Spiritual Gifts that are continuously working, even if you try to block them!

Spiritual Gifts that are automatic.
Automatic Spiritual Gifts.

What are “automatic spiritual gifts”? You may identify one as you read this entry

Well, I’m back from vacation! Here I bring you an entry where we will talk about spiritual gifts that are always working, even if you would like to stop them. I am sure that those who have any of these gifts will feel a connection with this entry. It already happened with the previous ones that have touched on these topics. There are a couple of articles that talk about both empathy and premonitions. You will find them below.

If you have one or more of the gifts we will talk about today, your life is not the same as everyone else’s. However, it will not seem strange to you since you only have these automatic spiritual gifts if you are born with them. So you will feel a connection when reading the good and the bad of each one. Forecasts, I believe. Do influence here.

We may have some spiritual gifts that eventually awaken as well.

Automatic spiritual gifts are always growing, more if you intentionally use them beyond their normal working.

Spiritual gifts are almost like automatic organs such as the heart or the brain. They are always working. You can not stop them, and sometimes they can be a nuisance (some more than others). It is possible to reduce them a little with visualization and protection if you need it, but you will not be able to “turn it off completely.”

I will talk about some of them, at least those that I know well on a personal level or from working on other people.


From the empathy I have shared plenty, there are two entries about it. But for you to have here a compilation of information, I will tell you a little. Empathy is a spiritual gift that reflects a person’s feelings in their feelings. For example, you are relaxing on a bus; a person with a lot of anxiety sits next to you. That person shows no signs of anxiety, but if you have the gift of empathy, you will perceive that a person has stress. You will feel it.

It seems a bit annoying, is not it? That’s precisely why I wrote this post, “Empathy: A great gift and a curse.” A person with the gift of empathy will have empathy far superior to normal human empathy. And also, if that person develops spiritually, empathy becomes more powerful. It is getting to the point of not getting on a bus or train, full of people going to work sadly and monotonously. There are also empathic people globally. (You can read more about global empathy here).

I have a series of 30 royalty-free ebooks that touches on this topic.  I did not write them. They are royalty-free.


Probably, it is the best known. Colloquially speaking, this spiritual gift allows you to “talk to ghosts.” You can communicate with your loved ones and help many grieving people. However, if you are a medium, you also will remember many nights where random spirits wake you up.

If you are a medium, you know it. In sporadic cases, the spiritual gift of mediumship may wake up years after birth. Either by a traumatic experience in life, having the gift of “copying” from others, or simply by some spiritual agreement before birth. (For example, do not awaken until a specific moment.) But 99% of the time, it works as soon as the medium is born.

The spiritual gift of healing (some).

An important point: Everyone is a healer. All human beings come “as standard” with the ability to heal. However, many times, that ability is asleep. Typically, learning Reiki and receiving an activation will awaken your healing abilities. All the energy is white light; however, depending on several factors of the person and the soul, they can be born with the healing already activated. Even that healer can begin to heal involuntarily, sometimes unwittingly or even unknowingly.

If you have the spiritual gift of healing, you can give healings without needing any activation. True nature healing usually awakens in a difficult time or when a loved one suffers a lot. Starting to heal without discipline (sometimes the empty cup is better…), you can discover “rare” healing ways. It applies, of course, to those born with healing.

A curiosity:

If you see a healer doing strange movements, for example, that healing may have the gift. Generally, for unknown reasons, “pure” healing (without activations) is more powerful.

Did you know automatic spiritual gifts grow?


The spiritual gift of premonitions is also well known. Many people even want it. The person who has premonitions will have them from birth. You cannot control your premonitions. A premonition can be as simple as feeling what will be the next challenge of a game that you do not know, for example. But also, a premonition can warn you of a terrorist attack. Furthermore, they will happen at any time, especially when you’re sleeping.

The premonitions come as a powerful vision, where your heart chakra is activated, and you will perceive emotions very intensely. Consciousness during a premonition is lost (I repeat, they arrive without warning, usually when it is not convenient). Typically, third parties will benefit more from premonitions than the person who has them. You can read a little more here.


I would not call it a spiritual gift because it is more a burden than anything else. But “technically” it is. One thing is a person-vampire or a psychic-vampire. The first is very absorbing when it comes to asking for help, etc. Will eat your shine up, and it will be a toxic relationship. The second is probably someone using the astral plane to drain your energy.

But nevertheless. Some people have “the ability” to always suck the energy of those around them. These people, the more tired they are, the more they can drain you. They can not control it. They may even feel awful about it.

There are lovely and kind people who are born with this ability. If you have this ability, make sure you have a balanced diet and rest well. Try not to tire yourself excessively or continuously. If you recharge your energy, you will stop the “vampirism.”


The existence of this “gift” may be so that it is possible to combine it with healing gifts. Absorb, for example, the negative energy and then expel it.

Other strange spiritual gifts.

Only the second and fifth are automatic. These are gifts that I have seen once or twice between thousands and thousands of Akashic records that I have read over these ten years. I can explain little of them:

  1. See auras in different ways beyond what the average ability to see auras can grow.
  2. To “copy” other spiritual gifts by merely seeing them functioning or in other people. You learn them instantly and even without knowing it.
  3. Have protection or spiritual development higher than normal. Sometimes. to the point of blocking the spirit (but you can not block spirit guides, etc.)
  4. Strange ability to “cloak” your energy signature, among other energies, going unnoticed.
  5. It is another rare one where the person learns gifts faster (but not instantaneously). Besides, the spiritual potential of this person develops faster.
  6. To have two clairvoyant visions at once, one clearer being the most possible and its opposite parallel (either negative or positive.) It only works with clairvoyance.

And my guides have told me that there are thousands of “exotic” spiritual gifts on our planet, among all humanity.

And finally, this is all with the automatic spiritual gifts. Or at least those that I have been able to discover in the last ten years. Next week it’s the July 2019 forecast. Monday 1st, I will post it on YouTube, and next Wednesday, I’ll notify you here! Make sure to subscribe not to miss any! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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