Whats happening with the world? Its the time for you to get the most out of this transition.

Transition: A word that defines the state of our civilization.
The world is going through a transition.

A great transition that is stirring up this world!

Hi there! How about the forecast for April? And well, let me ask, how is everything going? Seriously, how’s it going? Today, this entry will be very ambiguous because we will talk about some energy changes that we are as humans and planet having. There is a great transition, and it is affecting in many ways.

It seems that these days, and with this year 2020, negativity has grown enormously. If we look at the world from different perspectives, it appears that, in some cases, everything will collapse. We will talk a little about that and why, but I also want to tell you about something growing, powerful, and very positive that I have been observing. In fact, a fraction of this information I have obtained from other people’s Spirit Guides and Akashic Records.

When I started writing this, it was before I took a break and a trip. The latter was canceled, of course, due to events in recent weeks. I needed to rest a few days, so I have the articles ready. Right now, it is the end of March. I have to channel the forecast for next month. However, you are reading this the second week of April (it was supposed to be the Middle World), but I see this entry as necessary.

And above all, the second part will be very elevated and spiritual, so it is not another beating of today’s madness.

A little thing:

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What does this transition mean, and how can we take advantage of it?

In the last few months, especially in the previous few weeks, we have had a lot of movement between “the usual problems” and more. Furthermore, a particular “bug” colloquially named (in Spanish) as one of the chakras has multiplied global fear to a ridiculous level. Human consciousness is more susceptible to fear than ever, whatever the problem, even problems that a few years ago were so insignificant that we never stopped talking about them. That is why I make this entry, to contribute “one more grain of positive sand,” but from a spiritual aspect. On this page, we only talk about the Crown chakra, in English, which is not even the same name!

If you feel you are afraid, analyze it. Maybe there are financial problems in your industry, but your company is growing, and your job seems secure. If this is the case, do not get carried away by fear. Due to those “problems” in your industry, your company and position, at least for now, are safe. Remember that it is essential to focus on the now.

It is essential to continue to stay home and take care of yourself more than ever with this global alarm.

You must spend time on a date with yourself (and now is a good time). Introspection and better self-knowledge are critical. You will become much stronger, essential for this transition. Because in this hypothetical case of the troubled industry, analyzing your own life, you will realize that you are doing a good job and that things are going well in your company. Whatever the problem is. And I understand that it is difficult, because it is, and a lot, but perseverance will be your best ally, and if you find some support too. It is essential to know how to express well.

Global consciousness dictates the path our civilization follows.

March forecast warned this before it started going crazy, so humanity didn’t globally follow it. We are in times of transition. In fact, it was shortly after doing so that I decided to write this. It has not come before, because as you well know (those who have sent me a message), I have been on vacation for two weeks. So I already had written March entries written (so I wouldn’t leave you without them!), And last week, it was April’s forecast, of course. As they say in English, it is essential to know that “likes attracts like,” which basically means that you will receive what you project thanks to the law of attraction.

The monster is on the loose doing his thing!

In recent months, globally, we have been very focused on fear and problems. I’m sure (well, I know) “the bug” has grown, in part, thanks to fear. Since all these agents that do not belong in our body are strengthened with fear and weakened with positivity and love (note: if you have a health problem, or you suspect seriousness, contact your doctor immediately.) But if you have a small cold, if a colleague has been fired from work due to over-staffing, if your neighbor’s dog has died, if lightning has destroyed an antenna in the neighborhood: don’t worry.

A little cold passes, and you don’t even know it (again, if you suspect symptoms, be safe and responsible).  If they have kicked people out of work but not to you, there will be a reason! And well, if it is due to lightning, for now, your antenna is okay, right? Focus on now, and you will discover that everything is easier. And as with this, with everything. Human life has many challenges, but your state of health, mental state, and goals will dictate how you will solve those challenges. It is a transition and continuous growth.

The answer is in unity.

And with current problems, the unity of civilization is essential. Perhaps this is a lesson as a civilization that we have to learn. In these weeks, skin color, sexual orientation, etc., no longer seem to be a problem (they should never have been) because there are more significant problems. The ideal is to learn from these challenges and grow as collective humanity and that everyone prospers.

