Understand 3 reasons why inordinate affection can harm you even if it makes you feel good.

The inordinate affection may make you feel very good about yourself, and in some ways, it is perhaps a more viable option than self-sabotage. However, the inordinate affection can grow so much that it will also block your energy because you will not see your opportunities to develop, grow and improve.
Whats out for inordinate affection!

Why does inordinate affection make us feel good, but deep down it harms us?

Hello hello! How are you? I hope with all my heart that the inner child healing meditations help you a lot to heal those problems if they are present and thus make you much stronger. If you haven’t tried one of these meditations, you still have time to do so with a good discount. This week we are going to talk about inordinate affection, and although it may seem like something positive, deep down it is not, and it can bring you personal and social problems.

We are going to understand what it means to be in a state of inordinate affection, what is it? why do we reach this state? What we must do to continue improving as people and develop in an optimal way. As the saying goes, excess is bad, and this applies to everything in life, starting with how much love you feel towards yourself, and following from this, when you are able to perceive this for others.

The meaning of inordinate affection.

The first thing I want to explain about inordinate affection is its meaning. This is an emotional state of self-love and self-appreciation, but at extreme levels, it can start to be a problem. You may be wondering what problem you might face when you feel inordinate love. I want to name three problems that are very common, and even if they have a solution, you may be blinded and not be able to see them.

It is good to love yourself, but not to the point of inordinate affection.

It is good to love yourself, but not to the point of inordinate affection.

You are not able to see your mistakes and problems.

If you have an inordinate affection for yourself, it is possible that you only see your best gifts. You are able to see all the potential in life that you can project, and countless other things that are great. All of this is wonderful, and I always recommend that you focus on your full potential, love yourself madly, and do things so that they serve the highest purpose in your life.

If this is all great, what’s the problem? Let’s be frank and direct with this topic. You are a human being, no matter the origin of your Soul, and as a human being, you have endless advantages, but also problems. No heart of a human being is pure, this is impossible due to the Principles of the Universe, especially Polarity. Therefore, this shows that we are imperfect beings, and everyone on this planet has something to learn, and something to teach.

Therefore, you also have things to improve, your friends, and your family too. I myself, who am writing this, also have many things to improve, and this is an essential part of life on the physical plane. If a person had nothing to learn, he would simply transcend, and disappear from the Earth. So here we have the first obvious problem. If there is a person who is not able to see their imperfections, how will they improve?

You are not able to discover new opportunities to grow.

Another essential thing that you have to take into account is the constant development that you are experiencing, and therefore, avoid inordinate affection. Thanks to the Principle of Rhythm and Vibration, we are in constant movement. Absolutely everything moves in one way or another, and your personal development will be no less. Therefore, these two laws allow you to continue improving and progressing in your life, a little every day, in any aspect.

You are always growing. Inordinate affection will halt this natural process.

You are always growing. Inordinate affection will halt this natural process.

However, it is not a passive issue where you can fold your arms and wait for you to magically improve as a person or something in your life improves. Through self-reflection, for example, you can discover a lot about yourself, your hidden potential, your weaknesses, and any shortcomings you feel within yourself. This is wonderful because if you are able to reflect on self-criticism, you will always find an opportunity to grow.

What if you are only able to see how wonderful you are and nothing else? You are going to encounter a personal and astronomical block, where possibly your life will not continue developing until you are able to see what things you must change, that is, understand that you are imperfect and that you can be constantly developing. Part of life is changing and improving, therefore, if your inordinate affection tells you that you do not have to improve, you should reflect more than anyone else, because these feelings will bring you many problems.

You are not able to receive help from third parties because you simply do not want it.

And here we have a pretty big problem. Not only can you grow by yourself by realizing things, but you can also grow thanks to experiences that are often caused by other people around you. In fact, this is one of the positive factors that makes us beings who know how to live in a community and grow together. However, for this to be the case, it is important that you are willing to grow and be corrected.

