Mindfulness for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Balanced Life!

Do you have Mindfulness? It is essential that you are more present in your lives, and experience everything in its full splendor.
Mindfulness is an essential lifestyle.

Mindfulness: An essential lifestyle to have. Start today!

Hey, hey! Did you like the Divine Connection meditations? I want to remind you that it is normal not to see anything, especially at the beginning, and it depends on the person. Little by little, you will see more; practice makes perfect. This week we will discuss a topic that will help you have better experiences in meditation and with everything in life. We will talk about mindfulness and why being able to approach life in this way will bring you many benefits.

Every day it is more important to have a “personal oasis” where you can completely disconnect, even for a few minutes. It is scientifically proven (Source: National Library of Medicine) that meditation brings many benefits, and essentially, it is thanks to the possibility of reaching a state of mindfulness where the brain can disconnect a bit. Think of a very powerful machine, which from time to time, needs to work at a reduced level to cool down, lubricate itself, and have higher functionality and life. Your brain is that machine, but much more complex still.

Reduce, observe, and receive.

I would be delusional if I told you that you have to lead a life very calmly; I know perfectly well that you have to go full steam ahead at this time in this civilization. In fact, the principles of Correspondence, Mentalism, Vibration, and Rhythm ensure that this is getting worse (the Universe is accelerating). Therefore, as with everything, one must know how to navigate life best. And even if this society is going full steam ahead, we all have moments of rest that we can take advantage of for more things than electronics.

For different reasons, in our society, personal power and introspection about your potential are not given the necessary importance. However, this is more necessary than ever, and one of the benefits of having more mindfulness is finding all of this, that is, yourself. To feel more connected with your own life, it is also necessary to be present, to be able to perceive everything happening on an emotional level, and this is when it impacts your spirituality.

Therefore, mindfulness brings us benefits on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We cannot ask for more since this will benefit our lives and our experiences on Earth in all its aspects.

How to find moments of mindfulness?

The next thing is to start looking for some moment to find this much-needed inner peace. This can be waiting in line at the supermarket, five minutes of quietness at home (put down your phone!), or even those twilight moments between being asleep and awake. Going from zero to one hundred is not feasible, but at least find some moments to experience a little mindfulness. I am going to leave you with a couple of easy options:

  • Ten minutes before going to bed, stay alone in the living room without using any electronics. Observe the silence and your surroundings. Observe your breathing and how you notice your body, and ask yourself questions such as, am I completely relaxed? Just observe how your body works, your feelings, and your surroundings. After a while, go to sleep. You may even sleep better.
  • Choose one meal a day, ideally dinner, since it is the one you can relax the most and eat calmly. You must read this entry on eating attentively to understand more about what to do. But basically, you have to pay full attention to every bite you take. Do not watch TV, let alone use your phone, and observe everything around you.

Here I have left you a couple of easy moments in your day-to-day to be able to apply a little mindfulness.

Other easy things that will add to your day to day.

From here, you should look for moments where you have more attention in the now and be well rooted to the Earth. This can even be watching TV, but if you do, focus your attention on it and live in the moment with all your might. Do not do other things at the same time; it is not necessary. If you feel like using your mobile, turn off the TV. And, of course, this applies to everything you do daily. This will benefit you because you will notice improvements and positive results in many aspects of your life.

Another easy way to bring mindfulness is if you go for a run/walk or have to go places on foot. If you go by car, you must focus only on the road. But if you are walking, even if you know the path and surroundings by heart, pay attention to everything that surrounds you since you will appreciate very specific details (such as a flower) which you would not otherwise see. It is a fact of being more present in the now, in life, in everything you do.

And here, more on living on mindfulness will lend you a hand, which is a sister article to this one.

And from here, it will grow in your life little by little.

What do you think? I invite you to start with something straightforward, and that is with dinner time. Try to be very present during dinner time and experience everything on a deeper level. Little by little, you will get better and like it more. Next week we will talk about the meaning of being an incarnated angel, personally and globally. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday! So, If you do not want to miss a single update, click below to join our weekly newsletter, and you will gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe now! Subscribe and download a free guided meditation.

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

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