As I continue to write this entry (remember, I am also writing it at the end of March), I have to tell you that it is vital to continue taking care of yourself and enjoying your home. Staying at home comes in handy to develop your spiritual potential.

Today is March 26, back from “rest” (I have had the pleasure of continuing to send healing and help.) The transition continues. Next week, I write this forecast (although you will see it the following week for my time.) But the essence will continue (or continue as you read now), and it is crucial to understand this. In fact, I am curious as I write this how the forecast will go.

I am going to tell you one thing: All this has a reason on a spiritual level.

With following your path, you reach your destination, even during transition times.

Ours now is a bit of a mess, but what is happening on the higher planes?

This entry is getting very long, but well, I want to go with the most positive and that you give it to the head (besides, now you have more free time.) The transition does not only happen here on Earth.

As we well know, the Universe is in constant transition, expanding and increasing. We are all citizens of this Universe, which is within in multi-verse. So Earth also needs to grow at this level. So I say, expansion is in all humans’ hands here on this planet and our unification.

Between that, the entry is very long (due to escalating issues), and that what comes is “a little strange.” I will go more to the point:

A planetary transition needs and is receiving more help.

A topic that has been going on for many years. Especially since we entered the Age of Aquarius, but now there is a problem. Humanity consciousness is expanding, but it is still not enough. The ego, shadow side, and some other little things make things difficult.

In fact, all this helps a lot in spiritual awakening if you do not let yourself be carried away by fear and take advantage of these moments for it. You will notice that positivity is closer than ever in this transition. The masses access fear. You access this light; you will have “more bandwidth.”

If you want to have a little chat about it, let’s go for it!

Interesting events.

Energetically, we are in a new situation, and I will comment on a few things above until the appropriate moment:

Apparently, according to channeling and astral energies, starseeds and incarnated angels are birthing in high numbers. Connected with the above, there are many “angels and ETs” who, like me, have the purpose of awakening and expanding the potential of all possible souls. The previous two groups will probably have gifts.

There was a day when the energy on this planet was unbearable. I made an astral journey to complain to the guides. Upon leaving my body, I got to the fourth dimension, and it was all chaotic. I saw my guides, and I told them, “come on, this is too much, a little help please?.” The guides, with a lot of love and a certain level of pain, said: “We know it, we want it, we are on it.” They didn’t say anything else.

I could see hosts of spirit guides (not all of mine, of course.) As if stopping energy rays filled with darkness and fear. Human consciousness (that is, if you are in a human body, you have that consciousness, no matter your origin) is not enough to understand everything.

Stranger still things that help with this transition.

It had never occurred to me to look behind the spirit guides. However, one person told me that she noticed even more. I omit some information due to privacy. Let’s say that there are behind the guides like a lot of beings of light. They are not angels nor guides; they are only light with consciousness and multiple consciousnesses. Apparently, they are “piling up” (for us to understand), and they will come through all the mediums, healers, awakened souls, etc. We may not even notice it. But they come with the purpose of transition that Earth has right now, or rather, humanity.

During an astral projection, I was able to see some mighty fifth-dimensional light beings. These beings are elongated and very thin (but kilometers long.) They are almost immaterial and seem like plastic but more transparent. They are made of light, complicated to put something so powerful in a mere three-dimensional language. These beings give energy food (light) to beings of the fourth high dimension. I cannot communicate with them, but we can try to approach the fourth high dimension through deep meditation, and they will be closer to ours (third dimension, of course). These beings will also help fill our world with light.

We are in essential transition times!

Why? Although it seems not, we strengthen ourselves more collectively as a civilization, and in these times, we can learn and grow a lot by seeing the ugliest and the most beautiful.

If you need to talk, check this out.

Next week, I will tell you about another of the shamanic worlds, the middle world. I want to explain a little about this world, how it is for me, and well, one more thing. Still today, April 6th, I have been pondering for a big while. You shouldn’t visit the Middle world during current times. It will not be a good experience as our global energy is not good. More support is coming in the next extry. I’ll tell you more in a week! Now, take full advantage of this transition and take care of yourself. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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