Animal Psychic Readings and Healings have arrived!

The animal psychic readings and healings have arrived! It's time for you to listen to the voice of your Pets. I will be delighted to work with your Pets and help them to speak up your needs. Your Pets will be a lot happier, and so will you!
Pet Psychic Readins ahd Healings have arrived!

I will be the voice of your Pets through animal psychic readings and healing

Hi, there! Let me start by asking you a question: Is your aura pink? If you are unsure, feel free to check out last week’s article. Today, we come with great news, as there is a brand new type of reading: Animal Psychic Readings and Healings have arrived. As a Pet psychic, through Animal Communication I will connect with them empathically and telepathically while looking into their eyes and asking their Spirit Guides for help.

Your pets will always have stories to share, so why not start healing them right away as well? The animal reading and healing are excellent because of this. We’ll take care of whatever your pets need, together. In addition to working with a veterinarian on the physical body (we can also help with energy here), it is essential to work with the mind, the emotions, and the soul.

Working with any kind of animal, including but not limited to dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, reptiles of all kinds, and other creatures with eight legs will bring me great joy. I enjoy working with any living thing in your family, so I’m not afraid of them either.

How Spiritual Psychic Readings for Animals Work

Reading spiritually to animals is no different for humans (also animals if you think about it.) Perhaps the approach is different because, through human language alone, you cannot understand what your animals are telling you. Mainly, I need a photo of your animal, and while I could do without one, it is always easier and deeper to use one. I will look into your animal’s eyes and start perceiving both empathically and telepathically the first energetic impressions.

From here, I will also open your Pets’ Akashic Records as well as call in their Spirit Guides to have as much information as possible for the reading. The first impressions will be the ones that matter the most, even above any questions you may have for them. I will also read the energy of their auras, and their general vibration since this yields very useful information. As an animal communicator, I can tell you this is super efficient.

Animal psychic readings are good for anyone.

Animal psychic readings are good for anyone.

You are also welcome to ask any questions you might have for your Pet. If you need some ideas, here you have a list of the best psychic questions to ask for your Pets. For this reason, to have good quality time in the reading, they will last about 15 minutes. There will always be messages to help improve your Pets’ life, as well as your connection with them. I will always ask for permission from your Pets energetically before I connect with them.

If we talk about Reiki Healing for Animals, I can assure you that your Pets will deeply enjoy receiving healing, especially after an animal psychic reading. Use animal energy healing to improve your pet’s overall health as well as to receive comprehensive care for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With the assistance of my and their Spirit guides, I will establish telepathic and empathic connections with them, and together we will determine the best direction for the White Light energy that has been channeled from the Source.

From here, I use positive energy transfer to create a harmonic environment that is therapeutic. The holistic approach provides help on all fronts, whether your pet is experiencing behavioral issues, seeking balance, or recuperating from an illness. During an animal energy healing session, I never set a cap on the amount of energy I can transfer. When a Reiki Healing for Pets session is about to conclude, they’ll let me know.

Benefits of Spiritual Animal Psychic Readings and Healings

The best thing during an animal psychic reading is that your dear animal will be heard, and your animal will certainly know about the help they are receiving. Sometimes, to address a problem, all you need to do is find the root of it, and once you do, you will know how to address it. For this reason, I also connect with the Akasha and the Spirit Guides of your Pets. Here you can see some of the most obvious benefits:

  • Being heard. This is the foundation of an Animal Psychic Reading, for them to be heard. I will be their voice by looking into their eyes and sharing with you everything they did. Your animal will feel a lot more taken care of, and you will be able to address any challenge or bring any improvements to increase happiness.
  • Guidance. After finding the root cause of the issues, I will search for any guidance from Spirit to help your Pets to address anything they need. This will bring massive improvements in their life, and therefore, in yours.
  • Addressing behaviors and emotions. If you feel your Pets are having a hard time adjusting, they seem not content, or they are behaving oddly, a psychic animal reading is a fantastic aid to address the problem. With animal healing energy I will also direct white light on the different issues for your Pets to find peace.
Animal Psychic Readings help with behavioral problems.

Animal Psychic Readings help with behavioral problems.

  • Shifting negative patterns. Thanks to both an animal psychic reading and reiki healing for animals, you can help your fellow animals take more control over their lives. You will know better what you need to help them feel much better, and be happier. You will have answers to any weird situation or attitude that your animals present.
  • Mindfulness. Not only your Pets will feel more mindful and at peace, but so you will do. If any problems are disrupting the family, it can turn out to be quite exhausting for everybody, so when you address them, harmony will be back.

These are only some of the benefits that your Pets can experience with one of these sessions. What matters the most is that your Pets will feel a lot better, happier, and at peace because of working deeply on whatever is bothering them.

Exploring animal emotions

Across many years of working with animals (including humans), I have concluded that emotions are the foundation of many situations and challenges. The main bridge I build between your Pets and myself is through the emotional channel by looking into their eyes. From here, and with the help of Spirit, I will receive all the necessary information to bring the maximum help. However, I will also work with Reiki Healing for animals to address any emotional issues.

Sometimes, the human-animal bond can be the problem, perhaps it is you who is going through a hard time and your Pets are worried, making them behave wrongly. If this is the case, I will be very happy to work with you through one of my readings or healing sessions. Even if we have to do some cleansing at your home, I will be happy to help.

Whatever the problem is, through an animal psychic reading communication session, we can discover the problem, and bring immediate resolution. Sometimes, a big problem can yield an easy solution, bringing a massive change for the entire family. From here, only more healing will follow, because bringing back your Pets to wellness will bring happiness for happiness, promoting everybody to feel better and increase life quality.

An animal psychic reading will make your animals a lot happier.

An animal psychic reading will make your animals a lot happier.

Asking your Pets for permission

As with every person, I will ask always your Pet for permission to check on their energy before doing it. I respect their energy the same way as if it were another human because, after all, all animals are souls who have a physical experience here on planet Earth. I will connect with their energy, and from here, I will feel clear if they want me to tap into their energy or not. They have always let me in, and usually, they help me feel drawn to look where I need to.

I will also connect as shared above with their Spirit Guides, and they will guide me like in any other reading. It is the same to work with the Spirit Guides of your animals than your Spirit Guides as both communicate astrally in the same way. If there is something that your Pets are not ready to deal with, they will never show me, and I will be unable to see it. So during an animal psychic reading, there can be no harm done, your Pets will be respected at all times.

From here, all you need to do is to book one of these right now and experience a session. I can assure you that your Pets will love it.


Q: What is pet psychic communication based on?

A: An animal psychic reading will happen through empathic and telepathic connections.

Q: How do pet psychics communicate with animals remotely?

A: As a Pet Psychic, I will link to your Pets’ energy through their eyes with the help of their Spirit Guides and Akashic Records.

Q: What are some reasons people consult pet psychics?

A: If you need to know how your Pets are feeling, if they have behavioral problems, or show any type of stress, an animal psychic reading will help a lot.

Q: Can pet psychics help find missing pets?

A: Not all Pet Psychics can trace missing pets. I don’t offer this as a service at a cost, however, I still might attempt to help you. Please contact me if you need help with a missing Pet, and I will see what I can do.

Q: Is there a difference between pet psychics and animal communicators?

A: In a way, it is the same thing with different labels.

Q: How do animal communicators address behavioral issues in pets?

A: Thanks to a direct link with the animal, as well as the help from the Akasha and Spirit Guides, I can find and address behavioral issues.

Now, for next week, I will write about the meaning of Spiritual readings. You probably know well about them, especially if you have experienced one of mine, but I want to put together some information. However, all of this will be for next Wednesday. See you in a week!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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