What do you need for a trusted tarot reading? A specific format is not one!

Trusted Tarot: No matter how they are placed, it matters what they tell you!
Trusted Tarot readings can happen without formats.

Tarot Spreads are not essential for Trusted Tarot Readings. Allow the cards to guide you

Hi! Did you already visit the Lower World with the latest journey? This week I bring you a small entry about the tarot, tarot spreads, and the essentials for a trusted tarot reading. Many people ask me about the spreads, whether they are essential or not, and how to be guided by the cards without formats. Ironically two years ago, I shared about the Tarot. I notice that after writing this article and adding last year’s entries.

The cards “have no watch.” Trusted tarot cards always guide

One of the main reasons that formats are used is to know that if a card is placed in a specific site, it could have one value or another. For example, the classic format, “The Celtic Cross,” gives us messages of the present, past, future, conscious, and subconscious. It is terrific, it can help a lot, but also, it can limit and even block information, especially if you limit yourself exclusively to the specific format you are using. I have another Tarot entry where I explain more about this. In a trusted tarot reading, you can find that the reader uses no format.

Personally, and now I will tell you how it all started, I prefer not to use a format and let myself be guided. The cards do not understand linear time, so in all cards, you will have messages from any point in your temporal line (or sphere). In fact, I used formats; however, sometimes, the information didn’t flow as fast as it flows right now. In fact, by not using a format, it is also easy to draw more cards if you see fit, and you can deepen the message.

Ties between the borders of trusted tarot cards.

As usual, I started using the Celtic cross as a circulation format. All the readings were going well, and the messages arrived correctly. However, when “technically,” I had already talked about a card before in the format, sometimes I get more messages. It’s like saying, “I’m in the 6th letter, but now, I have messages from the 2nd.) This is a bit chaotic. I saw it as a transparent string coming out of one letter and going to another and connecting them. (In one of my courses, I also talk about this: “Understanding the Tarot.”)

I didn’t like these “jumps” very much, so one day, my guides told me to “just draw out more cards.” It has been that way for years, and now there are never those jumps. The movement through the different cards is much more fluid, as well.

Trusted Tarot Readings need no format.

A messenger is always a messenger.

One of the reasons you might prefer a specific spread is that it might make you believe it is more trusted for a tarot reading. However, it is not; it is perhaps because you have something “to lean on,” which comforts the brain. However, it is more complicated since the energy does not flow as fast as there was no format. Like this, there is a topic about the different Tarot decks. In fact, if you learn how to make a well-made and accurate trusted tarot reading, you will realize that all Tarot decks (that are well made, though) will provide an accurate reading.

In fact, as I mentioned up there, playing cards are also worth reading. The Spanish Deck, in fact, is much more similar to the Tarot’s format, so you can make a trusted tarot reading with your Spanish deck without problems. You need to connect with the cards and practice. Perhaps, it is easier to use a deck with a lot of art in the beginning so that you can observe the symbolism. However, there will come a time that you will not need images in the Minor Arcana. You will provide trusted tarot readings fine.

Pretty surprising, but real. Some tarot decks have art in their major arcana, while the minor arcana only show the actual suit of the card (for example, you see eight coins in the eight of coins, that’s it.). One of the most popular Tarot decks (Waiters Rider) almost has them this way. Instead, The Conspiracy Tarot has art in the 78 cards of the deck.

I hope this article strengthens your relationship with your cards.

So don’t worry too much about the whole topic of the deck or the format. If you notice a connection, you already know that that deck is for you to choose your deck. Otherwise, you will continue with your search. I invite you to take a look at tarot cards here to see what you think and if it connects well with you. If so, the cards will feel special on your hards, far from the “plain paper” feeling you may have with a newspaper or a deck that is not for you. The deck will provide trusted tarot readings.

I recommend the Conspiracy Tarot for two reasons:

  • The cards have art, all 78. It means that it is a suitable deck if you are starting to explore the Tarot. It will provide trusted and powerful tarot readings.
  • The booklet comes with more than the card meanings. It comes with self-reflection questions that will enhance your life, spirituality, and relationship with the cards.

Therefore, a Tarot can bring you a lot, and you can read more tarot cards here. I also explain in the little book about the whole spread topic. And as an example, you have the forecasts.

I hope this entry empowers your relationship with your cards, therefore, doing better, trusted tarot readings.

And that’s it. We are ready for this week. Now it’s time to prepare for the forecast for next month. Next week is the first Wednesday of the month, so we’ll see how global energies are doing. But all this, in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!


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