Spiritual Readings bring the guidance and resolution you need

Do you need some guidance? Through Spiritual Readings I will be able to help and guide you in everything you need. Today, I talk about Spiritual Readings and what you can receive from one of these sessions. I can assure you that you will love the guidance received.
Spiritual Readings will give you the guidance you need.

Are you wondering about Spiritual Readings? Let’s talk about them!

Hi there! How is your week going? Thanks for all the requests, it is amazing that so many of you wanted the animal communication readings, it’s been a busy week! Today, we are going to talk about Spiritual Readings. We already have these available, but sometimes I receive questions about how these readings work, so this article will help find those answers. But keep in mind, it is simpler than you think!

As a spiritual reader, I will share all my findings about these readings and debunk some stuff, especially overcomplications. Spiritual Readings are much simpler and straightforward than you think. For one reason, all readings here are label-less if you haven’t noticed before. I believe that it is important to approach the basic facts when talking about Spiritual Reading. The more unnecessary overcomplicated stuff you add, the more the efficiency drops.

I want to start by sharing that the way Spiritual Readings should be approached is how they have always been approached. Within the last 50-60 years there has been a mass-spiritual awakening affecting countless individuals, but this has a polarity to keep into account. Because of this, a lot of overcomplicated labels started to appear, naming Spiritual Readings and Healings in weird ways to make them sound unique. This is unnecessary.

How Spiritual Psychic Readings Work

If you think about it, the mechanics are very simple. Firstly, if you are the person who is receiving the Spiritual Reading, you need to give genuine permission to the Spiritual Reading to tap the energy. You only need to find it in your heart, that you truly want a spiritual reading and you are serious about it. You don’t have to do anything else, only allow yourself to have. You do not need to have a spiritual background, you only need to be open.

You can even be skeptical about the outcome of Spiritual Readings and still receive an accurate reading. As long as you do not act as a cynic attempting to take down the reading, you will be surprised by the amount of accurate information you will receive. If you approach a spiritual reading with negative intentions or already want it to fail, then be certain that the reading will not work, because you are not permitting the heart.

Proper Spiritual Readings will flow like a water stream.

Proper Spiritual Readings will flow like a water stream.

If you have no idea whether a Spiritual Reading works or not, but you want to try, you only need to have the same open-minding approach. I have met with many, many individuals who claimed that they were quite skeptical about the reading while being mind-blown after it. It is very healthy to wonder what will happen because sometimes this is the best way to receive profound guidance and assistance.

Each Spiritual Reader works differently, so I can only talk about my work instead of speaking about others. It is important that you feel a connection with the spiritual reader you plan to work with. If that’s me, I am delighted about it, and I can assure you that you will find me with an open heart, and willing to help you out.

The Mechanics of Spiritual Readings with Fernando

If you have worked with me before, you probably know how it goes during Spiritual Readings with me as your Spiritual reader. However, in case you have never worked with me before, I am sharing with you the mechanics of a spiritual reading:

  • To ensure I deliver the best psychic spiritual reading, I access all light sources simultaneously during the readings to get the most information possible (Akashic records, Spirit guides, Higherself, Tarot, Chakras, Soul, Shadow Side, Aura, Past Lives/Karma.) You will get some healing energy also, addressing the different aspects of the information you received.
  • The information will arrive in its purest state in all readings since I connect with all sources simultaneously. Therefore, there will never be lost wisdom, but there will be even more information and clarity. This is how the information flows best during Spiritual Readings.
  • I also use my empathy since it’s a great asset during Spiritual Readings. Besides connecting with all sources of light, I tap your energy directly, which helps me to empathically feel your situation. I generally get emotional feedback through clairsentience, which contributes to a lot of additional information during the spiritual psychic reading.
  • Seeing visions and the Spirit’s knowledge in my Third Eye are one of my primary methods of receiving information. I talk a lot about clairvoyance in this article. Allowing the information to come to me through any necessary channel is how the Spiritual Readings become most accurate.
During Spiritual Readings, divination tools also are a great addition.

During Spiritual Readings, divination tools also are a great addition.

  • Sometimes, during a Spiritual Reading I feel that there is still more information available, or perhaps, there needs to be a piece of blunt physical evidence to reinforce a message. I can easily detect this as sometimes even your Spirit Guides can tell me. When this happens, I will use divination tools such as Tarot Cards. For example, for the Shadow Side reading, I only use one specific tarot deck. Backing up the information from a spiritual reading with tarot cards is fantastic as well.
  • Ultimately, what I do best is to just open up and allow myself to receive while I deliver everything without adding my personal touch or my judgment. The information will flow freely from Spirit, I will act as a clear vessel.

During Spiritual Readings, the Spiritual Reader must keep an unbias approach to the reading. Only this way, the reading will be clear and accurate. I always make sure of this, and I double-check with your Spirit Guides during the reading several times.

The Benefits Spiritual Readings bring to your life

The main benefit of Spiritual Readings is receiving guidance and wisdom from the Spirit. During these Spiritual Readings, we will not only work in the here and now with a linear time-only approach. Instead, I will focus also on what we need to learn from the past, parallel lives happening simultaneously, as well as future potential outcomes. Only this way, we can draw a complete and clear story before you make any decisions.

