Can we control our dreams? How to dream in “manual.”

Dream control: Is it possible to dominate them? How to dream in "manual."
Dream control is amazing.

Can we control our dreams?

Hey, hey, everybody! How is it going? I hope you are having an excellent August 🙂 I am happy to see that so many of you ended up grabbing the third eye attunement. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your a ton also your feedbacks on these activations. It is essential to work on all the chakras, especially if you are activating them. Even we are talking about dream control so that a healthy third eye will be your best friend!

In short, yes, we can control dreams. And I have a big load of blog posts about lucid dreams and how to lucid dream right here. While I have a paid lucid dreaming course, I like to share this stuff, so this is one other blog post about dreaming! It would be best if you had confidence, as with everything in life.

In the US, by default, you get to drive an automatic car (which is a blessing!) In some countries in Europe, manual vehicles rule the roads! If you ask someone who loves driving (especially sports driving), they will choose the manual car. How about dreaming? Do you like automatic dreaming, or would you prefer to decide what happens?

We need to have more control in our life to have it in our dreams.

By default, thanks to our society, our mind is geared for automatic “driving,” or, to relate this to the topic at hand, automatic dreaming, which in other words, non-lucid dreaming. Basically, this means not to be aware of your dream while it happens, and neither to have waking memory recall during the dream. Here, you may or may not control your dreams, but you are still on “automatic-dreaming,” hence, not being aware you are in a dream and neither have waking memory recall as shared above. 

So, when I talk about dream control, I am assuming we are already at the point where you are entirely lucid, and you are trying to use some super-powers, but you fail. Because using super-powers (when you want to) in a lucid dream equals dream control, not lucidity. First of all, make sure you are fully lucid in your dream and stable.

If you are still a little lost with lucid dreaming, you can either check out more of my stuff right here, and if you are more of a watcher rather than a reader, I have created five hours plus video course for lucid dreaming. You will get all you need to go, and I invite you to check it out at this link.

It is essential to master your dreams a little to have more control in your lucid dreams.

So, we can control dreams, but like everything in life, it takes practice. The more you do it, the better. A lucid dream with dream control means manual driving because you get to be completely aware of your dream while it is happening, and also, you get to control the dream itself. You can be a lucid dreamer and still have little to no control over some of your dreams. I have been lucid dreaming my whole life, and my dream control keeps growing and improving. But I have had lucid dreams with little control and non-lucid dreams with dream control.

After driving over 120.000 miles in the US, I had to get my license in Europe with a manual car… It was like being a beginner all over again. Except for the usual new driver’s fears such as a truck next to you, other vehicles -when driving ok- etc., which of course, I did not have! The scary part was the stick and the extra pedal, ha!

In lucid dreams you can multiply!

“Automatic Driving” in dreams is not convenient.

The same goes for improving your dream control. The more you lucid dream and practice dream control, the better. Once again, like everything in life, it takes practice! In the course mentioned above, I have a few classes about dream control actually, and if you want, you can also check on my Youtube channel the new lucid dreaming challenges I just released. Brand new at Youtube but proven for years at Lucid Dreaming communities to work. You can check the first challenge here. They are a lot of fun!

And, to give you a little more, I will share some tips for you to enhance your dream control and get better at it. It is much easier than you think. You can even visit the astral plane.

Keep in mind: Passion and dedication are essential.

  • Start small; try starting easy things. For example, flying must be one of your primary abilities. Why walking when you can fly? I do dream-stabilization with flying. I would recommend this as a proper stabilization technique, but only if you are prone to flying and it comes naturally to you.
  • If you have trouble with basic stuff, try to make your dream more stable. Stability helps wonders. Say (in the dream) out loud, “More Clarity,” this helps typically. It is not my favorite; mine is to grab something small (it does not matter; you can pull a branch from a plant or grab a small object you see). It must fit between your hands. Rub this object with your hands while you focus on getting more involved in the dream. Doing this will “ground you” in the dream and will enhance dream control. I have extended the duration of some lucid dreams doing this.
  • Try to do “easier” things, stuff that your brain knows (out from video games, movies, etc.), such as telekinesis on a small object. As you can, work on more significant objects or multiples. Make sure these are easier. The key is trying stuff you usually watch on the TV (I bet it is easier for starters nowadays with so much Marvel!)

Remember: Rushing will only delay you.

  • If you want to time travel, for example, and you can’t time jump by yourself (it takes practice), you can always ask for help. Most of the time, you will receive support. Enter a random store and ask the clerk to find you a time machine.… and most likely, it will happen. I had trouble going to the Sun, for example, and in a dream, I once saw a school bus where you could choose where to go. I wanted the Sun, and the bus started to fill up with people, all ready to go to the Sun.

Dream control helps you to also navigate through different dream states. You may use dream control to perform a reality check and turn lucid or work your way up to super-lucidity. You can find a blog entry that talks about different types of dreams if you want to check it out!

As you can see, everything is really in our minds since our dreams occur in our heads.

As you can see, it is all down to our minds; after all, our dreams happen in our heads. We can control that. There are more natural and harder things for the brain to do. Also, our limiting self-beliefs and our beliefs in the laws of physics due to apparent reasons get in the way of dreams, making them more real-life alike. Because reality checks matter a lot, your mind will not reproduce all the laws of physics perfectly, gravity being one of the laws that fail the most.

But, since your mind creates everything, if you ask someone to give you a hand, they will do most of the time, agree, and say yes (including sex or whatever crazy stuff). Dream characters will always find or give you what you need. Sometimes the mind resists. If so, ask another person or go to another store. As for every door you open, a whole new setting can be rendered in your mind, and it makes it easier to find your desire. Usually, if the first store failed, the second one will work, as your mind is preparing/rendering it for you.

Thanks to this, summoning people in dreams is easy or teleporting; it is straightforward. You only need a door and know your target is on the other side. It usually happens, or there are a few more anomalies between (extra doors, massive bathrooms, etc., keep opening doors.) And these are fun (open a toilet door and finding an immense bathroom with hundreds of toilets.)

So, I hope this gives you a hand with dream control. The more you try, the better; this is the key.

Keep trying things that become harder and harder for you.

Try to make Milky Way and Andromeda and collide, for example, or create a planet and visit it; it is not that hard, hence exhilarating; it is lots of fun.

So, next week we will be talking more about dreams. People ask me to bring a lot of these. I will share in a short and easy read the foundations you need to experience conscious dreaming and lucid dream the fastest, bestest, and easiest! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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