Are you breaking spiritual barriers? 4 Steps that will help you.

When you are breaking spiritual barriers, you are little by little transforming your life. Many times we put restraints on ourselves, and furthermore, we are not aligned correctly. I want to help you get to that moment where you are breaking spiritual barriers, and finding the spiritual development you need to feel great and be more connected.
Breaking Spiritual Barriers will help you a lot.

Are you breaking spiritual barriers?

Thank you as always for coming to the blog, it is a pleasure to write for you, so I hope that everything I share is helping you. What did you think of the entry about inordinate affection? My intention for today is to talk about breaking spiritual barriers. When you follow this path, you will have results that will surprise you. In fact, this is the main topic we are going to touch on today.

If you are reading this, you are already breaking spiritual barriers, since you are learning new things, and as always, I invite you to question everything (including this article), and without rushing, explore how all this information flows within your Soul. In fact, this is the correct way to break any deception. Either because of someone or something that someone has imposed belief on you, or something that you have decided to take as real.

When you accept a spiritual belief unconditionally, for example, in most religions, you are blocking all your possibilities, and in a way you are breaking your spirit, or rather, your personal and spiritual development. There will only be a change when you experience a phase of breaking spiritual barriers.

Therefore, I want to comment a little more on this topic and give you a few steps from my humble point of view where I believe your spiritual life could improve.

What exactly does it mean to break these blocks?

Breaking Spiritual Barriers open a new world in front of you.

Breaking Spiritual Barriers open a new world in front of you.

Let’s get to the point. Spirituality in this world has many variants and ways of seeing how it flows in life, and what will happen after death. In fact, our society is structured around these issues. It is for this reason that religion is so popular and important to everyone. To approach this topic neutrally, I am not going to mention any specific religion. Maybe I’ll say some things I think about religion, as well as about spirituality.

Since we are little, they try to impose the religion that our parents have on most of us. I’m sure this situation also applies to you since I also include atheism, agnosticism, and of course, spirituality. However, it is not always the case that this works well. You may have changed your beliefs, and the spirituality in your life is totally different than that of your parents.

It is precisely such a situation that leads us to a phase of breaking spiritual barriers, but if it is due to our desire and power of decision, it is very good that this phase arrives in your life, because it will change you forever. When we go through this phase, we all question it, and we turn everything upside down. Even when changing religions, this step is very real. However, from the experience of many people and our own, this step is much more real and stronger when we are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

What happens during spiritual awakening?

As you are breaking spiritual barriers, you are spiritually awakening.

As you are breaking spiritual barriers, you are spiritually awakening.

I want to say that this phase in each person’s spiritual life is very, very personal and different. It is not good to compare the spiritual awakening of two different people since they are both very different. Both people have walked different paths, and have had lessons and impacts from their respective parents that have resulted in a different development.

Therefore, the way these two people see things will be very different, even if they both reach the same destination. They will have done it through very different paths, and the experiences that dictate life will also be unique for each person.

However, something very common that has to do with breaking spiritual barriers is the new understanding of things, greatly influenced by the knowledge and learning that we received when we were little. Spiritual awakening is not easy, but it is a necessary step for our development as souls. Many times, we have to eradicate the foundations that we have grown up with, and for some people, this can be very difficult emotionally.

Therefore, I want to give you 4 steps that will help you a lot in your spiritual development, especially if you are breaking spiritual barriers and old beliefs. It’s easier to do things with support, so I hope this helps you.

Question the information you see necessary.
If you are breaking Spiritual Barriers, you will start questioning everything.

If you are breaking Spiritual Barriers, you will start questioning everything.

The first step is to find and make a solid foundation. When you break spiritual barriers, you sometimes feel without a foundation on which to stand, which brings a lot of uncertainty because it will make you question if you are taking the right steps. Normally, religion asks you to accept what they offer and make what they offer your spiritual foundations. This is very comfortable, but especially in the spiritual, it is not like that.

It is in fact, quite the opposite. The first thing you learn is to question things, and precisely that is why you are breaking spiritual barriers. You are breaking down foundations and barriers that did not allow you to grow in the desired direction, towards where you want to grow.