When you feel inordinate affection, you will never see the things that you have to change. What’s more, they will think that it is others who are wrong, creating pressure and negativity in other people who feel affection towards you, and they want to give you advice because they are able to see that you could change something, or simply tell you that Although your ideas are good, the alternative is possibly better.

When inordinate affection is not present, you open your heart and bring people closer to you.

When inordinate affection is not present, you open your heart and bring people closer to you.

When you have both your eyes and your heart open, people will gradually surround you. Most of the people around you have good intentions for your life. Therefore, in many negative situations, you are the one who pushes your friends out of your circle, especially if you have an inordinate affection for yourself. Not being able to see your problems or your possibilities for improvement, you will stop growing and little by little your life will become blocked.

And what about other people?

Here I want to comment on two things. Two important points that you should take into account, and that I hope will help you in your reflection, especially if you feel a great, inordinate affection for yourself, or for other people. In fact, feeling this way about other people could be dangerous depending on your attitude and mindset. But first, I want to finish talking about the problems when these feelings are towards yourself.

You push other people out of your life.

You have to keep one thing in mind, it is not correct to change something every time a person suggests something to you. For example, if a person tells you, “You should drive more aggressively so other drivers will respect you,” you may not agree. Another person might tell you, “You could give more examples when you explain something to make it easier to understand,” and you might also disagree. In fact, it is possible that that person is wrong, but it is not your inordinate affection that indicates that but rather your own reflection on the subject.

Many times, friends and acquaintances can tell you something to improve your life or change something for the better. Other times, these people may give us advice with the intention of improving the connection, or politely indicate that you do something that bothers that person. It could be either interrupting her when she is talking or maybe because she talks about the same topic constantly and wants to have more fruitful conversations with you.

What happens if we are not able to listen? Each person is as they are, and that is why we connect better with some people than others. This does not mean that your inordinate affection forces everyone around you to change and become attached to you. It also doesn’t mean you have to change everything they tell you. It means that you have a neutral emotion about the situation and that you study it thoroughly, because perhaps you will find new ideas that will help you improve as a person, and it will also improve your relationship.

You might catch other people in your circle.

This is a very important problem as well where you could have a number of problems, some of them very serious. This is when you feel inordinate affection towards another person and you are not able to see beyond it.

You can entrap another person when you feel inordinate affection towards them.

You can entrap another person when you feel inordinate affection towards them.

This could turn into several problems that I want to just mention and comment on very briefly.

  • Create a toxic relationship. Your affection towards that specific person may be so extreme that you do not accept the fact that you cannot have a relationship with that person, whatever the relationship may be. This can lead to a toxic and even abusive attitude where you will only push that person further away.
  • Idealize a person incorrectly. To begin with, it is not good to have idols, of course, you can follow the advice of a person who inspired you, but for example, society has a disproportionate and very extreme affection towards famous people, when they are people just like you. By worshiping another person, you will never be able to see the problems that person could potentially have. This is very true in romantic relationships, where perhaps you ignore the red flags because you don’t like them.
  • Losing important connections. If you become obsessed with one person, you may very well stop trying to bring new people into your life. Little by little you will become trapped with this person with whom you feel an excess of disproportionate affection, becoming very dangerous if that person also feels inordinate affection towards you, or even worse if that person has narcissistic feelings and attitudes.

Inordinate affection is unnecessary, you have to have a balance.

And this is like with everything in life, you have to have an emotional balance towards other people and towards yourself. I remind you that the Principle of Polarity tells us that nature itself has opposite poles. That is, perfection does not exist. Therefore, as always I advise. Constantly question everything, even yourself, and always find constant development but with good alignment with the Universe.

Self-love (as well as love for other people) is essential, and super important, but don’t go overboard, okay? Next week, we will continue with self-reflection. We are going to talk about how to successfully breaking spiritual barriers and develop yourself a little every day. It is important to make this reflection from love, not from judgment. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday!

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