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How does an astral projection experience feel? I will share about one of mines.

An astral experience.

Written by Akashicsoul

June 17, 2020

An astral experience.
A single astral experience can change the way you see life.

Hi, all! How is everything going? Thanks to the messages about the walk-in article, I experienced this inspired me to write this article. I did not imagine it would help a few more people. Well, that is always my goal. In this article, I will talk about how it really feels to have an astral experience. People ask me many times what it feels like to have an astral projection. It is a bit difficult to explain in words since human language falls far short when sharing an astral experience. With such a positive forecast, I think it’s great to talk about this.

I’m going to try to comment in detail, and in the end, I am going to give you some quick steps for you to try (but hey, you have a free guide here.)

Feelings of freedom like you have never imagined.

On a personal level, I prefer an unplanned astral projection versus a planned one, but both are great nonetheless to say. I am going to share a typical way for me to project and how it goes:

I wake up in the morning to go to the bathroom. My awakening is mentally very peaceful and normally. I feel very relaxed. I decide whether to write down my dreams or not. If I feel like this is an excellent time to take an astral experience, I will go for it.

I go back to bed and lie on my back. If I had any thoughts wandering my mind (any plans or even the previous dreams), I would remove these thoughts from my mind. I listen to the silence with a blank mind and a very relaxed body. Since this is one of the best times to have an astral experience, it is easy to reach the trance state. Typically, in this state, I am already in sleep paralysis because my legs are weighty, and they tingle too, followed by vibrations throughout the body a few seconds later.

That moment so hard that it becomes insignificant when you know it.

Right now, I’m going into the dreaded sleep paralysis, but in my case, it’s familiar, and I’m used to it. Right now, I feel like something is crushing my body. I also sometimes hear explosions, some screaming, sometimes a baby crying exaggeratedly, crashing cars, earthquakes, strange noises, buzzing bugs and, a few “little more” thing… yes, with “little more,” I am not messing around. Sleep paralysis is the only problem when it comes to having an astral experience.

Note: Having made many projections, my sleep paralysis is almost non-existent, it is almost like a direct jump, and with practice, you will also be able to project like this.

At this moment, I ignore everything I can (sometimes, an explosion right next to the ear can scare, but focus recovers quickly.) I visualize my light body, and it begins to float. Here I feel like a force in my chest, as if I had a second heartbeat in the whole middle of my chest (heart chakra), and I start to feel very happy. I visualize with more force, and I push “visualizing,” making force with the chest (I know that physically it is rare, but in this state, you will notice it). And as the vibrations increase, I hear a loud ringing in my ears.

Leaving the meat behind.

Momentarily, I feel a sensation of floating. When it does, I visualize the space to get as far away from the body as possible. It is not escaping from it as if it had the plague (or something else…). Still, it is because, for an excellent astral experience, it is necessary to get away from the body so you do not return prematurely.

Once on the astral plane, feelings of happiness and love invade my whole being. I no longer have my own identity in an ego way, but if I am my conscience and that I am part of a whole (Oneness). This is because I am outside the duality of human consciousness.

Right now, I can decide what to do or who to connect with. I always visualize white Light and that love that fills me because I am in a higher astral plane. Everything is straightforward in the astral and effortless. In a lucid dream, to fly, you have to take a run, jump from a height, or have someone help you, right? And the one who says fly says whatever it is in a dream, you have to move as you move in real life (ok, we don’t fly, but walking, for example, or talking to someone.) In a dream, it takes effort, less than on the physical plane awake, but still, something. (And physically, the brain sends electric signals to your paralyzed muscles.)

But not on the astral plane.

In an astral experience, you want to visit somewhere, and you have already arrived. You feel the love of a loved one in the astral; most likely, at that time, you already have a connection with this soul. Everything is mental, telepathic, and through feelings. It is not spoken as in a dream or physical life.

You can visit amazing places with an astral experience.

An astral experience will help you awaken.

I am not going to get into explaining my projections; I share experiences on this blog. But I want to share some benefits:

The first thing is that you will lose all fear of death, and you will question many religious aspects if you have them. You will feel what it is to “be a ghost” since it will be you in your pure essence. (I remind you that you are not your body; you are a soul with a human experience.) You are going to feel what the here and now since in an astral experience. Besides, you will not experience linear time. If you have any perception of linear time, you may be in a lucid dream.

Still, there is a feeling that is always present when you have an astral experience. I call it “astral sensations” since it is very complicated to explain. It would be best if you experienced it yourself. You will feel a lot of freedom, a state of euphoria that you must learn to control so that you do not return to your body prematurely. But the state of freedom is sublime. In fact, if you have any health problems, they will not be present in the astral. You will notice the pure vibration of the soul (you).

And how can I get out:

I left you a link to a guide above, but you can read it by clicking here. But I give you some super quick steps before finishing:

  1. Make sure it is early in the morning or in the morning. Even if you do not feel tired last minute, your body will feel it. You will not be able to have an astral experience.
  2. Relax your body, entirely from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Free your mind from thoughts (here is an exercise.)
  4. If you need to swallow, scratch, etc., DO NOT DO IT. Hold on. It is a brain mechanism.
  5. Your body will get paralyzed, visualize white Light, vibrations in your body, and ignore the rest.
  6. Use a separation technique (there are many on this blog.)
  7. Visualize the space when you feel like you are outside your body.

Simple, right? You have all the tools on this blog to learn, but I also have a video course to teach you to have astral travel. Also, you can ask me questions. If you are interested, click on the image below or here:

Astral Projection Experience.

It’s an experience beyond words.

By the way, did you experience the shamanic upper world?

And this is all about my astral experience. Now it is your turn; if you succeed, you will see that it is fantastic. Next week we are going to talk about how to communicate things better. And I’m not talking about cell phone use. Next week I will share about when it comes to passing our message to somebody else. We all screw up when saying things. Some more, others were less. The question is to learn. You can always have new mistakes that teach you a lesson, but maybe next week’s entry will save you a few. I’ll tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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