By questioning things, you won’t feel so trapped, as you will have a correct understanding of what is happening. And if you don’t have it, you will know how to continue looking for new information and new help from third parties to help you decide which is the right path. To create a new base in your spirituality, where perhaps you have no barriers, or at least, if you have some, you have put that barrier on yourself, it is something that you want and therefore, it is perfect for you.

With the information in hand, discard what you don’t want, and implement what you need.
You discard what you don't need when breaking spiritual barriers.

You discard what you don’t need when breaking spiritual barriers.

Another super important step is to start using the information you are receiving. Especially if you feel lost or the fact that breaking spiritual barriers is becoming difficult for you, it is very important that you have the right information. During this phase in your life, you will receive a lot of information, and you will question both old and new things. Depending on your realizations about things, you should completely discard what you don’t need.

When you already understand something, do not dwell on it unnecessarily, as it will make you feel trapped, and with the feeling that you are not progressing. And a similar feeling in the polarity of the situation; too much new information that you are looking forward to implementing in your life. Therefore, when you begin to discover new things, deepen as much as you can in that thing, and do your best to give it time and full attention.

If you have connected with something, you want to implement it in your life, and this requires changes and sacrifices, however, you know that it will take you on the path you want, and this will make you much stronger, and will improve this transition in your life.

The changes come little by little and with patience. This is not a race.
Remember that breaking spiritual barriers takes time. Don't rush!

Remember that breaking spiritual barriers takes time. Don’t rush!

And this takes us to the next step, which is knowing how to do things. As I said before, dedicating full attention while you are breaking spiritual barriers is super important. But like everything, you have to know how to do it, and the best thing in this case is to take one step at a time, and not try to run before you know how to walk well. The path of spirituality is something that will accompany you throughout your life, so you really don’t have to be in a hurry to finish. There will always be something more and the opportunity to continue growing.

If there are a lot of things you feel like implementing at once, avoid them, especially if they are larger changes. In this case, once again self-analysis plays an essential role. So, if you have many things to change, you have to find which of them makes you feel most connected. Observe how your intuition guides you to decide to deal with one of those things and leave the others for later.

In this way, you will be able to fortify one thing at a time, but the good thing about this is that you will feel a little less that you are breaking spiritual barriers because little by little you see that you have a new, more solid foundation, and furthermore, this is a base that you are building yourself, so you can root yourself much more. You will find that it will be easier for you to find balance, as well as find healing in many others.

The right people will give you a boost.
The right person will support you when breaking spiritual barriers.

The right person will support you when breaking spiritual barriers.

Remember that he is not alone. Many people are breaking spiritual barriers, especially at these moments in our existence, thanks in part to the Principle of Correspondence. And since this is the case, it is a perfect situation for mutual and reciprocal help. Therefore, an important step here is to surround yourself with people who are also developing like you. It is much easier to do things in a company than alone. Furthermore, in spirituality, two people add up to much more than one plus one.

You will continue to have doubts, and as you are breaking spiritual barriers you will see things that you do not understand, or that you would like to experience, but you do not know how. Consulting with other people will be your best opportunity to grow better and transform yourself. Plus, you also have the opportunity to help other people, something that will make you feel great.

Therefore, it is important that you meet more people on the same path so that it is more pleasant. Here, of course, you have to apply the first point. Questioning things is super important, and will always be part of your life.

When you are breaking spiritual barriers, you are awakening.

Now it’s your turn, you are your guide, and although you can always ask for help (I offer coaching if you think it can help you), in the end, all the focus and effort you are putting in matters. When you are breaking spiritual barriers, you grow a lot. The path is easier than you think if you follow these tips, but remember, this path never ends, there is always more to learn and improve.

Next week we are going to talk about how to sleep well. Are you investing your time in sleeping correctly? I’m going to give you seven steps to sleep better so that you can reflect and improve little by little. It is important to make this reflection from love, not from judgment if you do something wrong, and we will talk about that next week. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday!

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