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Soul Readings: Why are these readings a great type of reading?

Soul Readings will open your eyes.

Written by Fernando Albert

June 13, 2018

What is my soul’s origin? Why soul readings are powerful.

Hey, hey, my fellow readers 🙂 Did you listen to the forecast already? How are you doing today? The northern hemisphere is starting to get warmer and warmer. Good thing that summer is almost here! Any plans or vacations ahead? I come today with kind of a fresh topic. Not a very long read because I want to go straight to the point! I wish to share more about soul readings.

Soul Readings can be fantastic when you want to get to know more about your soul. There are way too many labels out there. The world of spirituality is no less… it has a ton, and in the end, they only bring confusion at the decision to decide for a reading. It’s the main reason I released a couple of years ago “The Reading” and “The Healing” while wiping out all the “labeled readings” because, in the end, this is what all it truly is, a reading, channeled information downloaded from source to bring guidance and healing.

All sources of light bring essential information.

It has always been very well received, and I am very grateful to all of you for that. Perfection is a constant working progress, and the coin always has two faces. The downfall of these label-less readings is that sometimes, they may bring a little bit of confusion. Sometimes, you come searching for a Spirit Guides or an Akashic Records reading. In today’s fast-paced society, it may be possible that you accidentally did not realize that all the “labeled readings” are included in “The reading” already (you can read more about it in this entry)

Since this brought some questions, I did write about love compatibilities in the past. Hence many realizing that “The Reading” is also a “love compatibility.” It is not. ‘The Reading’ is all types of readings. No labels. The same goes for Soul Readings; you can request them in “The Reading.”

What is a Soul Reading?

A soul reading is reading the history of your soul. Souls are much older than the general human lifespan. Some souls have been around for many millennia. All of this information will store in your Akasha. Therefore, it can provide a lot of insight into your life. Nowadays, there are many types of souls on this planet; human, starseed, incarnate angel, and elemental mainly, but I am sure there are others (and massive variety under the “starseed group”).

General, for us (in my case, I am a starseed), it can be a toll having your soul’s home “just a few hundred light-years away” while not being able to feel at home anywhere. However, with understanding comes knowledge. It was precisely myself researching online, through books, in readings, and checking my own Akashic Records to find my soul origins and answer any questions I had.

Have you ever wondered about any of these?

  • Feelings of not belonging, without a desire (or even disgust) towards society’s mainstream.
  • Do you feel like you have no home? Are you feeling homesick out of “no reason”?
  • Do you feel you have a higher purpose here?
  • Are you much older mentally than physically?
  • Do you have perceptions beyond the “only” five senses they teach us at elementary school?
  • Are you above all feeling like you are different?
  • Do you have aberration towards violence, negativity, or monotony?
  • Are you abnormally interested in ETs and metaphysics without knowing why?
  • Are electronics malfunctioning around you?
  • Do you feel you want to heal this world, and therefore, finding frustration when you can’t?
  • Do you love to heal the individual but dislike society?
  • Maybe you do not even feel human…

Are you a starseed, or Maybe an incarnate angel? Are you perhaps an old soul? Deep down, you also feel it…

I could keep going and going, but you know the drill. Maybe you are wondering about your life purpose, or perhaps you want to know why you are great with coding, for example. Or perhaps you want to know to understand yourself a little better. You want to look beyond this current life, which is just a spec in your whole existence! You can really get to know yourself at a soul level, and that is great.

It’s the reason that soul readings are fantastic. It is reading a storybook, and that storybook is titled “Your Akashic Records,” and trust me, reading this book brings a lot of greatness into your life because you get to know more a lot about yourself. You can learn stuff from past lifes as well as untap hidden potential. (This journey can take you into the Akashic Records.)

Another great thing about soul readings is that they are flexible in time. 5, 15, 30, or 45 minutes, any tier is excellent for these readings. Therefore, keep in mind I will share as much as I can find within the booked time. I am pretty sure you will enjoy lots this type of reading. Check it out by clicking here or the image below:

Soul Readings will open your eyes.

They are great, but by all means, I invite you also to check out the following article:

Psychic Readings: The Right Way – Ensure to receive precise spiritual readings

And this is pretty much it. I wanted to clarify a little more about this type of readings, and remember, it will go even more profound, as your spirit guides, higherself, and more will also be around me, as I connect with all sources of light. Next week I am going to talk about opening your third eye, so do not miss it! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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