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Dream Types: Dreams and Lucids, super-lucid, sleep paralysis and more!

Lucid Dreaming is an amazing state.

Written by Fernando Albert

March 21, 2018

Dream types: Experience the different types of dreams you may experience.
Dream types: What is happening within your head when you are sleeping!

Hello! I did enjoy very much the “Talk to Fer” sessions! Did you know there are many dream types? Are you lucid dreaming? We are all aware that we dream, and we sure dream every night, even when you do not remember it. However, there is a lot to delve into regarding dreaming. There is a lot that goes around with dreaming; there are different types of dreams, stages of dreams, and even the possibility to reach high states that will bring you a massive overflow. Before we continue, there is an entry I like to share because it will provide a great read and will help you to learn further about meditation, astral projection, and spirituality. You can read a lot more about this right here.

I also want to invite you to check out this article for the difference between a Lucid Dream and an Astral Projection. You will get to understand more the differences between these and identify them correctly as you experience them. Also, taking a read over here will help a ton.

Dream types? Lucid Dreaming, Dream Control, Sleep paralysis, Superlucid what is going on?

Many people dream that they can control stuff (summoning something, for example) without being in a lucid state. Sometimes this is mistaken with Lucid Dreaming.

When you are in a dream, and you do whatever you want is more connected to Dream Control than the fact of being lucid or not. You can read more about the lucid dream state and the astral projection state right here. I have been lucid dreaming my entire life, naturally, as well as studying much of the topic later on.

An excellent dream state that virtually everybody loves is lucid dreaming, though!

As per my views and experience, I will share the different states, working with others and my own. It is essential to get to know yourself accurately to be much in-tune with yourself. Check here more about it! According to my point of view and experience, and I will give some examples too. I want to tell you that it is crucial to keep in mind some things before going to sleep if you study your dreams. I have an article that talks about what should and should not be done before going to bed.

There are a few different dream types.

Every people dreams differently and uniquely. However, there are similar phases or types of dreams we can categorize. If you study and work on your dreams, you will find out that having balanced chakras will play a significant role. I shared a blog entry where you can learn about the chakras and how to cleanse them. It will bring more to your dreams!

Non-sleeping dream/daydream or vision.

Not indeed a dreaming state, but this would be the state of daydreaming, excellent for dream incubation. As we also visualize our dreams and desires. And visualizing these may help us to attract our visions. These have a few critical aspects that I shared in this entry. And a powerful one, daydreaming also will help you to materialize your wishes.

No dream.

Non REM stage, where dreams do not occur. You can dream here, but they will be brief and low quality.

  • You wake up for whatever reason. After 10 minutes into sleeping, you knew you were asleep, but it was like a split second of an odd feeling.


 Not to be confusing in recalling a dreamlet out of your dream. Do you know, maybe you are sitting on the couch, and you have a split-second dream, or the feeling that you fell asleep for a second and you were dreaming.

  • The loud noise on the TV startled you, you are confused for a few seconds, and you realized you fell asleep for a sec. You wondered what was up with that duck. It might have been a dreamlet since you are watching something not related to ducks!

Sleep Paralysis.

Most feared state experienced naturally by a very few as well as a stage for the WILD technique. You will not be able to move; you will hear screams, creepy stuff, and even feel crushed by a demon, whatever, it is just a hallucinatory stage. Focus on your dream to have, and you will be lucid in no time. Or focus on the vibrations and visit the astral plane. Nothing will happen at this stage.

  • I feel a small earthquake, are my vibrations or was there really another earthquake? Suddenly, I feel like there is a massive boulder on my cheek, pressuring me. I can’t move. Okay, I am aware I was trying to fall asleep. This is sleep paralysis. Awesome, I want to visit the Pleiades in a lucid dream. I am dreaming, I am dreaming, I’m dreaming. (and suddenly, I find myself in a lucid state.)
  • You can read more in detail about sleep paralysis right at this entry: How can you prolong your Lucid Dreams and minimize sleep paralysis. (1-2)

Regular dreams.

A great state that virtually everybody loves. These are universal dreams. You are clueless about the fact you are dreaming, but you still can dream of doing everything you desire. As well as (in the very dream) claim you are lucid, or you tell others you are lucid, or you see lucid-related dream stuff (such as a parking spot at some random mall that says “lucid dreamers parking only.” You are clueless about waking life during the dream, and you have little to no recall from waking reality. If you had one of these dreams, but you were not aware you were dreaming, then you were not lucid at all. You can still dream that you can do whatever you want or dream that you are lucid, without being lucid.

