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Affirmation Meditation: Affirm what you need and materialize

If we think about the Principles of the Universe, we need to keep a few things into account when we materialize our needs. One of these things is to affirm what you already have (technically, based on linear time, what you wish to bring). An affirmation meditation will yield a fantastic experience, especially if you cannot visualize something clearly or have aphantasia and cannot visualize at all.
By affirming your desires, you send a powerful message to the Universe, and your subconscious.

A positive affirmation meditation will transform your life

The brain is a fabulous tool that, together with consciousness, we can have experiences without any limitations, regardless of our possibilities. These meditations are very easy to do, and you will find yourself in a great deal of balance, and happiness.

If you are seeking alignment, and to feel that everything is flowing as it should, these guided meditations will help you out. I encourage you to experience meditation today for affirmations, and you will see how better you will feel.

When you start to project your intentions positively, you will soon see the beginning of the changes you seek. In a way, you will find strong feelings of gratitude that will enable an even more profound transformation in your life.

Other individuals will see and feel you are shining, and this one enlarges this giant positive snowball. An unstoppable snowball that starts rolling when you experience an affirmation meditation. Remember, you will get many benefits from meditation as an added positive extra.

But… are there any affirmation meditation benefits to improve life?

Of course, there are! It is precisely the foundational goal for an affirmation meditation. You will evoke your desires in the positive present tense, and thanks to the Principle of Mentalism among others, you will start to materialize your needs.

Take into account a morning affirmation routine, for example. If you start your day by projecting positive intentions, you will set the mood for the day. You will improve your well-being because by having a positive start, you will already feel better. Furthermore, you will trigger universal laws such as the Principle of Vibration, enabling the capability of attracting strong positive energy.

In a way, an important affirmation meditation benefit is the self-empowerment that comes with it. You have the potential to project positivity to any area of your life, your body, your mind… everywhere! If you start your day with positive thoughts, you attract physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Can I use an affirmation meditation for healing?

Absolutely! If you are looking to heal the body or the mind, the first step is to see yourself healed. When you affirm, you evoke, and you reinforce the fact, believing it more profoundly. It is a fact that only when you feel something down to the heart, it materializes, whether is a good, or a bad feeling.
Sometimes, by simply improving the mind-body connection you will already start your healing, and these meditations are excellent for this. Start to see yourself completely healed and empowered and you will realize that your betterment grows and feel massive gratitude.

Gratitude affirmations

Remember to always evoke gratitude since it’s a powerful feeling to have that attracts more positivism. In some of these guided meditations for positive affirmations, you will find also evocation toward gratitude.
You will have the opportunity to project gratitude, even over things that have yet not materialized, and if so, the materialization speeds up significantly. You will get used to projecting gratitude in everything you do, making this a habit instead of doing it only while meditating.

Experience a Powerful Guided Meditation with Fer

Firstly, every person who tries one of these meditations has a fabulous experience. Hence, super easy-to-do guided meditations filled with love, light, and beautiful intentions for you to get the most out of them.
Therefore, please, remember that you only need to set clear intentions before starting guided meditations, and then let go completely and allow yourself to have. Finally, don’t forget you will fill your existence with highly positive energies!

So do not wait any longer!

If you want to experience a life-transforming positive affirmation meditation, this is your opportunity.

If you have never heard my voice, I invite you to do so in the video below:

I am pretty positive you will find my voice soothing, and relaxing. You only need to let go completely, and you will meet with the light you seek.


Q: What are guided meditations?

A: These are audio files where my voice will give instructions for you to follow while in a comfortable position. You will be guided during the meditation, so these are excellent if you don’t know how to meditate.

Q: How can affirmation meditations help me?

A: You will visualize your intentions, and with gentle repetition, you will re-program your subconscious to believe what you affirm, eliminating limiting self-believes.

Let’s meditate together now. Lots of light!

Thank you: Affirmation Meditations