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Nightmares also have meanings. Let’s find healing from them.

The meaning of nightmares.

Written by Akashicsoul

March 31, 2021

The meaning of nightmares.
Nightmares: The darkest part of dreams, but what is behind it?

Hello! I hope that now you understand negativity better and can bring changes in your life. Nightmares are also negative, but most of the time, especially in adults, they have a meaning, generally important. We are going to talk about the nature of nightmares and what to do when you have one. I will explain to you how to understand and receive messages from your nightmares.

In fact, many dreams, or almost all (especially those that we do not lucidly control), have a message that perhaps is important to you. This is an important reason not to dismiss dreams and ignore them. Even if you are not interested in dreams, they are not without value. For this reason, we sometimes have much more vivid dreams, nightmares, and even recurring nightmares. Our conscience knows if a message is more or less important as it affects us in our life. But hey, today we are going to talk about nightmares and their nature. I will also give you some tips on how to take advantage of these nightmares to understand the message.

How nightmares come and why.

Everything has a reason and a purpose, even bad dreams or nightmares. Really, we only dream what we know. Sometimes we dream very strange or nonsensical things, but our mind is based on things that it knows. For this reason, everyday things in our life are present in our dreams (this helps a lot to have lucid dreams). Therefore, our experiences in day-to-day will dictate our experiences with the pillow. As we also have different ways of perceiving life as we grow up, we also change how we see our dreams and nightmares.

The nightmares of babies and children.

The little ones do not begin to dream until they are about 2 years old and from that age, they have dreams about what they lived on that day or new experiences. During a difficult day or if there are problems around you, it can cause you to wake up with a nightmare on your next nap.

In the nightmares of the little ones, there is usually a lot of innocence. However, for that reason, they should not be ruled out since it is not always a fantasy. Many kid¡s nightmares (and dreams) come from things they have seen on TV, for example. Kids do not reason like an adult, and they always come to their own conclusions. For example, a shadow from the tree in the home garden. In the minds of the little ones, they will not understand where that shadow casts from. Therefore they will come to their own conclusion: A terrible monster that comes to scare you. This little person may dream some night that that shadow comes to life and begins to nibble on his toes!

You have to pay a little attention.

Although kid’s nightmares seem very funny and innocent, it is a problem for the little person. It is important to have good communication and explain to you about dreams and nightmares for your kid. You will explain what you find most convenient for your little one to understand. In this way, you will feel more confident and secure at bedtime.

It is important to understand that your little ones can also have nightmares if they have a school problem, for example. Perhaps there are some problems at home to solve, which always affect the little ones, even if it is only “grown-up.” Anyone who does not know something indeed makes his conclusions like a child. In principle, the adult usually knows the reasons for these things. So it is important never to assume that the little ones will understand things like you. It is your job to guide them and help them understand. Not only will they stop having nightmares, but they will also be much better emotionally.

Nightmares have significance.

Adults also have complicated dreams.

As I said before, nightmares are not just children’s things. Although an adult understands many more things, he is not without fear. In fact, adults tend to have more fear than children. In fact, to reduce these fears, I advise this reading (about your personal power), as it will make you stronger. Adult nightmares are not of monsters or things that come to life. All the negativity in our civilization is, to a greater or lesser level, in all adults’ consciousness. You can reflect all this negativity in nightmares such as family, financial, health problems, and many other things.

Many times we say that “we consult it with the pillow.” Therefore, the “answers” will come to us in the form of dreams. Here we know that the mind organizes itself, and if it finds solutions, it can give them to you through dreams or nightmares. For this reason, it is important to observe your dreams and try to have a little memory of them. Above all, nightmares can bring us solutions to many problems. In fact, in this post, I explain how to deal with and eliminate recurring nightmares.

Interpreting nightmares can bring you healing and peace of mind. In almost all cases, if you understand the reason for your nightmares, you will understand how to execute a solution. Once you have reached it (or even “on the way”), you will stop having nightmares connected with this topic you are dealing with. Also, getting lucid during a nightmare can help you understand and solve the problem. Many times talking to the antagonist in your nightmare will bring you the solution. This meditation can help you induce a lucid dream.

Other factors that can bring you nightmares and the like.

There doesn’t always have to be a problem to have a nightmare. In fact, other factors can help you have a hard time in the dream world. When it is such a case, you can always analyze your experience if you can learn something. Otherwise, it is an experience to forget. These are some of the reasons why you can also have nightmares:

  • Fears Everyone always has a concern. It is part of the duality of our minds. The only 100% sure thing is death, therefore, fear of losing something or someone essential, for example, is in the heart of everyone, and this can generate a nightmare.
  • Trauma, Traumatic events such as a car accident or losing a family member. These events repeat themselves over and over in your mind throughout the day. This will help you have a nightmare about that traumatic moment. Sometimes it is necessary to seek help in these cases.
  • Awareness. All the experiences we have in life are etched in our memory. This also includes everything we see on TV, online, etc. Our brain can mix some things with others and make conclusions that disturb us during sleep.

Personally, I recommend introspection in these cases. Have control over the mind. I also advise keeping track of your dreams since you will understand all the messages in this way. Personally, I think that a message, before being a nightmare, comes in the form of normal dreams. If we realize it in advance, there will be no nightmare.

And a couple of things that connect with the subject.

I want to mention that it is possible to have nightmares or nightmare-like experiences in a couple of cases:

  • Focus a lot on dreams. The art of lucid dreaming is wonderful, but it has its bumps. It is important to go slowly and not feel rushed. Otherwise, you could sleep worse. Also, you could have unpleasant dreams, almost like nightmares. You may have strange sensations in these dreams. If so, write it down as one more dream, and relax a bit. Don’t put so much pressure on your mind.
  • Sleep paralysis. I’m sure you know this one. Sleep paralysis can occur sporadically, especially in some very light sleepers. However, if you try to induce lucid dreams or astral travel, you will enter the sleep paralysis phase (here, I explain how to reduce this phase as much as possible). Little and nothing, a simple step.
  • Influence of the Physical Plane. While we are asleep, our instincts are a little alert. This is really true when, for example, there is a special event, and you have to get up early. Or for example, there is a noise near your room. All of this gets into your sleep, generally disturbing it and even turning it into a nightmare. Sometimes your own physical body disturbs your dreams, such as if you have to go to the bathroom or have pain while sleeping.

And really, having a little control over your life (including sleeping) and your surroundings will greatly reduce the possibilities like the ones I just mentioned.

And now you know much more about the world of dreams.

So now you can rest and sleep peacefully, now that you understand nightmares. Our subconscious has many ways of communicating with us. And well, next week we have to enter the April forecast. However, tomorrow it will be ready on YouTube since tomorrow is day one, But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. (If you missed March’s forecast) I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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