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Empowering relationships: How to enhance the foundation of your relationships?

Empowering Relationships enhances our life.

Written by Fernando Albert

July 31, 2019

Empowering your relationships is essential for you to get the most out of your life.

Hi there! How’s the week going? July is a long month, and it has five Wednesdays. The forecast will be ready tomorrow on YouTube. Last week we talked about soulmates, and although it does not always result in love, it is true that many times, it is true. For this reason, I am going to talk today about the importance of empowering relationships. Even the most robust relationship can break if communication fails. Communication is the main foundation in a relationship, followed by sex and love together. It is essential to know your needs.

You have to understand that you will not always be 100% in agreement, even with excellent communication. There will be some time that one of the two has to agree with the other person. However, with a good communication base, you both will fix the subject in a short time. If you do not talk things out, they get repressed. That in the future can end up doing a lot of damage, even irreparable damage. It is also possible that I open old wounds in a relationship where there may have been lies or lack of communication at the beginning of it.

Why does communication fail us when it comes to empowering relationships?

Communication is essential to empower relationships; it does not matter if these revolve around friendship, work, family, or of course, love. However, the main problem between couples is the lack of communication. It is essential to understand that no matter how close a couple is, it is made up of two different people. That, sometimes, can cause a shock, and it is during that shock that it is crucial to rely on communication. Either at that time or shortly, but find the solution to the problem. It is essential when it comes to empowering relationships.

Fear of misunderstandings.

Fear, as always, is the biggest problem and possibly the root. Unfortunately, many couples start their relationship with a severe lack of communication. In many cases, this may be due to differences in sex needs, fears of previous relationships, or even aspects of their personality that are kept hidden. It mainly happens because of fear of losing the couple — fear of reprisals. However, unfortunately, this problem continues to grow until it “explodes.” That is never good. It is essential to talk about it and repair it as soon as possible. It is necessary when it comes to empowering loving relationships.

There is a very unhealthy fear on a general level about this issue. Your partner is supposed to be the person you can trust the most. However, in many cases, this is not the case. Help is sought with friends and third parties instead of the partner. If this is your case, you must start promoting communication. You will see that doing that is worthwhile. Especially at the beginning, it can be a little hard, but it will pay off.

Excessive use of electronics.

Little by little, screens have been part of our life and civilization. A faculty that the human being has is to want more, to grow, and to explore. Thanks to this, we have already visited the space, made significant discoveries, and progressed technologically. However, there are also addictions, excesses, and uncontrollable needs thanks to this ability. Nowadays, there is a hyperconnectivity that becomes harmful to many people. The Internet offers infinity to insatiable beings. It is vital to empower relationships above that.

It is genuine in many couples. How many times have you seen couples having dinner that each one is on your mobile? It is a time when the couple has to strengthen their mutual connection; however, both persons in the couple sometimes choose to invest that time to connect with thirds virtually.

To empower relationships you can enhance the communication.

Is this your situation?

How many couples-times take away the TV, the computer, video games, the mobile, or the tablet? Do you spend enough time with your partner, “just talking” without doing anything else? I invite you to reflect on these questions. You may find that revaluing your daily activities can improve your relationship. And if it is something that you have already overcome, it never hurts to re-evaluate from time to time. To empower relationships, you have to invest time in them.

When a couple’s connection is optimal, that couple will be able to spend hours doing nothing more than making each other’s company and chatting. It is a thing that, although it costs at the beginning if there is no custom, it compensates more in the long run. You will find yourself in many situations of merely being on the couch with your partner, just chatting. Without music, without television, and primarily, without phones.

Turn off the screen.

The best of all this is that each time you know more about your partner and the connection will become much stronger. Therefore, be sure to look for these moments if your relationship does not have them. The couple needs to work and not end up breaking. Karma plays a role here.

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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