Meet a creature with empathy and feelings beyond human imagination: The Horse!

The Horse: Meet a creature with feelings beyond human imagination.
The horse has a powerful heart chakra.

Horses have a big heart and a capacity to feel powerful emotions

Hi everybody! Did your abundance grow thanks to gratitude? A few weeks ago, I wrote about cats and their spiritual gifts (you can read it here). This week I’m going to talk about another animal, the horse, whose ability to feel is possibly much higher than that of the human being. I’ll tell you an anecdote, and you’ll see why. It’s going to be a short entry since I’m not an expert on horses! However, it is something I wanted to share.

The horse is perhaps, after the dog and cat, one of man’s favorite animals. Throughout our history, horses have had a significant impact on our lives. Even today, many people live day by day with horses, as they are high coworkers. I have enjoyed connecting spiritually with these magnificent creatures through healing, both in-person and remotely. I have realized that horses are creatures with a capacity for love that is unimaginable.

Know yourself! As the horse will feel you deeply!

Eye contact with a horse is compelling.

I have discovered through these sessions that horses are much more connected to their subconscious than the vast majority (if not all) of humans are. Horses are also susceptible to energies, and this is one of the reasons they are easily scared. These animals are very empathetic and can perceive and distinguish the feelings of different people. Those who have a horse in their family know this very well.

Horses drink dozens of gallos of water a day.

Horses symbolize progress, strength, and loyalty. By the simple fact of having a horse in your family, you will already notice positive energy that primarily benefits the lower Chakras. Have you ever looked into a horse’s eyes? If you do and keep the contact for a few seconds, you’ll know what I mean.

Other animals generally are very empathic.

I will tell you a story about a day that I visited a stable with my wife. I did not know them, but my wife did (she had to go several times a week for work stuff). As we approached the horse, I could feel great sadness. I decided to block the energy since I knew it was my empathy that warned me. I intended to heal the horse that night, period. However, I could feel how, little by little, the sadness was invading more and more my heart, and I could not block that empathic connection.

I realized that the horse’s ability to feel is at a much higher level than a human’s. I could notice this connection even after we left the stable. In the end, I discussed what happened with one of the teachers, and she said that the horse’s owner had some problems, and the animal felt very sad. However, horses are powerful self-healers.

The feeling was almost as strong as I felt a few months ago in a train full of people who were going to work (two years after this entry).

When I sent energy to this horse at night, I could see the energy of his heart and navel Chakra. An intense feeling of gratitude filled my soul. A few days later, with the optimum care of his caretakers, the horse was happy again. I wanted to share this with all of you since horses have been animals that the human being has abused (and still does) a lot. It is good to spread this aspect of horses, and if any of you have a horse in your family, treat him with respect, love, and affection since he loves you much more than you can feel in human life.

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And that is all! I had not much else to say, more than to share this. Next week, we will talk about the Ego and how it influences us in life (both good and bad) and its impact on a spiritual level. This entry will help you see life differently and perhaps even make some adjustments. So, it’s time to say, until next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Meet a creature with empathy and feelings beyond human imagination: The Horse!

  1. Amber says:

    Ah! I spent most of my childhood around horses and cats and when I wasn’t in school. No wonder my empathy is strong!

    1. Yeah, we have a lot to learn from our fellow “Earth neighbours” 🙂

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