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Tenth Anniversary for Soul Guidance. Join the celebrations!

News 18: Tenth Anniversary for Soul Guidance!

Written by Akashicsoul

June 12, 2019

News 18: Tenth Anniversary for Soul Guidance!
Tenth Anniversary for Soul Guidance, something great for these “News 18” entry!

How was the forecast? Although this blog is relatively young (it will be three years old at the end of September), Soul Guidance is ten years old, since I made the first website. So, we’re celebrating the tenth anniversary! (News 18)

It seemed like yesterday when I was still in the store working. There were no clients, so I decided to jump to Wikipedia and look for things like dreams. Little by little, I began to discover that many of the things I did could be used to help people. I found a label to everything paranormal that has been happening all my life. A year and a half later (and after many meetings and some workshops), I started offering healings and tarot readings. With this, Soul Guidance was born.

And since then, it has been growing without stopping to this day, in these “News 18”. There is a long way to go, and a lot to improve. You should never stop growing.

A surprise arrives with the tenth anniversary!

So, firstly, here is something for you, I’m sure you’ll love it

Do you want a 110% discount when you buy your course or meditation?

Yes, yes, you heard correctly, 110%, It’s not an extra “1” typo. You will receive a 110% discount when buying a course or guided meditation. Follow these steps:

  1. If you want to buy a meditation, make sure you do it in the store (here). Make sure to use the coupon: ANNIVMED to apply the 10% discount.
  2. You will see in the coupon that you can have a second meditation of the same category, complete free. That is, a 100% discount in the second meditation! Once you purchase one, you will receive it, with an additional one.
  3. And if a course is what you want, go here. Make sure to use the coupon: ANNIVCOU to apply the 10% discount and the gift course.
  4. Nonetheless, if you still need help, send me a message.

I know some people who are going to benefit from this. Thank you very much, especially to those people who grab all or almost all the guided meditations!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to all of you who are reading this. Also, thanks to everyone that has helped Soul Guidance reach its tenth anniversary.  Besides, you are all awesome!

Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy this discount. Many times I gift healing, so it would be foolish to put it as something extraordinary. If you need a little support, a little white light for a “boost.” You can always send me a message, and I’ll be happy to send a little bit.

And that’s pretty much it for “News 18″. Always growing, improving, and enhancing is vital. So, besides knowing, apply it!

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there and celebrating with me the tenth anniversary of Soul Guidance 🙂 Next week I will be on vacation and I will let you know again next week since there might be something good! I hope you have a great week! You will get an update next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

(News 18) Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Read other news) (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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