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Master Plants: Why they are here and what do they bring us?

Master plants are also powerful teachers and healers.

Written by Fernando Albert

December 13, 2017

Master Plants: How are they, and what wisdom they bring to us.

Hi, folks! I hope you enjoyed the Forecast! Here we are another week. I am going to talk about a topic you guys have been asking me about. I have received a lot of questions about the use of Master Plants for spiritual growth. Through readings, you get to learn from the wisdom of many Spirit Guides about these. I believe it is an excellent time to share a few points about these.

As the whole earth awakens, the interest of the many changes. Some of these new interests revolve around the use of sacred plants for spiritual wisdom. I want to share a few points about these plants. It gets to the point that it is up to each one’s spirituality to decide to gather wisdom from these plant teachers. You can find incredible to terrible information about these, lies or big truths and even laws that will not allow you to consume these plants.

We are, in a way, trapped “consciousness battle,” and we cannot rely on external sources to decide whether or not to embark on one of these journeys. For this very reason, I am only going to focus on sharing my findings from readings and from the wisdom that Spirit shares about this topic. I am not going to focus on any plant in specific, I will allow that job to a shaman well suited to this type of wisdom, but I will focus on the act of consuming master plants and what I learned from spirit about it through many readings where this topic came up.

Master plants are not necessary for a spiritual awakening.

I want to briefly share that you do not need to use any external aids to awaken and develop spiritually. It is poorly mistaken that to awaken, the need to consume one of these is a must. For some people, sacred plants may be on their spiritual path, but maybe they are not present to others. I want to point out that you should never use one of these plants to advance spiritually quickly. It never works that way, and spirit always guides advice against that.

Some people may need to experience a journey with these plants, bringing them life lessons, spiritual insight, epiphanies, realizations, awareness of self, and more. However, this does not mean you will experience that only if you consume these plants. As others, do they walk through their spiritual journey without the need to consume any of these. Having or not to consume these master plants does not make you more or less spiritual, as these may or may not belong in your path.

Please don’t force it; allow it to happen.

You will know if they do (one or more specific plants.) You will, in the same way, know that a crystal wants to connect with you. The reason why you should not follow any advice. Other than from your heart and consciousness when deciding to embark on a journey with one of these plants.  These plants are potent, so it is essential to consume them at the right time if they are on your journey. I have witnessed through reading others that plant teachers from Earth do bring amazing life-changing transformations, leading to accelerated spiritual growth and a new approach to life.

However, this applies only to those who are meant to have these experiences in their life path. Spiritual growth is the most popular intention to consume these plants, but as I said, spiritual awakening and development can still be a reality without the use of these. If you are embarking on your spiritual journey, I recommend you get started with meditation, self-analysis, visualization, and realization!

Meditation can take you very far without the need of Master Plants.

Time distortion and loss of ego.

The most well-known effect out from most of these plants. This part is what brings people to consume these more recreationally. However, even with that goal in mind, spiritual wisdom may still become available to the user. These teachers high-wire our consciousness with higher planes of existence. In addition to the physical effects they may cause to our brain. While I am not an expert in the field, apparently, most of these plants bring no harm to the human body. However,  they do provide profound synergies in our brains.

At a more spiritual level, what happens is that these master plants dramatically empower our astral senses. Sometimes to the point of losing touch with reality.  The reason is why these plants alter space-time perception. More recreationally, it brings laughter and joy. More spiritually, you may navigate other planes of existence and get more out from your astral senses. People have shared great journeys with me in the past. I want to point out; can also experience this with astral projection without using any of these.

Your astral journey will be much more stable without these in your system. If you have a very profound experience, you may lose the sense of self during the journey. You became more in tune with your soul and disconnected from your physical body. Furthermore, you are pushing your ego further away from you. It will help you to analyze your life or a specific situation from a non-linear-time zone. Without any ego nor judgment on yourself. You can reach this level through astral projection as well.

Profound healing and spiritual challenges.

Some of these plants are more intended for learning spiritual lessons, while others are more intended for healing. Some of these plants will provide physical and spiritual purge upon consumption. Others will act as a mirror and will show you who you are. Precisely the reason that you should only consume them if they are a part of your journey. If they are, you will know. If you consume these from an egotistic perspective, you may not enjoy what you see in the mirror. You will most likely end up with a severe life lesson or having to face multiple challenges at once.

Those who have set the intentions to heal and have spiritual growth will get a lot out of it. Profound healing can occur, primarily if you establish the intent of receiving healing after or during the experience. I want to point out that you may accept different teachings while you set your intentions if those serve your highest purpose. It will be up to your higher self and the wisdom of the Master Plant you consumed for your journeys to go in the most needed direction.

Among others, there are few other benefits you may experience. Feeling much more connected with yourself and your life is a typical one. You will appreciate your surroundings much more and have a higher desire to keep moving forward with your life. And you can also solve personal issues if you question and work on them while under the effects on these plants.

To name a few.

I wanted to revolve around the spiritual aspect because it comes to me a lot as a question. It would be best if you kept something in mind. If you decide to consume any of these plants, be ready. You may go from a very tough to a beautiful experience. There is indeed a lot, like a lot out there about these. I wanted to stay in the “more spiritual” zone for this matter. So, I am going to leave it here. My best advice here if any of these master plant teachers come knocking at your door. You do plenty of research and ensure you have the right intention set. You will know when the time is right if it ever comes for you.

And this is pretty much it. As I said before, I like to write about what I know, based on my findings, through readings in this case. But I will leave it here since I pretty much-covered everything I wanted to share. By the way, a shamanic journey can be compelling with these.

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