Afterlife: Life after life!

Do you know that life continues after death? This phase of our existence, we call it the afterlife. Between lives many things happen.

Afterlife: Life after life. Let’s talk about it a bit!

Hello everyone! Last week we talked about Séance, wasn’t it interesting? To continue with the same theme, this week, we will discuss what the afterlife means. Life continues after death. We do not reincarnate at the moment of death (no, in most cases, and that is how it should be); therefore, during this period of “time,” we also have experiences, and I want to talk a little bit about them, based on information received from the spirits.

And for that reason, this won’t be a very long entry, but I want to touch on a few topics. To begin with, I want to remind you that we are souls with a human experience so that we will have many lives on planet Earth as humans. You didn’t think it would be one life, did you? Here, thanks to reincarnation, we will experience many lives and lives between lives. A few months ago, I spoke to you in an entry about what the soul does before birth, but we haven’t talked much about “between lives.”

Homework first, then…

We already know that after death, we will visit the Astral Plane, and here, we review our previous life through the Akasha with the help of our Spirit Guides.

We check our Akasha during the afterlife.

We check our Akasha during the afterlife.

But, I have not yet talked about what happens while the soul has already reviewed its previous life or is going to prepare for the next life before being born. Here is what we call the afterlife. And well, here it is simple and challenging to explain, but I will tell you.

First, it can be anywhere from a few months, or even days, to a few years. Reviewing my own Past Lives, I know the exact year I died in the previous one, and obviously, I know the year I was born. Therefore, I have about 40 years of where I was at that moment to which I refer. A disembodied soul residing in the astral plane. All the experiences here are probably impossible for the human brain to understand.

I have no memories of what has happened in these 40 years, but I can feel it.

If I try to access these afterlife memories, I can see them, but I only understand them as a great silence, a great peace, and a great nothing, very similar to Dimension Zero. But this is not forgetfulness like when you don’t remember something. There is a memory, but the brain cannot process it. Thanks to the Heart Chakra, I can emotionally understand and process these memories. It’s like great happiness, like those happiest memories when we were kids.

Remember those moments when you were little when all that mattered in the world was having fun. Now imagine you can’t remember when you started feeling so good like you’ve always been this cool. Forget the concept of time, like a little boy who never thinks about his time to stop playing until it comes. Now add absolute peace, and you have everything you need and want.

Something like that, more or less.

And I think I have been able to explain it better than I imagined, so I hope you have understood it too. And really, this is it; I can’t explain much more. However, I think it is a state of consciousness, more or less as I describe it. I am focusing on the concept of linear time as we perceive it. I have not had other lives in these 40 years, not even on other planets/planes.

So it is possible that my soul perceived that state during all that time, except that at that moment of my existence, my consciousness did not perceive linear time like here on Earth.

And what is the purpose?

If we question the afterlife’s purpose, I couldn’t explain it because I don’t know. However, my Spirit Guides tell me that it is something like what we call “rest.” As if the soul “slept” instead of collecting experiences during lifetimes (on Earth or wherever). In a way, the soul’s energy is “ordered” during this “time” between lives. And this “lasts” more or less, probably according to the best moment (on a linear time level) for the next life, based on the agreements one wishes to make.

And that’s all about the afterlife; now you know that life after death also has crucial moments. Next week is the first of March, so it is time for the Forecast. But all of this will happen next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the Forecast! See you next Wednesday!

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2 thoughts on “Afterlife: Life after life!

  1. Memo says:

    Will God annihilate our souls one day, and is there a God in the spiritual realm?

    1. All Souls come and go from and to the Source, which you could interpret as a collective of all souls. We are the ones that judge ourselves in between lifes.

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