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Low Guidance Meditations: One step to silent meditation

Do you like to meditate but prefer to have little to no guidance? Then these meditations are for you! These are Low Guidance Meditations, meaning that you will not receive many instructions during the meditation; basically, you will mainly be on your own. You will experience guided relaxation and reminders to remain deeply relaxed after periods of several minutes of silence.

These are almost silent meditations where you can go deeply into relaxation. These meditations are ideal if you already have some meditation experience. If you enjoy letting go completely, and only you want some reminders to stay relaxed, you will love Low Guidance Meditations.

Is this the same as a Silent Meditation?

Technically, a low guidance meditation is not the same as a silent meditation, however, another name to call these are semi-silent meditations since they pretty much hold no instructions.

You will experience a short and direct guided relaxation, allowing you to be on your own. Every long while, my voice will gently remind you to go back to your meditation in case your mind wanders away, that’s it!

While these are not ideal for beginners, if you feel that you want to meditate but are not being guided but instead, to be reminded to keep focusing, one of these low guidance meditations will be awesome for you to experience.

Benefits of semi-silent meditations

Normally, a guided meditation will provide anything that you need. However, it gets to a point that maybe, after some practice, you will want to be more independent during meditation time. Sometimes, it may be the case that you just want to go in and see where the energy takes you, and for this, a guided meditation is not ideal.

If you find yourself getting too distracted during a completely silent meditation, you can choose a semi-silent low guidance guided meditation to get the reminders you need to keep focused… and that’s it!

If you want to transition to be able to do a complete silent meditation, the best stepping stone is one of these, so you must try one right now!

A mindful meditation

Maybe this is a redundancy, or maybe trying to go too far, but think about it. You may experience a profound guided meditation with plenty of imagery, connecting with multiple beings of light, having visions or visualizations, and many, many more things. Everything will help you unwind since it is one of the main purposes of meditation.

If you want to go even deeper and make mindfulness more mindful, you need to reduce the stimuli (same as when focusing on a mindful life), but still with some basic guidance, especially during the relaxation phase. A low guidance meditation is very mindful because of the limited talking that you will hear, you will be pretty much on your own.

Experience a Powerful Guided Meditation with Fer

Firstly, every person who tries a low guidance meditation has a fabulous experience. Hence, super easy-to-do guided meditations filled with love, light, and beautiful intentions for you to get the most out of them.

Therefore, please, remember that you only need to set clear intentions before starting guided meditations, and then let go completely and allow yourself to have. Finally, don’t forget you will fill your existence with highly positive energies!

With one of these meditations, you, too, can enjoy a transcendental experience!

So do not wait any longer!

If you want to experience a life-transforming low guidance meditation, this is your opportunity. If you have never heard my voice, I invite you to do so in the video below:

I am pretty positive you will find my voice soothing, and relaxing. You only need to let go completely, and you will meet with the light you seek.


Q: What are guided meditations?

A: These are audio files where my voice will give instructions for you to follow while in a comfortable position. You will be guided during the meditation, so these are excellent if you don’t know how to meditate.

Q: What is a Low Guidance meditation?

A: Maybe you are yet not ready for a complete silent meditation, but guided ones give you way too many commands. The best way is to be in the middle, and this is what the Low Guidance meditations focus on. You will have very basic instructions and few reminders during prolonged silent periods.

Let’s meditate together now. Lots of light!

Thank you: Low Guidance Meditations