Healing Through Forgiveness: Discovering the Power of True Reconciliation

Learn to find real and necessary healing through forgiveness but in the right way. It's time to reflect and be able to heal completely.
Healing through forgiveness

Forgiveness: Learn to find the real and necessary healing

Hello, I hope you are doing great! I hope the tips to combat insomnia from last week are helping you. Knowing how to meditate in bed is essential for those most difficult moments when our sleep is compromised. This week we are going to talk about forgiveness. There is no entry on this topic, and I haven’t mentioned much about it either. Several of you have asked me if I have any posts on this subject, so here is the first one.

My idea as I start writing is to talk about how we can find healing through forgiveness in the right way. I will comment on a few things to help you reflect on the subject. When we talk about forgiveness, we mean both other people and ourselves. The latter is often difficult to find, which is a fundamental reason to find moments of silence and reflect on yourself.

I forgive… who do I have to forgive, and why?

The first and most important thing is understanding forgiveness and how it should be carried out. I want to start by asking for forgiveness from astral beings. As I explained in previous posts, our Spirit Guides are our trusted friends. I have presented to you that the Guides feel that they are on the same level as us, spiritually speaking, and therefore, they do not want us to feel inferior or that we worship them. And the same is true of forgiveness.

For our Guides, asking for forgiveness is unnecessary, and the correct way to show that forgiveness is by taking actions that serve our highest purpose. The goal of our Guides is our well-being and spiritual development. It doesn’t matter who the Guide is, be it an archangel, an ancestor, or an Ascended Master like Jesus Christ or Buddha. It is unnecessary to adore them or ask for their forgiveness since we cannot offend a Spiritual Guide either. The worst thing we can cause them is a specific “sorry” because we are destroying ourselves, and they don’t want that for us.

How to find forgiveness for other people.

Here we have two situations when we have to ask a person for forgiveness and when we have to forgive a person.

When asking a person for forgiveness, the same thing applies or is similar to the Guides. Finding the feeling of forgiveness in your heart is essential because this will bring the necessary changes and actions. This should not be done because it is the right thing to do but because you really feel it is necessary. Therefore, before reaching forgiveness, it is essential to reflect on the situation, cause, and effect created by this situation.

Once we reflect, we understand how to approach this forgiveness. Sometimes looking the person in the eye with real feelings and offering an honest apology is an ideal first step. Sometimes this option is not possible, and you will have to start with the second step, which is the change and the appropriate actions that show forgiveness to that person.

If a person has done this damage to you and you have to forgive them, you should take several things into account. First, understand the situation; this is always super important. From here, it’s something personal, but self-healing is super important in any case. Knowing the person and the situation will help you act one way or another. However, if you do not find or do not want to forgive for some reason, you should eliminate this energy from your heart as soon as possible and find at least one positive wish for that person, even if you want them to be as far away as possible. Possible of your lives.

Find forgiveness for oneself.

Here we perhaps enter the most delicate part of the matter. Let’s say you’ve done something in your life that you regret, and you’ve really understood the damage you’ve done. What has happened, you cannot change, but you can learn from it and grow. First, I would recommend introspection in silence so that you can analyze the whole situation well. Once this is a fact, you will have to find new paths and solutions so that this issue does not repeat itself, to show yourselves that you have grown due to this problem.

From here, focusing over and over again on the damage you have done (either to other people or to yourselves) does not contribute anything; what is more, thanks to the principles of Mentalism and Correspondence, you could attract these problems again. When there is learning, it is crucial to understand that we are human beings having an experience on Earth, and this means making mistakes many times. If we have learned what is necessary and will not repeat those mistakes, we must find self-forgiveness and let it flow.

You have to have a balance.

Really, the goal of this entry is for you to be fairer with yourselves, and you are not excessively punishing yourself for depending on what things. Due to karma, sometimes, even before we are born, we agree to experience certain things in life to grow at the Soul level. Therefore, learning when we have to solve something with another person or with ourselves is vital. And, of course, improve our actions where necessary.

And that’s all! I hope it helps you reflect and, above all, you forgive yourself. We are often toxic with our person and do not give it enough value. Finding and completing forgiveness strengthens us and lessens the chances of future actions requiring new forgiveness. Next week we have the forecast reading for June 2023. You already have it available on Youtube, but I will make it official on the web next week, as always. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday!

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