The Healing Web: Enjoy with your Daily Dose of Light!

Welcome to The Healing Web. I find this a wonderful way to introduce to you the Mediate With Fernando site. My goal is to bring more, and more healing to the world. Even when delivering wisdom, you can call it as a form of healing.
The Healing Web: Find your Daily Dose of Light

Why is MeditateWithFernando the Healing Web? Lots of light!

I hope you are having a fantastic week full of light, abundance, passion, and joy. Did you like the latest meditations? If, for any reason, this is not the case, remember that I am here to bring back your wonderful light. You have reached, after all, the healing web, which means that you will find plenty of soothing light here. This is a great day to re-introduce to you the Mediate With Fernando site. My goal is to bring more, and more healing to the world. Even when delivering wisdom, you can call it a form of healing.

I am sure you all have noticed the big changes that MeditateWithFernando, the Healing Web, went through. I want to say I am very grateful for all of the comments, and congratulations you all have been sending. It has been over a six-month project to revamp the entire thing, and as you know, there is still more to go. It is significant to do this article for this week. I have shared an article in the past about consciousness, as well as about the Principles of the Universe, so it matters a lot how we project things.

What we are projecting today is to multiply the intentions of what The Healing Web brings to the net and the entire world. Everybody who browsers this site receives healing, and wisdom while spending a great time reading the blog, or experiencing a healing or reading session, for example! You will feel wonderful!

The healing web, make sure to feel well!

The healing web, make sure to feel well!

Let’s read a little bit of this web’s history.

As a bit of history, I can share with you all that the healing web has experienced several transitions since it was first born. At first, this site was just a small brochure in a wonderful Buddhist store in San Diego, CA. At that time, I still had a domain, FerPC, which stood for Fernando PC (Personal Computer,) as an “IT guy” site.

While I was aware of some of my spiritual gifts such as premonitions or empathy since I was little, I never knew they were tools to bring healing, so I was walking a path in the IT world (I am so glad I left that world!) So, I took down the web, and uploaded a new one with a simple contact form, approaching it as “Fernando Psychic Consultant.”

(A small story) This of course, brought confusion to my IT clients, but I wanted to quit that path anyway. In fact, upon returning to Spain almost ten years ago, an old client found me at the grocery store who still wanted me to check her IT infrastructure, including a couple of tablets. With no drive for this path, and well into the spiritual one, as well as no technical knowledge about tablets at all, I could farewell her, and close something that was dormant for another several years.

But going back to The Healing Web, its first appearance was that simple contact form.

And then what?

It wasn’t very long before I found that it wasn’t enough to have a simple contact form. I had the honor to see people coming to me, and wanting to work with me, but confused due to the inability to do so from what the web offered. At the same time, I found a web builder. While I knew how to code, I didn’t have the time for it (already!), so I went down the easy path. Normally, the easy path is not aligned with my path, and I found out soon enough.

This site builder delivered through, what would be the 2nd version of “The Healing Web.” I had some pages with information, and some PayPal buttons made by the builder that worked as badly as a fairgrounds toy shotgun. I kept up with it, but I wasn’t very happy. Furthermore, I had the idea to maybe make a blog or something.

The healing web, unwind now!

One goal was to make sure that browsing the Healing Web brought you a relaxing experience.

Healing code?

I updated myself with the latest web coding languages, and a few refreshers to deliver an optimized web where loading, data consumption, etc. could be optimized. I recall enjoying a lot going back to coding, and seeing my creation growing, as I went line by line. This is very rewarding for the coder, the same as when the inventor sees their machine working.

In addition, the healing web got its essence here, when I decided to add “commentary code” to the entire infrastructure. These are comments for the human to read that the browser skips.

Sort of, in these commentaries, I added blessings such as, “The device loading this works efficiently and stays clean.” Or “You are blessed, and your life is full of abundance.” While it sounds useless, thanks to the Principle of Mentalism, it has massive power, and in a way, the actual web is “healing” your device and you! Replicating throughout the code, triggering the Principle of Vibration.

You can still see this “healing code” if you load it from your browser, making it “the healing web”. You can do this on the backup site, which was birthed from this.

But… this site is WordPress, not hand-coded!

Yes, this is correct, this site is not hand-coded, as I had to give in… No, but I’m serious. I started to create some articles, all hand-coded. I recall that one of them was “The Live of Mr. Right.” The site was lovely, it had the same style as the backup site, which seriously, bookmark it just in case this one crashed. It’s on a different server!

So, I started with WordPress, the third version of the healing web arrived, and shortly after, the very first article of this blog. And here we can count a solid four years of enjoying this new format, growing little by little. It was essential to do this also to make the site mobile-friendly. While my code passed Google requirements, it still had a long way for improvement.

As time goes on, people’s mentalities and preferences change, and those don’t match my style. Here, I started to have the pleasure to be overflowing with readings, healings, and creating courses, so I didn’t have a lot of time to make a new web. I found a wonderful person who revamped all of the sites, whose work still shows on the smaller site and the business card site. Unfortunately, this wonderful soul left the Earth very early in her lifetime.

The healing web helps you to feel more relaxed.

The Healing Web receives an amazing upgrade, bringing more soothing and loving energies to you.

And the newest healing web is here!

Earlier this year, as many of you know, we had a lot of loading problems with the web and the theme it was loading. I found an amazing person who brought the healing web to where is today and onward. As you can see this site today, is in its maximum splendor (for now), with great data consumption efficiency, and speed. Also, this site is very easy to use now, doesn’t matter the device you load the healing web with.

As many of you know, I work above linear time for sending healing light, since healing energy can transcend beyond time, and space (hence remote healing working.) Therefore, and while this web (right now), doesn’t have this commentary blessing anymore, it is charged with positivism and energy of high vibration. This is the reason why some of you tell me, “I feel better just by browsing this site.” Which makes me very happy since it’s one of the purposes of the healing web.

On top of things, you can find articles from over seven years ago, where you can learn everything about Spirituality. You do not even need the courses if you want, if you want to learn from the blog, you have a lot of reading to do, better get started! Of course, you can find also a lot of alternative things to do besides reading the blog or readings, healings, or meditation, such as coaching, and shamanic work, or even this amazing Tarot deck.

And this is all!

So, there is not much more to add to this re-introduction to the healing web, MeditateWithFernando. I can only wish you keep enjoying its contents, and that you make sure you feel better if you aren’t feeling good. If you need it, you can even join my Healing List for free. And of course, if you need anything from me, do not hesitate to reach out right now, either through my contact form, or simpler, the WhatsApp button you can see on the bottom right.

I want to give you huge thanks because, to be honest, the healing web wouldn’t be where it is without all of you, as you all allow me to continue pursuing my life purpose, bringing energy and guidance from the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, and more. So, all I can see is, thank you, thank you, thank you.

For the next week, we will talk about the healing rooms. Upon death (and before reincarnation) we are supposed to visit this place. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday! If you do not want to miss a single update from The Healing Web, click below to join our weekly newsletter, and you will gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe now!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: seventh year, sixth year, fifth year, fourth year, third year, second year, first year.

Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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