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What is the difference between a Lucid Dream and an Astral Projection?

What is the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

Hi there, folks! I hope you are having an excellent and happy November. Are you getting ready for Halloween? As I type this, I feel that this is a good topic for Halloween! (Not intended!) How about fighting some vampires in a lucid dream? Maybe you want to turn into a zombie and start the apocalypse (how are those brains testing?) As an additional exciting entry, check out this post about spirituality and other states of consciousness. We will talk about the differences between a lucid dream (lucid dreaming) and astral projection.

I will say one thing: They are not the same.

Or perhaps, you pass on vampires, zombies, or whatever spookiness out there, and you instead prefer to stay in a state of bliss on the Astral Plane. Hey, you will be a Ghost! You will even see your body and find yourself in a “ghost” self of you!) You can’t get a better costume than that! The only issue is, if you are in your astral form, only mediums will be able to see you, oops! While this entry is not about Halloween, yet so far, it seems like it. I already gave you a little introduction and said a couple of things about Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection’s beautiful states. But let’s seriously focus on these. Since the 31st is still yet to come, let’s leave the zombies for later!

If you know the drill of what each one is, click here. You will jump down below straight to the answer (or keep scrolling.) Also, a powerful meditation.

Let’s check out astral projection and a lucid dream to know better their differences.

So, let me speedily recap my description for both of these extraordinary states of consciousness:

What is a Lucid Dream?

We all dream, nightly, all. We may recall or not our dreams, but we already have them. A lucid dream is a dream where we are aware we are dreaming while we are dreaming. We have this realization when we notice that we are in the dream world. Since we drive our dream body, we can do whatever we want. There are no repercussions or karma here. You can also use lucid dreaming to empower a specific skill of yours or try something you are unsure about trying in waking life.

Some surgeons, athletes, performers, etc., use lucid dreaming to “perform in the dream first” to “practice.” And then, do it in waking life. You may have or not have control of your dream body; this is up to your skill. You will feel thrilled and excited during a lucid dream. Feelings of freedom and excitement (too much will wake you up) will be present, and you will have lots of fun. Check out this course here if you want to start Lucid Dreaming! Also, I believe it will be beneficial for you to check out the different types of dreams.

What is Astral Projection?

We also experience Astral Projections during our slumber. More during the earlier stages of a deep sleep, our soul “leaves” the physical body. It is always connected to it through an indestructible silver cord. Most (it can be an entire lifetime for some) will not recall anything at all from their astral projections. However, they still happen. I am sure that sometimes you had an abrupt awakening where you hear a very loud (BAM!). It seems that you hit the bed at high speed from a very long distance. Your heart is pounding hard, and you felt like you were falling.

(Note: Getting to know yourself helps you to understand better the reality you are in.)

Falling dreams are widespread; you likely recall more than one.

Unless you recall a non-lucid nightmare, most likely, this is because you had an abrupt return to your physical body. It happened while you were in your Astral Form. I want to share from here that this is a mechanism of self-defense. We have for Astral Projection to be always safe. We cannot get lost on the Astral Plane, and we cannot die either. Even if you wanted, you can’t. The silver cord will immediately pull the Astral Body to your Physical Body. It will happen if someone or something touches the silver cord. It will happen when someone touches the physical body too.

We can’t stop this, which will happen whether we are conscious during our astral travel. I want to share that I am working on an Astral Projection course as I type this. It is here now! Meanwhile, you can check a little more about Astral Projection in a previous blog entry right here.

Learn how to Astral Project for free.

I want to take a moment to invite you to check out the free astral projection guide, where you get to learn more about astral projection.

Now, you have a bit of a foundation about the differences between these two states of consciousness.

I am sure that you can differentiate some of the differences between these already out of my description. However, I will share some of them.

Astral projection and lucid dreams are not the same!

Lucid Dreaming happens in our mind and the “Dream Plane.” Therefore, there is no karma and repercussions if you “do bad.” Astral Projection happens on the Astral Plane, where we navigate with our Astral Body. The Astral Plane (especially the lower astral) is very close and equal to Earth. While your “dream room” will change in many dreams, when you Astral Project, you are going to see everything the same way. Time is not linear time in the Astral Plane (and it is entirely erratic in the dream plane.)

So in some cases, there might be timeline anomalies (I love this word when talking about the space-time continuum.)

You might see something from an older or further timeline. Such an old lamp you had or a table that you do not recognize. It is the real thing. You will be able to interact (to some degree) with the physical world, such as reading something or seeing something. Upon ending your astral journey, you can check and know that you were right accurately. Malicious intentions in this plane could either become karmic or provide erratic feedback (seeing something that is not real, for example, sort of misleading.)

The level of bliss during astral projection is massive.

It is much more potent than any positive feelings from a lucid dream. The afterglow of an Astral Journey is much more powerful and long-lasting than one from a  lucid dream.

I want to comment on this point, which I have noticed through many of my journeys. If you have some degree of worry (I wish this will last more, I want to do this, I want to do that, what if I do this), it means you are in a lucid dream. We can take goals to our lucid dreams, and during our lucid dream, we will recall our waking life during the very dream, and we will be able to reason. During a lucid dream, you may “worry” about waking up, or you want to get a particular goal done. It is all fantastic but belonging to the dream world.

When you exit.

On the other hand, when you can exit your physical body, you cease to perceive linear time with this alone. When you are out of your body, your perception changes, you will not think you will return sooner. Nor have the needs (at an ego level like in dreams) to complete a specific task. You may have an ego-less desire to do so.

