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The Middle World: The Energy Mirrors the Human World and the physical plane in general.

The middle world reflects humanity.

Written by Akashicsoul

September 9, 2020

The middle world reflects humanity.
The middle world, where everything is happening. Where humanity and nature are reflected.

Hi! One more week, and one more entry. How about the forecast, I hope it helped!? September has arrived and it is about time. I had planned to share this article in April, but a week before, I decided that it was not the best time due to all the problems we have had this year. I was ready, since as I said, that there were other planes where you can leave your home without problems. Now you can leave your home (I hope, I’m just pushing this entry.) Today we are going to talk about one of those planes. One of the shamanic worlds, the Middle World. Perhaps right now, April 2020, is not the best time to visit this world. I am going to tell you about this world, and you will understand it better.) And today, is the 9th of September.

The Middle World represents the human conscious world. It is almost like being physically out on the street. At all levels, because if, for example, you visit someone on the astral plane, you will feel the peace and harmony that you can feel in higher planes. However, like the rest of the shamanic worlds, the Middle World is on planet earth, and in the third dimension. The difference is that you navigate with the mind, and not with the physical vehicle that we call the human body.

We have already talked about the Lower World, how you get there, and a guided meditation that helps you get there.

Let’s tell some truths.

Let’s see, the Middle World is a bit complicated, and on top of that, there are many lies about this place. I can not agree with some aspects that some people claim. The reason is that these aspects are not only partially correct based on my findings. A lot of information also contains fear. On this page, there is no room for fear. So, then, what’s up with this place?

The Middle World reflects human consciousness, and yes, disordered human consciousness is quite dangerous. This does not mean that the Middle World is, however, that dangerous energy can be reflected in this world (yes, but only if you seek for it.) It would not be dangerous to do so, or at least, not severely, but I don’t advise that. Perhaps it would be a negative experience, and energetically if you can feel something. A proper journey is okay. Nothing will happen to your physical health, nor to your soul. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of it, just understand it. Do not seek negative energies. Probably this world will be the one you visit the least.

If humanity were wonderful, everyone with a heart full of love and light, with positive intentions, and without fear, this world would be wonderful. But we all know that we, as a civilization, are probably not an example to follow, let’s be frank. Therefore, that type of energy is what you will find in the Middle World. This world is denser than the other two, it is even as heavy, and navigating in it seems like everything is going more in slow motion, or as if there was a lot of gravity.

Where the heart of humanity is reflected.

In a global energetic state, it will greatly dictate the energy of the Middle World. In fact, when I was going to release this post in April 2020, there was a lot of fear globally, a lot of greed, a lot of hate, and a lot of uncertainty. Therefore, all that energy was reflected in this world. I would not recommend visiting it, for example, at times like this, that is why I have delayed this entry for five months. But if you did, the worst thing that could happen to you would be feeling anxiety, and probably ending the session in a short time, since right now it is not nice. Right now it is not the best time neither, but the spirits are asking me to release it now, and to not keep waiting.

Normally, the Lower World is the most visited world, and in difficult moments, it is wonderful. In fact, it is always the first to be visited when you start learning how to do these trips. The Middle World, on the other hand, is the last one you will visit (although here it is the second world we are talking about.) However, when you seek for something you don’t know, and you don’t know where to go, visit the Lower World.

And the commotion we are causing the planet.

The current state of the Earth also influences this World. Although the Lower World is the most elemental, here everything is as more superficial. Earth’s damaged energy can be reflected here, not at the Lower World. People with global empathy, for example, have the ease of knowing how the energies are before visiting this world. Although we are not yet as a civilization taking good care of our home called Earth, the Middle World is not normally deeply affected by this.

However, when there are difficult times in humanity, globally, the Middle World is greatly altered. It also makes it easier for less vibrating beings to try to connect with you. They really just want your attention, and steal your energy while interacting with them. Since not all beings in the Middle World are positive or have good intentions (just like people, not all have good intentions)m it’s important to protect yourself. There is nothing to be afraid of, the fact of protecting yourself will raise your vibrations and these beings will not even see you. Problems can be easily reflected, both globally and yours (and sometimes, seeing your problems is goo…)

¿Sabías que también puedes obtener respuestas del Mundo Medio?

What are the advantages of the Middle World?

This is something I have asked myself many times. In fact, I have to confess that I have hardly visited this world since I have always opted for the Lower (and sometimes the Upper, which we will talk about in a month.) The Middle World is not only negativity and bad things, the same truth applies to humanity. We are doing it wrong, but still, there is some good and kindness in many people’s hearts. Therefore, unless there is a crisis or a very big problem, you can visit and get positive aspects of this world. It is like an “echo.”

For example, it is easier to find answers or positive beings that can help you, with a very specific problem of your work, for example. Inspiration and guidance in how to solve a problem, or even complete a highly complicated equation (if you do maths, of course). Some “very human” matters, or close to our reality, Perhaps the Middle World will give you a clearer answer than in the other worlds. Perhaps you will receive something more symbolic, or even, conceivably, an alternative response to what you are already looking for.

Also, to find your own energy reflection, and to better understand what you need, or how you can get it. What do you truly need and you are not seeing.

So, is it worth visiting the Middle World?

Sure, every shamanic world is worth visiting, as it has its own stuff. The Middle World can also be good at solving, as I said, something very mundane and unspiritual. Or even, to find, or see the solution for something you are planning or questioning.

In fact, when you go to the Upper or Lower World, you will always go through the Middle World. However, it is good to do a certain visualization to get the full energy of the Middle World well. The same you do for the Lower World, where you visit a well or cave to go down.)

To get to the Middle World, it is very simple. When you’re ready to “go out”, start walking and visualize some rocky mountains, with a path between them. Keep walking until you see changes, or notice you go through a membrane or portal. It might make you feel dizzy for a split second. The Middle World will appear as a forest with small/medium trunk trees with deciduous leaves. You will always see the horizon blurred, or as the optical effect of something moving when there is a flame or it is very hot.

It is not very popular, and your power animal will not be with you, however, its energy will be. Here you can find fragments of consciousness that can be “personified” in beings. If your vibrations are high, and you are looking for answers to something, you just have to ask, and you will get it instantly, or “they will accompany you” to what you need to see.

It is a peculiar world, difficult to explain, but with good vibes, you will have a good experience

And well, next week, there is a new journey. To the middle world, of course! Who said you couldn’t leave your home? It is a great way to free your mind at any time, but this world is more for solving things as you have read. There is a little bit more stuff too. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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