate’ to eat some brains, lol.)

However, if you go through life with pure instinct, without wanting to do stuff, without living the moment and without even being a little more observant, you will realize that you have much in common with a zombie … Did you ask yourself, for example, the reason for something specific in your lives? And I do not mean, “Why me ?, but really question what reasons are you making this situation happen.” Silence is a great counselor for these moments.

Your day to day also matters.

It is also important to be present in your own day to day, your actions, chores and even moments of leisure. (Are you sure it’s leisure?) After all, we are animals, and we operate by instinct, by repetition and by ancestral mechanisms such as fight and flight. One thing that (in theory …) differentiates us with animals is that we have the ability to question the way of things. In fact, thanks to that we have been able to get where we have come today. Archimedes did not accept the simple fact that the apple fell from the tree, but he questioned the reason for this phenomenon. Thanks to this, he was able to discover gravity. Understanding gravity has opened new doors in our technological development, for example. (And what is yet to discover…)

This Tarot will help you open your eyes.

You will find that some symbologies in this deck are somewhat peculiar (like, for example, The Devil). It is increasingly important to learn to question things because when we do it, we always get the best result. Today, society teaches us many things, but not all of them are true. Society gives us many things, but not all are positive. Even the teachings we have received are not 100 percent accurate, or maybe? What do you think? In the explanations of each letter, in addition to their symbols, you will find some kind of reflection or question. It really is worth reflecting on each one of them, you will make changes and it is possible that even you change your life or your perception of it.

We are talking about 234 questions of self-reflection that you will find in the booklet, therefore, apart from being a powerful tarot deck, it is a great tool of self-reflection. I invite you to take a look by clicking on the image below:

question with the conspiracy tarot

Next week comes the third exploration. A powerful meditation that will help you to leave behind the stress and find inner peace. I know you’re going to love it, but all this in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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