  • You dream and buy you are Superman, and you genuinely feel and act like Superman, completely clueless you will awaken into an ordinary human being with regular human life.


We have to mention then, after all, they are a type of dream in the end. You can find an entry that shares a lot about recurring nightmares and how to heal them.

  • Someone is chasing you. The more you try to run, the slower you go. Everything is dark and scary, your fight or flight pick up flights, without being unable to escape, until you were caught and tossed into a volcano!

Semi-Lucid Dreams.

Here you still are unaware you are sleeping and in a dream. However, you might have a very faint level of awareness. Not that you are asleep, but that “whatever is going on, it is okay; it won’t have repercussions.” Is it possible that your flight or fight instinct is aware that you are safely in bed. Despite whatever is going on around.

  • A dream where I accidentally ran a photo-enforced red light, or maybe I am about to total the car without any option to prevent it. Somehow it is okay; nothing happens. However, I am still afraid and clueless; it is a dream, and I can change it.

Lucid Dream.

A lucid dream is a dream where we are aware we are dreaming while we’re dreaming. We have this realization when we notice that we are in the dream world, and we are in our dream body. We can do whatever we want, as there are no repercussions or karma here. You can also use lucid dreaming to empower a specific skill of yours or try something you are unsure about trying in waking life. Some surgeons, athletes, performers, etc., use lucid dreaming to “perform in the dream first” to “practice” and then do it in waking life.

A high state of mind!

You may have or not have control of your dream body; this is up to your skill. You will feel thrilled and excited during a lucid dream; feelings of freedom and excitement (too much will wake you up) will be present, and you will have lots of fun. You may or may not control your dream’s outcomes, but you still will be aware it is a dream.

  • As I am driving my Lamborghini on a highway made of stars, I realize something is off. Freeways are not within the stars! Okay! I own no Lamborgini, so driving one was avoid sign! And since I recall in the very dream that I hold no Lamborghini and neither I rented one. I realize I am dreaming. I focus on my dream goals and remind myself to recall this event when I wake up.

An essential tool for you to develop your lucid dreams is to take on lucid dreaming challenges, so make sure to check them out!

Dream Types like lucidity, can take you to awesome worlds.

A dream within a dream.

It is still a dream (lucid or not). I have experienced dreams inside of dreams where some were lucid, and others were not. They also challenged me to go down five levels of dreams. All lucid. But they are still dreams:

  • You can read a four-layers’s worth of lucid dreams (it is still the same dream, though! You dream the layers, but it is quite impressive). Since it is very long, you can read it right here.

Dream Control.

It is not a dream type nor a stage, but I feel it needs its section. Dream control is the act of deciding an action or outcome within the dream. If you can fly, you can summon someone or destroy a planet using dream control. Usually, dream control is real in lucid dreams. However, dream control may happen in a non-lucid dream. However, it would be more of a non-lucid-control state, where you might be dreaming. You control the dream, while you do not. I wrote an article about dream control in case you wanted to read more!

Guided meditation for Lucid Dreaming

Before we go to the last dream type, I want to share with you a guided meditation. A powerful tool to induce a lucid dream. Remember, it is an aid and does not guarantee a lucid dream, but it will help! Check it out by clicking here or the image below:

Lucid Dreaming meditation.


The highest state of lucidity. Here is where you realize you are pure consciousness; you are in a state of bliss. Completely aware, you are in a higher mental state. Your physical body is asleep, and around you, there is nothing. You are nothing. You love being in this state, you do not even care about time, or if you wake up, you are in the now, forever (it feels forever until you wake up.)

  • As I am lucid, I fly through the wormhole, desire for my entire existence, including the dream, to collapse. As I enter the wormhole, it does (…) time has passed. I am one with the universe…Oneness… I only feel bliss… I am free.

As you can see, there is a vast difference among states. And these are how I perceive and experience them. There is one more state. However, it would not fall under the category of dreams. I am speaking about astral projection, and you can check out this free quick astral projection guide to learn more about it.

Do you want to master lucid dreaming?

You can check out my complete lucid dreaming course with a killer discount. Click this link and see!

Next week we are going to talk about healing. I want to share a little bit about the mechanics of healing and why spiritual healing is powerful. However, not this week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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