Consciousness: In one way or another, everything around us has it!

In one way or another, everything around us has consciousness. It goes far beyond having eyes and being what we call a living being.
Everything that surrounds us has consciousness.

Consciousness: In one way or another, everything around us has it.

Hello! I hope you will be satisfied with your curiosity about what it is like to be a psychic and how I carry on daily. This week we are going to talk about consciousness. In one way or another, everything around us has consciousness. Consciousness goes far beyond having eyes and being what we call a living being. For this reason, I have created this entry to go a little deeper and expand our wisdom a little. Consciousness goes far beyond what we imagine.

Have you stopped to think about what exactly consciousness is? And I don’t mean to do a Google search with the dictionary meaning; I want to go a little further. It is not easy to talk about consciousness in a short post, but I want you to have the opportunity to reflect a little. We all have awareness, but it goes far beyond the possibility of reasoning and questioning the world around us. Consciousness allows us to reason and acts as a result of the stimuli that life offers us. I would connect consciousness with the mind and the soul, working together as a team.

Let’s understand a little consciousness.

As I have just explained to you, consciousness is, in part, the soul of all beings, and knowing this, we can see that there is much more consciousness in everything that surrounds us, although depending on what things, they are a bit difficult to perceive. However, when we look around, for example, in a lush forest, we can perceive all the life surrounding us. Everything you are perceiving is consciousness (perhaps collective in a way), and everyone around you, in one way or another, has a consciousness that adds to the collective.


This also includes, in a way, what we can call “inanimate objects.” However, we have already touched a little on the philosophical and spiritual branches. There are credible philosophers, neuroscientists, and physicists, including figures like neuroscientist Christof Koch and physicist Roger Penrose, who support this theory. However, my goal is not to complicate things but to understand them thoroughly, so I am creating this post to share my point of view.

Perhaps all this that I am commenting on is connected with panpsychism. This says that consciousness exists in everything, including every particle, having a specific mode of “binary or elementary consciousness.” This is, of course, a challenging thing to test, and we’re not going to get into it; however, I wanted to discuss it with you.

And keeping in mind that time is not linear.

In a way, everything around us has been evolving, and during that evolution, everything “has been alive at some point, having a consciousness.” Bearing this in mind, and perhaps if we want to stretch it with a temporary but non-linear point of view, that consciousness that is a tree is also your chair.

Everything happens simultaneously, so the final product, that chair is also growing happily in the forest and being enjoyed by someone other than you (because in the future, you will sell it). Consciousness travels through time and space, and gravity knows no limits, so it always exists. Taking this into account, it already creates the possibility that consciousness exists in absolutely everything since, at some point, everything has existed as a living being in one form or another. It, therefore, continues to do so now if we do not observe linear time.

My personal opinion here is that keeping this in mind can help you see the world in a totally different way. By keeping all this in mind, you will begin to have more respect above all things and even have the ability to show more gratitude, thanks to the satisfaction.

Consciousness is always present.

Consciousness exists in all people, animals, plants, gems, and everything around us in very different ways.

And this is something absolute, and indeed the consciousness expands in ways that we cannot even imagine or understand. You must have an open mind, and learn to observe, question, and receive. And that’s all! Next week we have the December 2022 Forecast, the last of the year. However, you already have it available on Youtube. Here it will be, as always, next week. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

(consciousness) Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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