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The Upper World: The highest vibration of all three shamanic worlds. Meet with elemental beings of light.

The Upper World brings you guidance and healing.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 14, 2020

The Upper World: Where you can find elevated elemental beings of light and more.

Well, well, well, how are you? Have you already watched the forecast for October? We still have half a month left if you haven’t. Well, today, I bring you an article about one of the shamanic worlds, the Upper World. I am going to share my own experience in this world. How to get to this world, and what experiences you may have. Also, I will explain what little things you can do, find, or when is the best time to go to the upper world. I will share a few things you can do. Also, stuff you can search for, as well as how to get to the Upper World.

I love the upper world as I can relax. If we talk about the lower world, it is more like an adventure. Perhaps looking for something or trying to learn something. However, for me, the upper world is more like an area to receive healing. Even to send it as well, and above all, to relax. But hey, let’s start at the beginning.

What is the Upper World?

It is one of the shamanic worlds that you can explore through a shamanic journey. It is straightforward to reach this world, and it is available to everyone. The upper world is like a world of clouds. We can see angelic souls, sometimes. However, normally if we see beings of light, they will be elemental. Actually, the upper world is not as fascinating as the lower world. It is much more “boring.” But sometimes boredom is good, and having a low amount of stimulation is sometimes recommended, even on a spiritual level. The energies flow very gently on this plane, and it is generally “quite empty,” so peace of mind can be profound.

In this world, you sail through the clouds, and well, it’s hard to explain, but you can see a lot of “stuff made of clouds.” You will see that you will feel that you have spiritual protection, and you will have feelings of freedom. Also, if you want to protect a person or send healing energetically, the upper world is a good option. You can always ask for help, and some being of light or elemental can come to your aid.

What is there, and how can I get there?

As I have commented above, there are mainly light elements, or even like one that I met one day, of wind. There may also be angelic souls, but normally, all energy in this world is still elemental, connected to Gaia. This world is made of clouds, and you navigate it with your mind. Once you get here, you will see that navigation in this world becomes automatic, as if your mind went on alone. Let yourself go as that means you are doing well. You will have some drums in the background, and the sound will easily indicate when to return so that you can lose track of time without problems.

And how can I get there?

It is effortless. You will have as support either a person who is playing the drum for you or a recording. You can even drum yourself if you want. The recording may or may not be guided (one comes out in a week), but it will always have some background drums. As for any shamanic journey, it is important that you first have clear intentions of what you want. If it is only “go to rest,” feel it strongly in your heart. Also, visualize your entire being surrounded by white light, thanking the Earth, your guides, loved ones, and elementals with good purposes that help you.

Once you have completed that step and are already in a state of relaxation, visualize that you leave your body. Get out of your house and look for a tree (it could be one you know, and if there isn’t, imagine one.) This tree is so tall that it reaches the clouds. Begin to climb the tree. You can see how you are leaving behind the leaves of this great tree, and you are climbing effortlessly. Keep visualizing yourself going higher and higher until you reach the clouds. In these moments, you will notice as if you are passing through a membrane and that your body’s vibration rises.

When you get to the top, you will see many clouds, perhaps some “lights” with warm colors and other etheric beings. Right behind you, there is a little hole where the tree that you climbed appears. You have reached the Upper World!

The Upper Upper World.

The upper world from my own eyes.

I want to share that I found something peculiar in the Upper World after many trips. It is very positive and interesting. I took many trips to heal a person who was fighting for her life. One fine day, upon reaching the upper world, I could see a small opening between some clouds, and upon entering, I began to go up. I was surprised because I had never seen or read such a place. But since it was high vibration, I kept watching. After a few moments, I felt a lot of energy flow through my body, and it was as if I was on top of the Upper World. It looked like it was a block of clouds. The upper word was within the cloud-brick. It’s like it was in a higher area.

This area was really empty, there was nothing, but all the energy was love and absolute peace. I asked the meaning of all this. A very pure consciousness told me that it was the uppermost zone of the Upper World. Here, there was like an area where my heart chakra and healing energy will enhance, and it was great to help at a more profound level this person I was healing. To obtain a high level of healing, if you go to the upper world, I recommend that you continue to increase your vibrations and have the intention of visiting the highest.

A few more things.

As I said before, the upper world does not have so many things to do for a very long entry. Nor do I like to go around technicalities, but to make reading more pleasant. There is a site that I particularly like a lot. It is like a large spring (there is water here), and the clouds do not cover everything you see. It looks like a sky full of stars, but with a vision as if you were taking a very slow exposure photo of the stars. The water has no temperature like that, but you notice a level of love and “they are taking care of you” that is amazing.

In fact, finding places like this is also the best there is because you can relax and heal a lot. This brings benefits to your life, such as liberation, clearing up, ending a thought that does not stop spinning, and enjoying deeper tranquility.

But as I have explained, you should see the Upper World and enjoy the first person’s experience.

The upper world will always expand your consciousness.

And well, this is all I can tell you about the Upper World. As you have been able to observe, and as with both articles for the Lower World and the Middle World, I did not add as much information as usual. The reason is simple. I prefer for you to discover on your own merits. Well, next week I’m going to bring a tool that will help you reach the Upper World. It will be a journey of the Upper World. It will always be straightforward for you to connect if you follow what my voice tells you. Especially if you have liked the experiences of the Lower World. You will like this experience. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! Now, time for October 2020 Forecast! See you next Wednesday! (October Forecast)

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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