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Your inner potentials can improve or even transform your life.

Discovering your potentials makes a bigger foundation.
We are going to build the foundation of your hidden potentials.

Well, well, well! I want to start this article by saying that we all have many hidden potentials. If you think you have none, you are wrong because everyone has different potentials and gifts. So it is crucial a conscious use of electronics and how you use them. In this way, you will get to know yourself much better, and you will discover incredible things. In this article, I want to give you a cable on how things feel, the possible gifts. I will not provide you with a list of things that, if a % of them apply to you, means something. No way. You have to discover your hidden potential on your own since I assure you that you can do it.

I wrote an article about possible gifts you might have, so I recommend reading them by clicking here. But come on, all people have hidden potentials, some more others less. Some more spiritual, others less. Here we are going to talk a little about the spiritual side of it, of course. But as a tip, the better you get to know yourself, the easier it will be for you to find your potentials, such as computer programming, gardening, seeing the spirit, or helping to solve a fight, clairvoyance, no matter what they are.

You already have what you need.

If you are reading this, it is because you would like to discover all your potentials. That is why I have commented above that it is super important to know yourself. Introspection and silence walk holding hands, and both have much to give you. I have said it in many articles. Get a date with yourself to get to know yourself a little better, okay? Perhaps, this is already something you are doing, so I’m going to comment on some things. You must take your time because, as I said, it is not a test to check if you are this or that. It’s to share experiences and ask yourself questions that may help you realize something. There are always hidden potentials!

I also want you to think about childhood. Since in many cases, parents, with the best intention, can block potentials for their children. However, it is still not a good thing. You may have some potential, but maybe it’s blocked because of your home and the spiritual education you have had. So, let’s get to it!

When the potential shows up, and we don’t see it.

There are many popular childhood events that we overlook. So this is where we will start.

Your childhood (or your children’s childhood.)

During childhood, hidden potentials can be found, both spiritual and mundane. However, they sometimes reflect spiritual talents much more. Like having an ability with music, painting, or having very high intelligence, it is the same. Now ask yourself these questions:

  • When you were little, you had and saw an “invisible friend,” and if so, do you remember this friend?
  • Do you remember seeing “strange things” as a child or hearing noises or even whispers? Could you notice any presence? You have to be able to tell that apart from a nightmare. If you can’t, it’s probably was a nightmare. However, otherwise, you will know it well.
  • Could you see colors around other people?
  • Have you ever seen a deceased relative?
  • Do you remember leaving your body quickly and having “super dreams” (astral travel), which was better than other dreams.

What do the kids see?

These are only a few, but the most common ones when you are little, and sometimes, they can be hidden potentials. Many times, parents tell their children that “the invisible friend” is made up. Or that “Jorge died before you were born.” By doing this, accidentally, of course, you are blocking and nullifying your children’s potentials. If you have children, you must listen to them. Your little one may tell you that he sees grandpa or has an invisible friend from another planet. The little ones have a lot of imagination, but precisely, that is a sign of having a third eye open.

This does not mean that if your small one sees something, it already means that there are hidden potentials. Precisely here is the part where the parents play an essential role. The ideal is to have a little knowledge of spirituality and understand that we are multidimensional beings with more than five senses. The five senses are for this plane, but we need others for the higher planes. The little ones are born with the chakras much more open, and if they have spiritual gifts or potentials, they will shine, and you have to identify them. I’m going to give you a hand, and then we go to the adult, for you who are reading this.

Our potentials will transform our lifes.

Discover and harvest spiritual potentials.

As I said, well, not all potentials are spiritual, but they can be discovered at a very young age. Parents must listen to their children. Sometimes it is just an “invisible friend,” but sometimes, that friend can be a spiritual guide who communicates with your little one. There is vital communication (it is always essential) and helps them discover if they have a gift or not.

I am going to share some ideas I experienced and learned.

  • If there are “invisible friends,” ask them to describe what this invisible friend is like. Take notes. Every time they tell you about this “friend,” make your child describe it to you. Take note of the time, the situation in which the child was. Try to get him or her to explain more, as much as they can, insist because this will also strengthen their potential, or you will realize that it is only the result of the imagination.
  • Help the child to remember the dreams. Ask your kid every day about dreams, so it becomes something meaningful for your kid. This, with or without potentials, will benefit the child.
  • If your little one tells you that he/she can go out of their body, ask how he/she knows it is not a dream. If your child is astral traveling, she/he will see the difference. Make it a game, hide a toy or a ball of a solid color, and tell your child to fly out of the body and tell you where the ball is and what color it has.
  • If the little one talks about grandpa, ask things. If your kid says very certain things about grandfather, instead of getting scared, ask the child to describe more things to you. Please make sure they are things your child couldn’t know beforehand. If things are going well, invite the child to look for more relatives, strengthening his potential as a medium.
  • Observe the child’s intuition, and if you see it’s accurate, make sure for your child to be aware that it was his/her intuition that helped you decide. It helps the little one trust and develops their intuition more.

Other talents and potentials.

  • Premonitions: There may be premonitions. It is vital to note them, especially if they tell you very “suddenly,” and observe if they are right. You can read about premonitions here and here.
  • Feeling energy, strange fears: Your child may be sensitive to energy or have empathy. Never take anything for granted, nor ignore it. Always ask your little one for convincing reasons to claim what he/she sensed. If you listen, you will be surprised.

On a spiritual level, it is knowing the child and listening. You have to teach him/her to differentiate between fiction, reality, and astral stuff. But potentials can go out in many places. For example, you can see that your little one tends to paint or music. Or even something as left-minded as computer programming can be. It is good to help your little ones expand all their potentials, both spiritual and worldly, since these will be tools available in their future.

I would also recommend that you invite your little one to introspection and self-knowledge, that they take it as a habit from childhood.

Potentials for the big ones.

If you have memories of events like this, it would be good to look inside yourself. Know yourself a little more, pay a little more attention to your intuition, and if you have to help someone, look them in the eyes. You may be able to receive information that helps that person. You may have some potential asleep. That’s why I try to share everything I can in this blog to help you wake up and develop your potential. I will be sharing more on these topics.

And well, as I said, introspection and meditation. I tell you how to meditate here.

I invite you to read this entry about clairvoyance, and there you will find links for the other astral senses. Getting a little familiar with these will help you discover if you own one or more of them. And well, now it’s your turn. Breathing is essential, and here, it will help you to a great extent.

And well, now it’s your turn.

Don’t be in a hurry; the rush in spirituality is not good. Give yourself many times of silence and introspection, and in this way, all your potentials will come to Light. Also, don’t miss the forecast! And well, next Wednesday is the first of the month, so it’s forecast time. Above all, in how the energies are lately, these forecasts help even me, and I am the one channeling them.

I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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