When you think if you return to your body, you will find yourself within it already. Nothing matters during projection; you are in absolute bliss, and you will perceive only the here and now. Your joy will rise beyond measure. It feels like pure consciousness and many times like you do not even have a body (vs. a dream where you are aware of your body, whether it is as is or differs.)

Some noticeable differences between a lucid dream and astral projection.

  • If you are in a lucid dream and you think of your body, nothing happens. Maybe you could spawn a clone! If you think of your body during astral travel, you will find yourself within it immediately.
  • A medium will be able to see someone astral projecting (while it is happening); in fact, I busted Lisa Williams astral-traveling to me. I was going to join one of her workshops, and before approving you, she had to check out your application, and apparently, she checked you out on the Astral Plane… She was able to validate this for me when I later met her. Someone who is lucid dreaming will not reach out to a medium in that state (however, you can connect to Spirit easier in the dream state.)
  • There is a certain “physical effort” during a lucid dream. You do not get tired, but to jump, you need to make a move. In astral projection, you move with thought. You want to be there. You are there almost instantly. Thanks to this, you can travel to any place. I went a few times to the Pleiades, which is 400 light-years done in a second or two…  That’s 3,784,292,189,032,320 Kilometers for about a couple seconds. That is a whopping 681.172.590. KM/hour worth of speed. Good thing you can’t get a ticket! It is easy to reach Andromeda, too; for that, we should multiply those by another thousand (4000 light-years away.) Wanna met me there?

One difference between lucid dreaming and Astral Projection, is that you can jump from a lucid dream to the astral plane!

Can you Astral Project from a Lucid Dream?

Before we go further, maybe you want to check out a brief but profound experience I had and shared earlier!

I just mentioned the essential points, but there are more! You will have to discover them through your journeys. The most important aspects are that you are on a different plane of existence, it feels different, and the energetic outcome from each is different. The journeys themselves are massively different. Bringing bliss and abundance feelings, Astral Projection makes Lucid Dreaming almost (I said almost) a joke. However, it is possible to reach the astral plane from a lucid dream.

It is quite simple.

The only thing you need to do is to fly up to a considerable height. Maybe something like a building, a pit, a giant, a plane, etc. You will need to have some decent stability in your lucid dreams and some mind dream control (flying mainly.)

Bungee, jump on your back without a rope!

Once you reached a high place, get yourself to the edge and allow yourself for free fall, but fall on your back. If you fall looking at the ground, it is much hardest, trust me! If you fall on your back, your subconsciousness will be able to focus easier on the projection because you won’t have an awareness of how close the ground is, or not, and thus, you may fall, and fall, and fall (remember, it is a dream.) As you are free-falling on your back, visualize that you desire to Astral Project.

If you were able to project before, as you enter trance, recall “the feeling” you have when you are at the Astral. However, imagine that you become lighter and lighter if you never projected previously, like if you floated and you would float out from your body.

Time to check!

If it worked, you would find yourself, most likely floating above your body, and you must get the heck out from there, so you do not return earlier. Remember, just a thought is enough. Think of the stars, and you will be there. Welcome to the astral plane.

What if it fails?

If you do not find yourself on the astral plane (trust me, you will know it), you have entered a new dream. At this stage, you will not be lucid to realize you are dreaming (in some cases), but you will question if you are in the astral. Upon not finding yourself there or awake, you can be confident you are still dreaming. Try again. Keep trying.

You may project to a nightmare, depending on what your subconsciousness has. It happened once to me where I “projected” to a maze made of lava, escorted by a demon and an efreet. I was a bit worried if I projected to the lower astral, but then I realized it did not make sense. I followed the dream, now lucidly, until I saw some stairs (5-6 stars only), but attempted to project with that little height (with practice, you do not need so much height) and successfully got out.

What if you are unsure?

If you are unsure, perform a reality check. Look at your hands. If you can see them, and they are abnormal, you are dreaming. If your hands look normal or you can’t find them, try another reality check. Try to read something. It is tough to read in a dream, and it never makes sense (the left brain is down). If you read something twice, it will read differently. Now you have your kicker. If this has happened, you have entered another dream. If you can read correctly (you can read in the astral), take a look at your body.

Are you floating? How does it feel? Does it feel “ghostly”? If you can read, everything around you seems reasonable, but you are not in your physical body. Welcome to the astral plane. And if your body is normal, and everything is normal, chances are you are awake. Try holding your breath for as long as you can (pitch your nose, cover mouth.) If you are still breathing fine, you are in a lucid dream (false awakening can be very deceiving, and they do happen with this technique).

False awakenings can feel very real!

If not, with a big “extra desire” to inhale some oxygen, you will realize you are awake. Stay relaxed. Even though you wakened, your body is very comfortable, so it is easy to get out through the WILD technique (taught at Master Lucid Dreaming course.)

Ego death may also trick you here, so always reality check!

Learn Astral Projection Now!

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this. Therefore, take a listen!

So, we went thicker than I thought, but this is an exciting topic 🙂 A lot more of this will be held at the Astral Projection course just prepared. I want to give you a discount on the following coupon. Click the image below to find out more!

Learn how to Astral Project.

And next week, something new. I will make a general forecast for November on YouTube. Do not miss it next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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  1. Damon

    can you “gear down” to a lucid dream from astral projection?

    • Akashicsoul

      To be honest, every time in the astral made me feel I wanted to just stay there. However, you can always return to your body, you will be back in the vibrational stage and from there, induce WILD (de-focus on the vibrations and visualize your desired dream forming!) This will get you there.


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