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The first time I visited my Akashic Records in my dream and astral body.

Accessing the Akashic Records is available to you!

Written by Fernando Albert

January 30, 2019

Accessing the Akashic Records is available to you!
Is accessing the Akashic Records possible?

Hi folks! After all the news, I am coming with something fresh today! I have been asked a couple of times to share my experience while visiting the Akashic Records for the first time. Typically, the way you access them is through channeling, but you can access your Akashic Records in your dream or astral body, and it becomes intense. Accessing the akashic records is possible. There are a few ways to do this, but I want to share how it was my first time in a lucid dream.

Yes, you can visit your Akashic Records “in person” if you visit them in your Dream Body and your Astral Body and get a feel of “being there in person,” almost like if you went physically. It may feel more intense, especially in the astral realm. My experience happened before I read the Akashic Records consciously, but I still remember this experience with joy. It was quite magical. I shared this years ago on an Onironaut Community board, and I wanted to share it here as well (about time, right?) It will be a little edited from the original as I have been meditating on this dream and other details I remember but never wrote down.

(By the way, most of the retouches are already up!)

A small note.

The entire text below will include mostly stuff in the dream or astral plane (physical plane comments will be in cursive). Also, this dream occurred in January 2011, while I was still working in a store and growing Soul Guidance 🙂 Good memories! Okay!

By the way, in my radio show The Astral Insider, I precisely talked about this topic. You can find more about it if you head over to the radio section.

It is a long dream; if you want to jump to the Akashic Records part, you can click here.

So, here it goes! You can really get to know yourself at a soul level, and that is great.

Accessing my Akashic Records in a lucid dream!

I came back to the Earth from a visit to the moon. For some reason, I had to go back to the moon again, and I was very excited. It was always delightful for me to travel to the moon, it is the main reason I hold the job I have. I was working in a store, (probably my store -that I used to work at- with twisted reality). I was told by a randomly generated Dream Character Store Manager (in fact, I run the store alone. Only my boss does the register’s accounting and prepares it for me next morning) that I needed to get ready to go back to the moon.

I was going to spend a few days up there. I had to go to a grocery store to get the supplies I needed, as well as to notify my wife that I was going to be sleeping up there.

They told me that I was going to find computers with internet and a place to sleep at the moon ready for me. I felt excellent, and I bought some cans of coke (I never liked soda in my entire life, LOL), these cans were yellow and smaller than usual you could see at the grocery store. The manager wanted me to visit the moon with a second employee (again, I am the only employee.). We were going to do some inventory for Serrano hams (not random, we sell Serrano ham in the store). I entered a small room, very metallic but with a winery look-alike like the store. Immediately, I spawned at the moon.

I rejoiced at the moon, I was out of Earth.

I felt perfect while at the moon. All I could see was complete silence. I could hear the silence, my heartbeat, and my thoughts. I was utterly alone with my consciousness, and I felt great. Around me, all I could see was nothingness, emptiness, and tranquility. I wanted to stay there. The moon looked pretty much like it does in real life. I felt at bliss, and I did not want to go. In front of me, I saw a big closet with a lot of stuff inside. The cabinet was metallic, and the doors had a small locker.

I pulled a notebook from somewhere and started to write down things from the closet. While I was working on the count, I began to allow my mind to wander and treat me with random thoughts. I felt very excited as I was able to travel to the moon regularly without belonging to the NASA. The gravity was like on Earth, but my body still felt lighter. Suddenly, I found a weird piece of ham, and while I looked at it, I lost vision.

After a few seconds, I found myself in an old house. The house was in a small village, and it had three stores. I was back on Earth. When I entered the house, some dream character greeted and hugged me. A female character on her 40s escorted me to an odd elevator. It looked ancient school. I suddenly teleported to an ancient place and felt a presence. I turned lucid, and I started to investigate this place. It was a mix of Egyptian and Mayan cultures showing in the building.

My dream was very stable, so I decided to investigate. I felt I was under a reasonable level of lucidity.

My dream guide showed up.

To clarify here in the Blog, a Dream Guide is “someone” who helps you in your dreams. Most likely, a manifestation of your actual Spirit Guides but with a friendly/familiar dream form. It could be your Higherself manifesting in the dream. Therefore, they always have wisdom.

She was smiling at me and welcomed me to the place. My dream guide’s energy was different from a regular dream character; she felt more as if she was my Spirit Guide. I assumed she was my dream guide, as I was not Astral Projecting at that moment.

My excitement grew.

Accessing the Akashic Records.

My guide told me, “We need to unlock the knowledge in your inner self. However, there is a small puzzle. Accessing the Akashic Records takes a test.” I could see a big empty room with a few giant iron statues. Two statues had scythes instead of hands, other one had swords, and the two had shields. There was a baroquian type of “windows,” and I could see grass in some with a bright sunny day, while in others, I would see space or random nature.

My guide told me that using my dreaming abilities; I needed to create like a circle with those soldiers statues. Hitting the soldiers, some would cross their arms, and some would expand their arms. I needed to get them all holding their hands. I looked at my Guide confused and asked for some help. She pointed at thee of these statues and told me to cast a lightning bolt. I did not recall doing a lightning bolt in my dreams at all, but I was sure I could make it.

Casting it was easy, and all the statues were touching each other. I small squared hatch opened on the ceiling, and a little bubble appeared. My dream guide told me it would be good to contact it to recover energy. I did, and my dream quality increased it, everything became crystal clear.
Another hatch opened in the middle of the room. It was squared as well, and an ancient pedestal, made out of stones, grew out of the ground. There was an ancient school book in the middle.

