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Meet with your Higherself and Purpose

Meet with your Higherself and Purpose


Divine Connection Meditations: Start your awakening

Suppose you seek spiritual development or information from Light sources such as the Akashic Records or Spirit Guides. In that case, I invite you to try one of these Divine Connection Meditations. These meditations will be like a key to opening the door to sources of information that will help you.

Thanks to these meditations, you can develop your spirituality or find answers to some of your questions. These meditations are profound but very easy to do. In these meditations, you must have some time, in the end, to reflect and write down everything you have received.

Divine Connection Meaning

Maybe you are wondering about divine connections and the meaning of them. To have a simple approach, this is the act of connecting with a source of light such as the Akasha or Spirit Guides. As you tap into these light sources, you will receive wisdom and guidance.

You may also connect with angelic beings, and other beings of light who will provide you will healing energy, making you feel great. You will receive guidance and healing when you experience a divine connection meditation.

Let’s check some benefits of experiencing divine connections

In the end, we seek to experience growth, as well as feel that we are connected where we feel Oneness. It is a wonderful feeling, and this is the first benefit. You will understand that we are connected to a higher consciousness. You too can tap into this wonderful energy, you only need to open up. From here, you will move onward and keep growing

Spiritual Awakening

The cornerstone when pursuing a divine connection meditation is to grow your spirituality. The fact of wanting to reach out to the Spirit, already enables a Spiritual Awakening, as you are pursuing something beyond the tangible physical plane. Exploring outside the box equals Spiritual Awakening because were are constantly learning. Remember this, you will never stop learning once you start exploring.

A great benefit of using a divine connection meditation is your personal growth and transformation. You will start to meet with many beings of light, and your consciousness will expand its horizons. Think about the fact that when you experience a breakthrough, eventually you will meet with a new plateau. You can overcome this new plateau to experience another breakthrough. This growth never stops, and it is wonderful.

The more you see, the farther away the horizon shows… so you will always keep traveling, having new experiences, and developing more opportunities to expand further. You can tap into many different sources of light, so you are tapping into an endless source of wisdom.

Channeling Energy follows

At first, you will start experiencing signs of divine connection by using these guided meditations. After a few weeks of practice, however, you will start experiencing these signs even when you are not meditating. When you are exposed to something, your consciousness learns.

Take these guided meditations as training wheels for channeling energy and wisdom. You only need to follow the guidance as well as be open to receive. For the first experiences, you might feel a connection with your Spirit Guides, for example, maybe a warm feeling in your heart, or an implanted idea in your mind. However, as soon as you do, you will feel more connected, allowing you to crave more.

These meditations are extremely nurturing for you, the soul, as well as for your mind. By experiencing connections beyond the physical plane, you enable a greater energy flow that will affect your life. Little by little, you will be expanding the vibrations in your Heart Chakra enabling a stronger bridge with Spirit.

As you keep meditating, you will also nurture and expand your other chakras, making it easier for you to perceive the Spirit. Here is when channeling energy starts, whether it is wisdom or healing light, you will be able to perceive it, on and off during meditation time.

Experience an Akashic Records Exploration

Accessing the Akashic Records is marvelous since it is the source of profound information that will be related directly to your Soul. One of the best seller’s meditations here, “Heal and get a message from the Akasha” will allow you to connect with your Akasha and receive a lot of wisdom while you transmute the negative.

You can experience an energy healing meditation through divine connection by opening up and allowing this to happen. A lot of times, it is not about spiritual gifts, but about intention and willingness. By exploring the Akashic Records and understanding properly the meaning of the messages, you will find healing. On top of this, you will project healing light into the situation, and how it is affecting your here and now today.

Many of these sources of light are available to everyone, but you still need to match the energetic vibrations and connect. A Spirit Guide Meditation is a fantastic shortcut to make this happen. In the same way, you connect to the internet, you will connect to the “astralnet” where you have an endless source of ego-less knowledge.

Furthermore, you will start connecting more often with your Higherself which is a higher version of yourself, above time and duality. Sometimes, especially if you have a personal conflict, there could be a more significant reason behind it. It might be you need to heal something, or you need to observe something from a different perspective. A divine connection guided meditation aiming to meet with your Higherself will bring you a fantastic aid.

Connections bring Synchronicity and Divine Signs

When you start connecting with Spirit you start raising your vibrations, which is one foundation goal of these Divine Connection Meditations. This comes with the added benefit of keeping you more connected where you start to witness many synchrocities. These can be very powerful, and trust me, they are beyond seeing an 11:11 on the clock. When do you (because you will do), it will feel special only if it has a meaning, and you will be able to tell.

Your intuition will continue to grow, so you will be able to pick up on more things than maybe before you couldn’t. You will experience feelings, thoughts in your mind, and another degree of awareness that will remind you that there is a synchronicity from the Spirit.

It is hard to explain with more detail, and precisely when you start experiencing stuff that turns hard to explain, you can be certain that you are connected.

Guidance from Higher Realms

In the end, seeking guidance and information is something essential for us during this human experience. Of course, exploring and reaching new places is part of human nature as well, so these spiritual meditations are fantastic for such a goal.

You will grow and develop, maximizing the vibrations of your chakras, aura, and Soul, enabling you the opportunity to experience higher realms and planes of existence such as the Angelic Plane, or even the mental plane.

Deep exploration is always part of a divine connection meditation, so you have the opportunity to basically explore an endless world.

The Importance of Daily Practice

It is best to meditate once in a while versus not meditating at all, however, if you are pursuing spiritual growth, and you want to expand your horizons through divine connections, I encourage you to daily practice, even if you only invest 5-10 minutes since you can find meditations of all lengths.

You might skip a day or two, but you want to make sure you get your consciousness used to daily meditation, this way, you will also keep your vibrations elevated. It matters more however investing a short amount of time every day versus meditating for two hours once a week.

If some days you don’t feel like connecting, or you don’t need to, you can find many more wonderful meditations, for example, an empowering morning meditation to start your day in the most optimal energy and state of mind.

Experience a Powerful Guided Meditation with Fer

Firstly, every person who tries one of these Divine Connection Meditations has a fabulous experience. Hence, super easy-to-do guided meditations filled with love, light, and beautiful intentions for you to get the most out of them.

Therefore, please, remember that you only need to set clear intentions before starting guided meditations, and then let go completely and allow yourself to have. Finally, don’t forget you will fill your existence with highly positive energies!

So do not wait any longer!

If you want to experience a life-transforming guided meditation, this is your opportunity. If you have never heard my voice, I invite you to do so in the video below:

I am pretty positive you will find my voice soothing, and relaxing. You only need to let go completely, and you will meet with the light you seek.


Q: What are guided meditations?

A: These are audio files where my voice will give instructions for you to follow while in a comfortable position. You will be guided during the meditation, so these are excellent if you don’t know how to meditate.

Q: Can I meet my Spirit Guides with a Divine Connection meditation?

A: You will be guided into mental and emotional relaxation, which will enable you to start perceiving your Spirit Guides, as well as other sources of light such as the Akashic Records.

Let’s meditate together now. Lots of light!

Thank you: Divine Connection Meditations.