Shamanic Emblem Retrieval: Find a powerful aid!

Do you need something, but you don’t know what? Then let’s hit the Lower Elemental World to perform a Shamanic Emblem Retrieval. We will search for something that you need, and I will find it for you. During a Shamanic Emblem Retrieval session, the spirits of Earth will guide us.



Shamanic Emblem Retrieval: Collect powerful Shamanic tools

A Shamanic Emblem Retrieval is a particular type of exploration and self-development. You must understand the process well since this is not an ordinary distance healing. It is a process that needs a little preparation, especially from a distance. During an emblem retrieval session, I will make a shamanic journey to the Lower World to search for an Emblem that can help you in your path.

During this trip, I will look for an Emblem with the purpose of a specific intention. To find one, I will explore the Shamanic Lower World until one shows up. They can show up in many ways, and I will bring my findings to you. By projecting your consciousness to the Emblem, you materialize its purpose. For this reason, you must have clear intentions.

(If you need an extra-fast delivery, please also book the extra-fast option.)

Find the support you need through a Shamanic Emblem Retrieval session.

I have already made numerous shamanic journeys where I have observed its effectiveness. A Shamanic Emblem Retrieval will help you even if we do it remotely. I will travel close to you through the Elemental Lower World during this Ceremony. Once I reach there, I will start searching around this rainforest world for your emblem until I find it since eventually, it will show up for me to retrieve. This is done thanks to the help of Mother Earth, as this power runs on her, not on Spirit.

For this reason, you must have clear intentions about what you need. Keep in mind that the clearer they are, the more effective your shamanic emblem will be. To help you find best your intentions, check out below a few things to keep in mind when performing Shamanic Emblem Retrieval:

  • Energy Connection: During a Shamanic Emblem Retrieval ceremony you will receive an emblem or symbol that you will fulfill your intentions. A unique energy connected to you, and to the intentions in your heart. Through this connection, the emblem will maximize the energy. Since you will know what your emblem does, by looking at it, you will replicate and reinforce its energy and, thus, your intentions.
  • Spiritual Guidance: I allow the spirits of Earth to guide me, as well as my Power Animal. I only need to keep searching with your clear intentions in mind. Eventually, I will find a spot where I know I need to look closer. Once I do, your Emblem should reveal itself as obvious to me so I can identify it. I believe it would be impossible to miss it because emblems have a very strong energy.
  • Integration of Earth Energy: The Earth energy transfer contributes to the finding process with a profound grounding aspect. This type of ceremony is excellent for seeking a type of help that you can’t name. Sometimes you might feel you need something, but you do not know what. You are connected with the planet, so in a way, the spirits of Earth will bring to me something to complete the Shamanic Emblem Retrieval Ceremony with success. Maybe you don’t know, but the planet does, shamanic energies work to a very profound degree with the energy of the elements.
  • Post-Session Integration:  Sometimes, you will receive a physical representation of your Emblem, or at least, a throughout description of it if it’s drawing it’s too complex (drawing is not one of my strengths!) Furthermore, I will remind you to keep projecting your intentions, as well as an open heart to receive. Every time you look or think of your Emblem, you will activate its powers (what you have intended for it.)
  • Guided Meditation: If you need help visualizing your Emblem, I could create a small guided meditation for you specifically to visualize your Emblem and intentions. Soon, there will be available a generic Guided Meditation to visualize your Emblem in the Guided Meditation category.

One of the most important approaches here is about receiving personalized support. We can have a brief chat through WhatsApp if you need to explain better how can I help you. The more personalized a Shamanic Emblem Retrieval Ceremony is, the more clear we can set the intentions for your Emblem. There is no need for an additional Emblem activation since the Emblem will be working right from the start.

A few more features:

This session is perfect for addressing complex problems where you need additional support but don’t know how.

Distance is not a barrier because you can experience the session’s effectiveness from anywhere. 

Experience an Energy Transfer through the power of Mother Earth, I’ll transfer healing energy to support your intentions by finding your Emblem.

You will witness ongoing results since Emblems are meant to last forever, for as long as you need them. They are connected with your energy and the energy of Earth, thus never running dry.

I will explain to you by e-mail if you have any doubts, but I will share them with you here also:

  • First, we get in touch. Once you send me a message, I will answer you in less than 48 hours.
  • There will be great time flexibility to the date and time, we will wait for that moment. It is also time to book the session. If you are very busy and prefer not to make an appointment, don’t worry, as for a Shamanic Emblem Retrieval, I do not need you sitting down with me. You don’t need to be present since we are retrieving an Emblem, not working directly on your energy. However, if you want to be present, you are more than welcome to!
  • During the session, I will record everything I see; this way, it comes with maximum recall. I will send you the file for you to listen to, and in a way, it will be as if you journeyed with me. I recommend you listen to it, so you can connect deeper with the Ceremony. It will also cement the post-session reintegration, something fantastic and important to pay attention to.
A couple of notes:
  • Only in sporadic cases would it be possible not to find such Shamanic Emblems. There will always be messages and “something will happen,” that will explain why there is no Emblem available. However, I will use the entire half-hour to find at least one of these. Note: So far, since 2019 I started performing these, I always returned with one. However, it is not up to me.
  • The drums will not let me know until half an hour passes; therefore, I intend to return as soon as I find the Emblem unless I feel drawn to continue in the Lower Elemental World for some reason and prolong the Shamanic Emblem Retrieval Ceremony. I will be happy to reach the end if necessary.
  • You must read the terms and conditions by clicking here.


Q: What happens if a Shamanic Emblem isn’t found?

A: In rare instances, it is possible to not find an Emblem. However, I presume in such a case (it never happened, so can’t tell), the spirits of Earth will guide us for the reasons why, and probably this will be a powerful and helpful message for you.

Q: Can I choose the intention for my Emblem?

A: Absolutely! It is imperative that you indeed choose the intention for your Emblem. As long as it is not to harm nor to bend free will, you can project anything you desire.

Q: Is an in-person session better than a distance session?

A: While the ideal is in person, my guides (one is especially experienced in this subject) taught me that distance is not a limit. Furthermore, for an Emblem retrieval, you don’t need to be idling like during a Soul Retrieval Ceremony.

Q: What are the shamanic objects?

A: Shamanic objects are those used in shamanic rituals such as drums, rattles, hides, and more. Furthermore, you can search the Lower World for Objects or Emblems for specific initially projected intentions.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Shamanic Emblem Retrieval


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