Soul Retrieval Ceremony: Start to feel whole again!

Have you been in a situation where you felt you have lost a part of yourself? Through the Soul Retrieval ceremony, we can recover lost fragments of ourselves from these negative experiences and traumas and I will be delighted to help you. During a Soul Retrieval ceremony, I will help you to feel whole again.



Soul Retrieval Ceremony: Recover the lost parts of your true self.

A Soul Retrieval ceremony is a particular type of exploration and self-development. You must understand the process well since this is not an ordinary distance healing. It is a process that needs a little preparation, especially from a distance. During a Soul Retrieval ceremony, I will make a shamanic journey to the Lower World. During this trip, I will look for fragments of your soul that you have lost during negative experiences in this or past lifes.

Bringing light and understanding to this moment will bring the possibility of recovering that lost fragment. That will make you stronger, and it will also bring healing. You can keep reading, as well as checking the video out to learn more about the absolute potential a Soul Retrieval ceremony has to help you.

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What is a lost fragment, and how do you recover one?

There is one page dedicated to the subject if you want to read more, but I am sharing a small quote here from it:

There are several reasons to make shamanic journeys, and one of them is the recovery of the soul. In these sessions, the main goal is to find and recover fragments of your soul. Fragments that you have lost in the past. Absolutely all human beings have lost pieces of our souls. A challenging experience in life, moments of abuse, trauma, or even for astral reasons, we lose fragments of our soul.

I am sure that more than once, you have felt that “you do not feel whole,” as if something is missing. Perhaps you have had this feeling since childhood and have not given it importance. It is possible that you are not aware and do not notice “that something is missing,” however, surely you have had moments where these losses have been caused.

When you discover and rejoin with your lost soul fragments you will start to receive your true power. Maybe when you were little you loved drawing, and right now, you are an artist who is feeling blocked. You could unlock your full artistic potential by bringing back that little repressed person from lack of family appreciation to her drawings. Or, for example, you were extroverted until your teenage years. You can recover your outgoing energy by retrieving a soul fragment from whatever happened during those teenage years.

What matters, is that for every little trauma, you might have lost part of yourself, and with it, untapped potential. Through a Soul Retrieval ceremony, you will be able to bring this part of yourself back to your life and being.

Experience Shamanic healing through a Soul Retrieval session.

I have already made numerous shamanic journeys where I have observed its effectiveness. A Soul Retrieval ceremony will help you even if we do it remotely. I will travel close to you through the Elemental Lower World during this Ceremony. Once I reach there, I will start searching around this rainforest world for your soul fragments until I find at least one. They eventually will show up as this is done thanks to the help of Mother Earth, as this power runs on her, not on Spirit.

From here, I will dialogue with your soul fragment and convince them to come back with me to rejoin you. Once I do, they will follow me back to rejoin you and start a reintegration process for you to recover lost soul fragments. Keep reading to understand better this process:

  • Energetic Healing: One of the most incredible things about a Soul Retrieval ceremony is its profound healing potential. Sometimes, your wounds come from a missing part of yourself, so the only way to heal this is to bring it back. Some of your deepest wounds come from trauma where you generally lost a part of yourself. Once you bring your energy back, the reintegration process will yield profound healing.
  • Spiritual Guidance: I allow the spirits of Earth to guide me, as well as my Power Animal. I only need to keep searching. Eventually, I will find a spot where I know I need to look closer. One of your soul fragments will be around, looking at the age at which they spit from you. Normally, they are curiously looking at me as if they knew I was looking for them. I believe it would be impossible to miss it because emblems have very strong energy, as well as movement within this vast rainforest.
  • Spiritual Empowerment. One of the essential aspects of a Soul Retrieval ceremony is recovering lost parts of yourself. You will certainly have a deeper connection with your inner self since you brought back massive energy into your life. Not only energy but part of your true essence. You will slowly open more and more spiritually as you keep rebuilding yourself, having a profound understanding of your experiences and needs.
  • Integration of Earth Energy: The Earth energy transfer contributes to the finding process with a profound grounding aspect. This type of ceremony is excellent for seeking what you need to recover the most from yourself. You are connected with the planet, so in a way, the spirits of Earth will help me find the right soul fragment for you, the one you need the most. Maybe you don’t know, and neither do I, but the planet does, shamanic energies work to a very profound degree with the energy of the elements.
  • Reintegration Process: I recommend that after a soul retrieval session, you take the rest of the day to relax. If you can reward yourself, do it, treat yourself. At least keep the rest of your day from being stressful, etc. Reintegration is a crucial step. In the following days, you may notice improvements in some areas of ​​your life, or even in your person. I cannot say it precisely since each person is different and will depend on the situation. But I can tell you that you will be glad to experience a Soul Retrieval ceremony.
  • Cleansing and Purification: The space where I perform the Soul Retrieval ceremony is always purified before each session. I work with one of my Spirit Guides who is also a Chief and Shaman who guides every single time. The energy and the intentions will be projected undividedly for your needs. There will never be energetic or physical disruptions during your ceremony.
  • Soul Connection: The fact that you will be working on yourself to become whole again, you will be a lot more aligned with the energy of your true self, the soul. You will make a profound positive impact on the overall healing of your physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

One of the most important approaches here is about receiving personalized support. We can have a brief chat through WhatsApp if you need to explain better how can I help you. You will be completely at peace when we perform the ceremony. Experience remote soul healing, and start to become your true self.

A few more features:

This session is perfect for finding what you feel you have lost spiritually, such as parts of yourself during bad experiences.

Distance is not a barrier because you can experience the session’s effectiveness from anywhere. 

Experience an Energy Transfer through the power of Mother Earth, I’ll transfer healing energy to support your reintegration upon recovering one or more soul fragments.

You will witness ongoing healing after a Soul Retrieval ceremony because when you work with the spirits of earth, they will keep the transfer longer if necessary.

I will explain to you by e-mail if you have any doubts, but I will share them with you here also:
  • First, we get in touch. Once you send me a message, I will answer you in less than 48 hours.
  • Once we find the date and time, we will wait for that moment. It is also time to book the session. If you are very busy and prefer not to make an appointment, I will do your session while you sleep.
  • Remember that you cannot be disturbed or interrupted during that half-hour when the time comes. You will enjoy the session more if you lie down and relax while I do your soul retrieval.
  • During the session, I will record everything I see; this way, it comes with maximum recall. We must know that both have a reintegration process after the session.
A couple of notes:
  • Only in sporadic cases would it be possible not to find such fragments. There will always be messages and “something will happen.” However, I will use the entire half-hour to find at least one of these fragments.
  • As “the drums” will not let me know until half an hour passes, therefore, as soon as I find a soul fragment, I will intend to return. If, on that same soul recovery journey, I feel that I have to look for a second fragment, I will, even if I have to consume the entire half-hour. Otherwise, I will return sooner to have the visions as fresh as possible.
  • You must read the terms and conditions by clicking here.


Q: What does it mean to retrieve soul?

A: During a Soul Retrieval ceremony I will explore the Lower World to find and bring back lost soul fragments of yourself, normally due to traumatic and very negative experiences.

Q: Is in-person attendance necessary for the session’s effectiveness?

A: A Shamanic Energy Healing session is as effective remotely as in person. The Spirits of the Earth will ensure the connection is as good as if it was in person.

Q: How soon can I book a session after contacting you?

A: You will be able to book it right away. We can set an appointment first or right after you do.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Soul Retrieval Ceremony


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