How can you prolong your Lucid Dreams and minimize sleep paralysis (2-2)

Dream Manipulation: How to enhance your dreams and get the most!
Dream manipulation will enable you to decide in your dreams.

How to stabilize a lucid dream with proper dream manipulation?

Hi again, so here I come with more. In last’s week’s entry, we talked about sleep paralysis and how to prolong dreams. I am sure that if you have been doing some dream-work this week related to chaining dreams, you already have witnessed the power of chaining dreams. But remember, do not be too greedy! I want to bring something extra this week. Something that will massively help you out in enhancing the quality and duration of your lucid dreams. Dream manipulation will enable you to decide what you desire; you will be both the main star and the director.

And before we keep going, I want to let you know that November’s forecast is ready and uploaded on my Youtube channel. I want to give you this first notice because it happens again (happened earlier in the year, remember?) that the month’s first Wednesday is on the 7th! I will still send the blog post as usual, but you can go for it here if you want to check the Forecast earlier.

Knowing how to stabilize dreams is essential for dream manipulation.

I just wanted to share my technique to stabilize my dreams. I have prolonged lucid dreams quite a bit, thanks to dream stabilization. Sometimes, you lose it so fast that you can’t recover it, but many times, if you want, you can save it. I am going to share all my processes before and during the process.

First steps.

When I suspect of being dreaming, I do a few Reality Checks. It is always good to do plenty of these. Upon seeing I am dreaming. I do one gravity or hand reality check, already knowing I am dreaming but intending to ground in the dream and bring further clarity.

I make sure to be able to take off flying as soon as possible. If I am indoors, I try to open the exit door if it’s close, but I fly through it if there is a window. I also try to spin within my axis, but not too fast, or you can teleport (will change the whole dream setting) or wakeup. Usually, the window shatters, so it is okay (it will not hurt, of course) not to even open it. You may bounce back so that opening may work better for you.

If you are a natural flyer, I would recommend you used flying to make the dream more stable. Your consciousness will be happy and will push the brain to keep rendering your dream.

NOTE: If flying is not your prime skill or is hard for you, do not try to do it right off the bat because if you do, you will either fail to fly, crash and wake up, or wake up right away. Instead shutout, “More Clarity,” as well as imagining everything becomes clearer. Or use the next technique below.

OTHER NOTE: Make sure at 100% you are dreaming. In case of doubt, try to exit from wherever you are and try to take off from the ground.

How can I get better at dream manipulation, and what are the benefits?

I use this one to prolong dreams, but if you cannot make it clear or stable, it is great to use too for that intent. Grab something from the dream world. The more stimuli it gives, the better. (It is better to grab a wet branch from a tree than a lighter sitting next to you, for example. You want to make sure it activates your touch senses, except painful stuff) However, if you are trying to save the dream because it is fading, you need to do what you have around.

Grab whatever you can and start rubbing it within your hand. You can massage your own hands too, but this one does not work very well for most, and it neither does for me. However, it is always good for you to give it a try. Your dream will become crystal clear, or at least, you will feel you are no longer waking up, and you are more in control of things. Dream manipulation gets better and better as you practice.

Spinning, a known technique: Force your mind to focus on the dream instead of waking up.

Another way to make the dreams stable that it works very well is to start spinning within the dream. Out of a lot of literature and people’s experiences, this is also a great way to make the dream stable. Honestly, I’m not fond of this one very much. The main reason is that you may get ported to an entirely different setting. Therefore, ultimately, different dreams. If you were doing a dream challenge, maybe you have blown it. You will have to start over again. It is not a big issue; in the end, you can always teleport back. However, if the above work better for you, go with them. Try this one if the above ones do not work that well.

And there is one more way, which is the same technique as teleporting. You can find a door, any door, and set the intention that it will take you to a place you love (a beach, a beautiful forest, space, up to you). As you go through the door, you might make it to the desired place. This alone will anchor you more rooted in your dream, hence, a correct dream manipulation or prolongation.

You can chain different dreams when you learn to manipulate them.

How to manipulate your dreams to get everything you want?

Now you can make your dreams much more stable, and you can also chain them and prevent awakening if you want to. There is a limit where you will wake up regardless, but you might dream way too much when skilled.  If you keep on prolonging and chaining lucid dreams, the earlier memories will be in danger. Sometimes it is not that easy awakening yourself, but you can do it.

Some common and easy ways:

  • Starting at something: if you stop moving your dream-eyes, you can stop the REM phase and wake up. This one is the most reliable of them all.
  • Having sex: This always gets intense, sometimes more than in real life. Too intense in a lucid dream means awakening. Go for it, and you will sure awaken (focus on wanting to awaken, as if you make it a sex dream, your earlier memories will be in jeopardy).
  • Asking a dream character to wake you up: Sometimes, it gets as easy as this. Usually, dream characters will push you or maybe shake you, and you wake up.
  • Fly upwards while you think of nothingness, focusing on your physical body: When you do, after a moment, you will wake up. Make sure to focus on your physical body and awakening all the time. If you do not think of your body doing this, you can trigger an Astral Projection. I can assure you; you will have an enjoyable experience. Much better than the lucid dream, but you will forget most of your lucid(s). You will recall only the projection. It is up to you here.

Once you learn dream manipulation properly, you will know how to wake yourself up efficiently.

Are you sure that you woke up? Are you dreaming?

Once you wake up, make sure to do a reality check. You have massive chances to “false-awake” and thus, still, be dreaming (you can even dream you wrote the whole thing down). Sometimes it is like your mind fights for you not to do it! If you false-awoke, grab your dream journal and stare at it, asking yourself to wake up. If you cannot find your dream journal on your “dream night table,” then stare at whatever is closest, but only stare there and don’t move. Do not try to wake yourself up with sex here (even if your mind spawned your naked and happy partner next to you) because it may obliterate the prior lucids you had.

If you false awake, wake yourself back again. Keep doing it in the same sense until you wake up. You can easily have one false awakening, you may have two, possibly three, but sometimes you can have several in a row, even dozens. Or even astral project. If you find yourself in bed, and you believe you wrote your dream down, check your journal, and do a few reality checks. I insist false awakenings are very deceiving.

Beware from false awakenings; they can be extremely deceiving.

I have heard and read crazy stories from people losing beautiful, lucid dreams due to false awakenings. I read in one of Stephen LaBerge‘s books about a little girl who took a car ride for a long trip. She fell asleep to wake up and tell her mom that she dreamt of the lotto numbers, waking up, giving them to the mom, and falling asleep again. The next morning, after the draw, apparently were those numbers. The girl, excited, told the parents about it. The mom had no idea because she slept the whole ride. In other words, a false awakening cost millions to one family, LOL.

So, be sure to make a ton of reality checks…. false awakenings are incredibly deceiving. It does not matter your dream manipulation skills; the false awakening is a mightly lier!!

A false awaken might not only cost you a beautiful dream that got obliterated, but you can also even lose millions of dollars!

Next week, being the first Wednesday of the month, the Forecast will be the main topic! Even though you can check it earlier due to the calendar, I want to make sure it posts here. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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