Each person will have his or her own dream symbology!

My dream guide told me I just needed to channel my energy to the book to open it. It was accessing my akashic records time. I was surprised about what was going on, but I wanted to stay, lucidly and see how it was going to end. I opened my hands the same way I do in waking for psychokinesis exercises (it has been forever I haven’t played with that, lol). The book opened, and I approached it. My Dream Guide smiled, and I could read stuff in original ink writings.

I was astonished; I was sure I was dreaming and not astral projecting, therefore, I thought it would have been cool to reach my real Akashic Records. My Dream Guide told me, “Do not try to read this; you will wake up, you are dreaming, remember?” I found it funny; I already knew that. My Dream Guide kept saying, “You just unlocked your Akashic Records. Now they are available to you. To come here, you will need to Astral Project. Once you successfully leave your body, visit this location. I will be here as your Spirit Guide, and I will help you start to explore your Akasha.”

Click! Access granted!

Now, accessing my Akashic Records got easier. I was happy as I recalled that some people unlock their Akashic Records first through lucid dreaming, then visiting them with Astral Projection. My dream started to fade, so I told my Dream Guide I needed to fly a little bit to recover the dream. I walked to other room without a ceiling, . The walls also made of stone. I flew, and I saw a very blue and beautiful sky. I had a small flight, and when I wanted to go back. Right now, I was very high in the clouds, and I could see a big forest, a small house, and a village. When I landed, I was back in the village I was earlier.

I wanted to go back to the place where I found the elevator. Funny enough, the same dream characters were there. Two of them were eating some food on a rounded dining table. The lady who helped me before now was dusting and she wore a white apron. She smiled and said, “You are back!” I told her I needed to get back to that elevator to get to the ancient place.

Now the elevator looked like wooden and had some buttons. I had to climb five stars, so I did and entered the elevator. It was a lot smaller as well, and it had no door. It started to make noises and broke down. The lady told me that it was recharging from my previous use. I said to her that I was going to try to Astral Project from the dream and accessing my Akashic Records.

Right here, I felt very excited because I knew this was going to be an intense dream.

During a lucid dream, you do have memory waking life memory, where you will have your usual recall while awake. The dream continues:

Accessing the Akashic records in dreams.

I fell on my back, and I said, “I now will be out of the body.” I focused on my room and my Astral Body. It it feels to Astral Project. I hit the ground, broke the wooden floor and start falling into a dark void. While I was falling, but I was not afraid. I knew I did not project, but I still knew I was in the dream, so I stayed lucid. Suddenly, a female blue and green sort of ghost spawned. She was laughing and told me she was going to roll a dice to make stuff more interesting.

She was not evil, but mischievous, playful and I was one of her toys. While I was falling, I could hear random music, madness music. A white six-faced die appeared. The die had black dots instead of numbers. I could see the die rolling and rolled a two. “Twice the speed!”, Said the ghost in laughter. The music speeded up and the fall as well. She was going to roll again, and I focused that the roll could help me to project, however, I appeared at the city again. Too bad! I wasn’t accessing my akashic records yet!

When you attempt to astral project from a dream, you may lind in another dream.

I wanted to try to Astral Project again, so I tried to find a place with higher vibrations of energy within the own dream. I saw a church, but it was locked. Felt respect for some reason, so I did not feel breaking in, even being a dream. I saw a small school with a pool where I could hear the kids. I arrived, and the pool was huge, with blue water. The water felt freezing in my feet, but I focused on it being a dream feeling so I shut the sense of cooling down. I wanted to fall in my back on the pool and trigger an astral projection.

Back in bed! I could feel my body with vibrations. I started to raise my vibrations to leave my body; however, I could feel my cat next to me and my Astral sight was gone. I began to move my Astral arms and I felt greater vibrations on my arms. Then, I sat, but I felt my back on the bed and also, my Astral back not touching the bed. Still, I had no Astral sight, and I tried to get off the bed and float out. I was half separated, and when I tried to separate my legs, I lost consciousness in the process.

I had a false awakening in my bed. My wife woke up abruptly and told me, “If you want Chistorra for breakfast, I should get started cooking it!”. I woke up for real. (We never had a chistorra for breakfast, ever.)

All this mayhem is common when you “jump in between planes.”

I turned lucid for a third time, and once again, visualized the astral plane, where I finally got out from my body. As I focused on the Akashic Records, rather than going to a “library” of some sorts, I was taken to “some place” that only held wisdom and knowledge, and being there, I was aware of everything and knew the answers for all. I stayed there until I came back to my body.

A bit of a crazy right, wasn’t it? Amazing, hence I visited my Akasha many more times, finding much more stability. If you have some difficulty, you can check out the free astral projection guide, where you get a foundation that can help you get started with astral projection. By the way, there is a guided meditation to visit space. It may aid in inducing astral projection. (This journey can take you into the Akashic Records.)

And this is pretty much it! You do not need to have a dream like this to open and access your Akashic Records, but it is away. Another easy way for you to visit your Akashic Records is through meditation, and this Akashic Records guided meditation will help you out. Check it out here or by clicking below:

Access your Akashic Records with this guided meditation.

And of course, another straightforward way is for you to learn to Astral Project altogether. Learn how to dominate the art of lucid dreaming as well. You can find both courses here at this site 🙂 These are video courses that always keep on growing. Furthermore, check out other planes. Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed the read!

Accessing your Akashic Records will make a big difference in your life.

By the way, did you experience the shamanic upper world? It is awesome. Next month will be the Wednesday of July. I just uploaded the forecast since tomorrow is the first already to check it out already. Therefore, I will post it here next Wednesday! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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