Upper World Restoration Session: Shamanic Energy Healing

Experience Shamanic Energy Healing through a wonderful Upper World Restoration session to start to feel whole again. I will journey to the Upper World with the help of the spirits of Earth. Meet profound restoration with a shamanic energy healing session that works from the very core of your body.



Shamanic Energy Healing – Upper World Restoration: Tackle the challenge from the source

The Shamanic Energy Healing – Upper World Restoration is a unique, powerful, and different healing session. This is not a regular healing session where I will channel the Divine Light of the Source. Instead, I will perform a small shamanic ceremony to set clear intentions in what you need. Then, I will journey to the Shamanic Upper World and search for help to send energy to provide aid to your challenges and intentions.

In this session, I only use the support from my power animal, as well as from the spirits of planet Earth. So, you will experience profound changes starting right off from the physical plane, unfolding in all your living areas.

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Find the support you need through a Shamanic Energy Healing – Upper World Restoration Session

While the ideal is in person, my guides (one is especially experienced in this subject) taught me that distance is not a limit. I have already made numerous shamanic journeys where I have observed its effectiveness. A restoration session from the Upper World will help you even if we do it remotely. I will travel close to you through the Upper World during this Ceremony. Once I reach where I am supposed to be, I will start to transfer the energy. This is done thanks to the help of Mother Earth, as this power runs on her, not on Spirit.

For this reason, you must have clear intentions about what you need. Keep in mind that the clearer they are, the more effective this session will be. To help you find best your intentions, check out below a few things to keep in mind when performing Shamanic Energy Healing:

  • Spiritual Guidance: I allow the spirits of Earth to guide me, as well as my Power Animal. Furthermore, with the help of your Spirit Guides, the energy will go where it needs to go. On top, sometimes they may provide messages.
  • Energetic Alignment: During an Upper World Healing ceremony you will receive profound restoration as well as balancing energy to keep your body, mind, heart, and spirit aligned in both the Physical and Spiritual Planes.
  • Integration of Earth Energy: The Earth energy transfer contributes to the healing process with a profound grounding aspect. This type of healing is excellent for nurturing the physical body, as well as for blessing places such as homes and offices. Furthermore, shamanic energies are excellent for blessing physical objects like cars, crystals, and anything you desire. If you have a profound connection with nature, you will understand this much better. The more you work with these energies, the better you will understand them.
  • Transformative Healing Journey: Shamanic energies work to a very profound degree with the energy of the elements. Nature travels to where it needs to go, a stream of water will always flow through, finding the easiest way. The same will happen in your energy, all negativity, heaviness, and anger will be pushed away from your consciousness, one way or another. You commit to healing when you work in a shamanic energy healing session, so the release might be more profound, but the transformation will be absolute.

One of the most important approaches here is about receiving personalized support. We can have a brief chat through WhatsApp if you need to explain better how can I help you. The more personalized shamanic energy healing becomes, the more the efficiency will increase.

A few more features:

This session is perfect for addressing complex health or spiritual issues and providing additional support to other sessions, and of course, the help of your doctor for physical difficulties.

Distance is not a barrier because you can experience the session’s effectiveness from anywhere. 

Experience an Energy Transfer through the power of Mother Earth, I’ll transfer healing energy to support your intentions.

You will witness ongoing healing after a shamanic energy healing because when you work with the spirits of earth, they will keep the transfer longer if necessary.

I will explain to you by e-mail if you have any doubts, but I will share them with you here also:
  • First, we get in touch. Once you send me a message, I will answer you in less than 48 hours. If you reach out through WhatsApp, I may reply to you right away.
  • Keep in mind that I usually have great time flexibility. Once we find the date and time, we will wait for that moment. It is also time to book the session. I will do this session at my convenient time, within 24-48 hours. You need to be aware, but we do not need to synchronize it.
  • If you need any follow-up guidance, we can have a brief exchange of e-mails, or we can work the session on a brief psychic reading to wrap things up. If you are in one of the Talk to Fer Monthly Programs, we can have a chat after the session.
A couple of notes:
  • Ideally, this session aims for more complicated situations at a health level especially, but also as support to other sessions is ideal.
  • The drums will not let me know until half an hour passes; therefore, I intend to return when the drums call me back.
  • If the journey is completed and the spirits guide me, I will also add healing through the elements of earth.
  • I will project the same intentions as yours, for added manifestation power.
  • You must read the terms and conditions by clicking here.


Q: Is in-person attendance necessary for the session’s effectiveness?

A: A Shamanic Energy Healing session is as effective remotely as in person. The Spirits of the Earth will ensure the connection is as good as if it was in person.

Q: How soon can I book a session after contacting you?

A: You will be able to book it right away. We can set an appointment first or right after you do.

Q: Can this session address issues other than health?

A: Yes! A Shamanic Healing Session will address also any mental, emotional, or spiritual wounds.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Shamanic Energy Healing - Upper World Restoration


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