Monthly Tarot Card Readings: Get an idea of what lies ahead and take early action!

Listen to Monthly Tarot Card readings and get some guidance to be ahead in life. Monthly Tarot Card readings focus on the global energies linear time based from the here and now to the most immediate future. You will know how to approach best the next events in your life.
A Monthly Tarot Card Reading will give you for what lies ahead.

Be more prepared for the upcoming with Monthly Tarot Card Readings

Hi, everybody! Thanks as always for being here, it is a huge pleasure sharing and working with all of you. Last week we talked about Spiritual Readings, so if you haven’t checked it out just yet, make sure you do! Today, we are going to talk about the Monthly Tarot Card Readings. Yes, these are indeed the monthly tarot forecast readings I do over YouTube. I am sure many of you have an idea of how these work already, but still it’s worth the read.

There is no need to keep explaining each month how these free tarot card readings work, so we will have this article as a guide of reference. So, instead of the same old instructions, I want to start talking about each Tarot Card individually. For each month, you will have the video embedded as usual, plus a nice article focusing on a single Tarot Card each month from “The Fool” to the “King of Swords.”

We will focus this week on deepening into the meaning and purpose of these forecast readings as a small guide of reference to visit any future Monthly Tarot Card Readings.

Understanding Monthly Tarot Card Readings

So, perhaps you ask yourself, “What are monthly Tarot Card Readings?” This reading does not focus on a specific issue, person, or situation. Instead, it focuses on global consciousness and energetic influences. Some months we might need to watch out for something, or there might be an energetic event affecting the entire planet and human civilization. Knowing this information will give you a head start, especially on those “more interesting months” where we can impact our lives.

I like to approach these Monthly Tarot Card readings by asking the Universe, “From a collective consciousness point, what messages do we have for this month?” Sort of receiving a quick check-up at a civilization-wise degree. During a global reading, you can set the intention to connect with certain energies. For example, I like to ask for messages for English-speaking fellas, as well as for Spanish-speaking people.

When you ask to be guided this way, you can get very specific information, even more than just tapping into the entire human consciousness since energies discern a lot based on culture and religion. The deepest meaning of a Tarot Card Reading getting a clearer view of the horizon ahead.

With a Monthly Tarot Card reading you have a clearer view of what lies ahead, and you will know how to better approach it.

With a Monthly Tarot Card reading you have a clearer view of what lies ahead, and you will know how to better approach it.

The Monthly Tarot Card reading will give you some general guidance for you to start following right away. You need to reflect after listening to these free tarot card readings to understand how they apply to your life. This is an accurate tarot reading by tapping collective energies, but for you to understand the message, you need to be present in your life. One big benefit of listening to one of these readings is awareness.

Having insight into incoming events and challenges allows you to make better decisions beforehand. I believe that listening to these free monthly tarot card readings promotes spiritual development by helping you understand better the energies that surround you. I have always been fond of knowing what lies ahead but without a fearful approach, but rather as a strategist to optimize my days promoting mindfulness.

Tell me more about these readings

I will be using The Conspiracy Tarot for these readings. The Tarot brings excellent support to every psychic reading. Some months are keener on healing, while others are for growth or other possibilities. If Spirit says we are about to enter a month of healing and you need to heal, I will also pick up on these messages and share them with you. Keep in mind that I do not use Astrology or Horoscope, but instead, I tap into the collective consciousness through the Tarot.

I use the Conspìracy Tarot for these Free Monthly Tarot Card Readings.

I use the Conspìracy Tarot for these Free Monthly Tarot Card Readings.

Furthermore, I will access all Light sources (spirit guides, divine energy, global energies, intuition, divination tools, and the Akasha during these free readings. I found out after many years that the best way to bring the clearest information is by opening every source of light.

Tarot card reading for today

Do you want free tarot card readings for today and every day? Make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook since I make free tarot card readings every day in a very similar way to the Monthly Tarot Card reading. The information channeled in this forecast reading will not apply at an individual level. You will find advice and tips that will be very helpful, as I intend to receive any messages of interest from Spirit.

Upon listening to this reading, you need to take what applies to you, and you will find out that if the messages from Spirit apply to your situation. These are very popular, as I only started to do them back in 2023. On top of this, I am planning for 2025 to do a 3-card message, the “pick a card” modality as a daily tarot spread where you will choose one face-down card before I share information about each one of them.

Reflecting on the reading

It doesn’t matter if you get a personal, for example, fifteen-minute reading, versus if you are listening to one of these monthly tarot card readings. You need to reflect on the messages received because they can make an impact on your life. So, after listening to any reading, you want to set aside at least 5-10 minutes and see what can you do with the information received. If you received a longer reading, you want to invest more time to reflect.


Q: How true is tarot card reading?

A: Through channeling and the help of Spirit Guides, a Tarot Card reading can be extremely accurate. Check out this article about the Tarot as a direct messenger.

Q: What does a tarot card reading tell you?

A: It defers whether the reading is personal, or focusing on global energies such as these Monthly Tarot Card Readings. You will get some general guidance on how to approach the month. A trusted tarot reading that will help you.

Q: How to read tarot cards?

A: You can check out my Understanding the Tarot course to learn how to read the Tarot.

Q: How do I do my own tarot reading?

A: You can check out my Understanding the Tarot course to learn how to read the Tarot.

Q: What is the most powerful card in the tarot?

A: There is no better, nor worse among all 78 cards in the deck. However, The Fool card could indeed be the most ambiguous, open-ended, and passionate card of the entire deck.

Q: Do tarot cards predict the future?

A: The Tarot cards are just a divination tool that assists the psychic in tapping into higher consciousness and above timelines. From here, you will receive guidance about the possible outcomes, and what to do to make them happen. If you follow, you will meet with a predicted future.

Now you know how these Monthly Tarot Card Readings work. Next month, it’s June’s Forecast time, and we will talk about the following Tarot Card: The Fool. You will also have a couple or three questions related to this card for you to reflect on. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to purchase a guided meditation connected to The Fool card. Stay tuned for next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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