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Written by Fernando Albert

January 9, 2019

What are “Personal Challenges”?

Hi guys! How was the forecast? I am bringing something new to the site this week. Next week, I will come with some (small) changes -regarding European laws and taxes- I wanted to bring this for this week, so this whole Europe thing will have to wait for one more week. This week, I am bringing you a new web section. It is an entirely free section that I invite all of you to try. It is about personal challenges and improving yourself.

You can find the full explanation of all the whereabouts right here. You will find all the information on these personal or “Life Challenges” section, but I want to share some here too:

“Life Challenges” are about finding ways to self-improve our lifes. Our society has become so noisy and accelerated, that we forget some of the very basics. Human beings (and possibly most mammals) are creatures prone to addictions. Not only some illegal, crazy chemical drug is addictive, but music, electronics, etc. are also addictive and most people are severely addicted to these. You know, it is never beneficial to overdo.

Overdoing sports can cause injuries, overeating brings health issues, overuse of drugs, both legal and illegal can be fatal. Like these, everything in life. It is wise to put a limit on everything (okay, maybe you could avoid that crazy chemical drug too), and learn to use our blessings wisely.

We are overdoing unhealthy stuff in life; it is time to slow down a little and put yourself up with a personal challenge.

There are many blog entries here about the overuse of electronics, little time for silence, etc. I am aware of some people who are trying, and they all have some progress. However, there indeed needs to be a drive, a reason, or a prize. While just doing the challenge itself is prizing for your life, the fact that there is an actual challenge to tackle can help a lot.

Extra motivation comes with these types of challenges. After running lucid dreaming challenges for over a few years in a popular lucid dreaming community, I realized it. People progress a lot faster in their lucid dreaming adventures thanks to facing challenges and sharing online. It is the reason that “Life Challenges” come to life. Thanks to these short videos, you will be able to challenge yourself and improve your life in many areas because:

Accomplishing these “Life challenges” will improve your life. Starting to understand the blessing of silence. You will be able to help yourself better with your phone. You will be a kinder person, attracting abundance in your life, finding gratitude in your heart and also, feeling you accomplished and stepped up in life. Because if you achieve just one of these, even the easiest tier, will already set you in motion for progress!

So, what is this about?

These will be released monthly. However, there will be no additional blog entries just for these, so make sure to bookmark the “Life Challenges” section not to miss any. But since this is the one article for this section, I will be sharing the first video below, but before, some pointers:

  • Every month, a new challenge will be posted on Youtube and updated here.
  • You will find three tiers, plus a personal bonus challenge.
    • You can archive the bonus with any difficulty tier. Just make sure to do the bonus part!
  • Be honest with yourself and take the appropriate tier:
    • Try to make it as challenging as possible based on your usual doings, but go down a level if you struggle.
  • You can comment on your victories and failures; you have a whole month.
  • If the top tier and bonus combined are still easy for you, double it.
    • You will archive Advanced+Bonus first through the way!
  • If the easy tier is still hard for you, don’t worry. “Cut it in half,” and try that way. Once you accomplish it, attempt to at least archive the basic tier.
    • Do add the bonus option in this case. Archiving halfway is still an accomplishment if you tried hard!
  • You can do these personal challenges in groups and compare results with your friends.

And that’s it 🙂 Here is the first video:

If you want to comment, you can do so at the personal “Life Challenges” section, where the videos will be updated monthly and shared above if I see progress! I welcome suggestions too.

I honestly believe that if you guys take these challenges, you can help yourselves a lot. As a civilization, we are a little bit too hooked on noise and electronics while we have lost some manners or forgot those great words, please and thank you. So, while some of these will ask you to avoid doing something for a while, others will make you a kinder person. Give these challenges a try. I dare you! (Dare you to take one about dreaming?)

So, next week I will have to notify you of some changes. European laws are strict with taxes, and in some countries, these laws are toughing up and changing. I will be sharing some updates about that next week. I am pretty sure you are (maybe not, but is the law) going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts:  second year, first year.

Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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