The potential outcomes may be many, and a lot of them are not ones that you are looking to experience. Other times, you might be experiencing something over and over in your life, feeling that it’s an endless loop. It is during these situations that a Spiritual Reading will provide you with the guidance you need. Perhaps you need the confidence or the validation that something will go in a certain direction if you take certain actions.

Spiritual Readings will bring resolution, allowing you to feel free.

Spiritual Readings will bring resolution, allowing you to feel free.

You will feel that you have more clarity in your life and doings, allowing you to feel more aligned and well. Life can and will bring a lot of uncertain moments, so the best way to navigate these is through Spiritual Readings for guidance, followed by your actions and decisions, according to the messages received. A lot of individuals even claim that Spiritual Readings changed their lives after receiving support in making life-changing decisions.

Ultimately, the seeker will find healing. If you are looking for guidance, resolution, or validation for something in your life, once you receive it, things will shift for you. Sometimes, even you will be able to break negative patterns in your life by learning from them, and no longer having to experience those. When this becomes a reality, you will feel liberated, and this will contribute to a greater mindful life.

Types of Spiritual Readings and how to get ready

There are many types of psychic readings out there, but I do not put boundaries as far as sources of information unless you specifically ask me to. A lot of these “types” come from hundreds if not thousands of labels, but I rather avoid these entirely. So, I focus more on the different sources of information as types of readings, and these are Akashic records, Spirit guides, Higherself, Tarot, Chakras, Soul, Shadow Side, Aura, and perhaps, some specific intentions that could be reading by themselves such as Past Lives and Karma.

The best way to get ready is to just be open and willing to receive the guidance that will serve your Highest Purpose. I recommend you know well your questions, or how exactly you need help so the Spirit can guide you properly. However, if you don’t know exactly how can Spirit help you, you can either ask for an Open Spiritual Reading or you can check this article about the right questions to ask to have a better idea.

During Spiritual Readings, you only need to open up and allow yourself to receive guidance.

During Spiritual Readings, you only need to open up and allow yourself to receive guidance.

There is no right or wrong, as you only need to be willing to receive help. Your Spirit Guides will tell me (or any Spiritual Reader) what you need to know, so don’t worry if you are still confused about how to ask for help. As long as you need it, you will be able to receive it. I will say it one last time, it only matters that you approach the reading with an open heart and allow yourself to receive what you need. From here, there is no right or wrong!

Experience the guidance from Spiritual Readings today

From here, but only if you need spiritual guidance with something in your life, you can experience Spiritual Readings yourself. Especially if you have never worked with me before, I invite you to check out all the sessions I have available and for you to book one. Take your time to ponder and reflect, rushing is not good, and when you are ready, I will be delighted to work with you. You will be very happy with the guidance received.


Q: What is the significance of spiritual psychic readings in modern times?

A: Spiritual Readings are meant to be how they always have been. For this reason, my Spiritual Readings don’t focus on labels. I connect with all sources of light for maximum accuracy and detail.

Q: How do spiritual psychic readings differ from conventional counseling?

A: During a Spiritual Reading, we will receive help and guidance from your Spirit Guides and other sources of light. This means you will have spiritual guidance from higher beings of light in addition to any conventional counseling.

Q: Can spiritual psychic readings provide concrete solutions to life challenges?

A: Absolutely! This is one of the main cornerstones for a Spiritual Reading. You will receive solutions, but you need to take action to materialize them, you can’t just cross your arms and wait.

Q: Are there any risks or downsides associated with spiritual readings?

A: The biggest risk is for you to wait for the predictions to happen without taking action. In all Spiritual Readings, I will give you guidance to take the right actions.

Q: How can one ensure the credibility and authenticity of a psychic advisor?

A: You need to ask your questions directly, without giving background information. You will receive information that you can relate to and validate in your life.

Q: Is it necessary to have a specific question in mind before spiritual readings?

A: You can always opt for an open reading if you don’t know what to ask. Check out here the suggestions on what questions you can ask.

Q: What role does intuition play in spiritual psychic readings?

A: Intuition is one more tool that will help the Spiritual Reader to know how to best approach the information given, as well as how to best deliver it depending on each seeker.

Q: Can spiritual readings conflict with one’s religious beliefs?

A: Not at all. Spirituality doesn’t conflict with religion. Everybody has Spirit Guides, Chakras, Akashic Records, etc. You only need to make sure you are comfortable based on your beliefs. Keep something in mind: A Divine being will never stop you from receiving information and support.

Q: Are there any ethical guidelines that psychic advisors follow?

A: Absolutely. Firstly, respecting privacy by not sharing any information, and respect the energy of first. Furthermore, to open up and be a vessel without adding personal opinions or judgment. These two are the foundational ethics to take, but there are more.

Q: How frequently should one seek spiritual psychic readings for guidance?

A: It depends on the individual and situation, there is no rule of thumb. However, it is important that you don’t inquire about the same thing until you have taken all actions and guidance into play.

So, next week we are going to talk about one subject that many look up online. Some people question, “How does a monthly tarot reading work?” which is a very genuine question. We will talk about this subject a little for you to have some awareness. However, all of this will be next week!

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