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The Tarot. The most straightforward and clear messenger.

Tarot Cards are powerful messengers.

Written by Fernando Albert

March 29, 2017

Tarot Cards are powerful messengers.
Are tarot card readings true? Is the Tarot the real deal?

Hello everyone! Since we have several entries discussing different sources of astral information, we will continue with more tools today. Last week we talked about the shadow side. This week I will talk about the Tarot, a tool perhaps earthlier (you can touch and see the charts physically) but very accurate and deeply connected to the astral plane.

There is a lot of information online and thousands of books about the Tarot. However, I will speak from my point of view based on my own experience with the Tarot. For me, it has been a tool that has helped me get to where I am today and to be able, right now, to write this entry. In fact, I felt so connected to the Tarot that I came to create my own deck, “The Conspiracy Tarot.” You can see it here.

Tarot card readings are as real as holding the very own cards in your hands. The key is to be open to spirit and approach with love and good intentions to help. Tarot Cards are powerful guides, and they always find a way to connect with you. Even with just getting to know your cards and meditating on them, you can and will receive a lot of insight. You can also connect with your Tarot cards through your dreams (want to know more about dreams? click here!)

The diversity among Tarot cards is impressive.

There are many types of Tarot cards. However, as a rule, they usually have 78 cards, of which 22 are Major Arcana (star, death, magician, etc.) and 56 Minor Arcana divided into four suits: Golds, clubs, swords, and cups). Other decks have different suits, with or without Major Arcana and even with more than four suits. There are decks called “of divination” that have a completely different format. Some have no arcane, but they have letters with messages around a specific topic (angels, ascended masters, masterpieces, etc.).

Do not be intimidated since the Tarot decks have their consciousness (in some way) sensitive to a type of energy.

A little story.

My wife, Ana, gave me my first deck in 2010. It was not a Tarot deck, but a mixture of images of an Ascended Master (Jesus Christ), maybe Biblical images (Mustard Seed, I Am, etc.), and masterpieces (“The Scream,” “Father and Mother”). Perhaps, if we rely on all the information that a Tarot deck can give, it could leave this deck behind. However, it has been able to answer extremely complex questions in personal matters. In my case, this is a deck for personal use.

The tarot is much more than just a bunch of cards.

I’m telling you this because my wife had no idea what to buy, and she looked for something familiar. She did not know that the awareness of that deck had already connected with her subconscious to be chosen so it could reach my energy. Now you know you can give a deck to another person with peace of mind since the one you choose will be the one that must go to the person who will receive your gift.

The tarot is very straightforward.

After years of working with the Tarot, I have connected more deeply with the standard format (78 cards) since it seems to me that its available information potential is much higher than a deck of divination. The Tarot is also, in my opinion, an accurate and direct messenger. Nowadays, in my readings, I hardly use the Tarot since the cards connect with my conscience without physically using them.

Wisdom in its “raw form.”

However, there are times when we need a “direct warning” or “reminder” of a specific situation. The Tarot is excellent because after having shared more or less information, you can draw a card to confirm the message you have received. You will realize that the card that you got will relate to the message you are giving. If you need a personal reminder or “test,” the Tarot is excellent. But do not forget that the Tarot is very direct. Maybe you received a response that you were not expecting, but it will have a very definite purpose in your life.

Read a little more about trusted tarot readings.

The most accurate tarot card reading is available right in front of you: Your deck.

I do not want to overextend this blog entry since I have a Tarot course in Udemy ready for you to get used to it. You will see that the cards are interpreted based on the messages I have been receiving over the years and my intuition. This course intends not to memorize my interpretations but to nourish your mind with ideas, expand your intuition, and be more comfortable in connecting with your Tarot deck. I can assure you that you will enjoy this course very much and surely you will be able to come up with new ideas that will help you in your spiritual ways.

You can read more about this course here:

Understanding the Tarot

And for you to prove yourselves with your Tarot deck, I invite you to ask a question about a future and upcoming event, a decision that you must take, or something that you would like to know. Focus for a few minutes on that question and start shuffling. After shuffling, you will feel the need to stop, or even a card will jump out of the deck. Courses keep on growing (as you can see here!)

It will be like a tiny “click” within your heart… subtle, but you can feel it!

In any case, stop shuffling and turn the card to see it. If you do not know when to stop, do it after a short time (a minute or so). Observe the card. Where are your eyes focusing? Is there a symbol that catches your attention? Ask all the questions you can and observe your feelings. The Tarot communicates through multiple intuitive ways. With practice, little by little, you will receive more and more information.

Lastly, I advise you not to use the booklet that comes with the deck. You will only find generic interpretations and keywords that will bring you more confusion; therefore, it is essential not to study these. I have created a Tarot deck, called The Conspiracy Tarot, where you can get a lot of symbology.

A deck that brings awareness.

It comes with a little book; however, in the little book, you will find three questions for each letter so you can meditate on it. You will be able to grow spiritually and personally with this Tarot deck, besides consulting it!

And here we are! I hope you enjoyed the reading. And if you take the course, I can say that you will enjoy it 🙂 You can see a few free classes by clicking here.

Well, it is time to change the subject! Therefore, next week, we will talk about some upcoming changes that will take place and affect the whole planet (also check cleansing waves). Some are already here!  All of this, next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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