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Do you want to be amazed? Start Lucid Dreaming today! By taking this course, you will understand much more about Lucid Dreaming and its technique in a few hours. However, this is only the beginning. From here, it will be your dedication, but you can certainly start lucid dreaming tonight!



Start Lucid Dreaming today with a few simple and easy steps

Do you want to Start Lucid Dreaming tonight? You have a fantastic opportunity to get started today! I have taught lucid dreaming through workshops and online courses for over 15 years. Although this is a recorded course, you also have the option of personal advice to get even more out of it and learn even more or perfect your technique. You will begin to have small experiences and even a slight expansion of your consciousness just with daily practice.

I have been lucid dreaming all my life and have done a lot of research and study to compile a complete course, so you will meet with fantastic results right from the start. This course is complete since it also has exercises that you will have to complete to improve your technique as well as helpful guided meditation. You will see that this is a straightforward course that does not have any complications. It is much easier than you think if you let go of labels, ego, and unnecessary beliefs.

Simple and Effective Steps

Get to learn, earn, and practice the foundations of Lucid Dreaming effortlessly. Complicating things doesn’t contribute to positive learning, so this course will always be on point. Repetition also promotes easier learning, so you will see many examples, and situations for the most foundational aspects of Lucid Dreaming. As you go through the course, you will find very easy-to-follow exercises, as well as added practices for you to implement in your life. Some methods also come from Stephen LaBerge, a world-renowned onironaut who also focuses on simplification.

We will start from the basics, and you will be able to keep practicing the basics until you feel ready to move forward. If you follow the course’s instructions, you will know when you can progress versus sticking around a lesson for additional practice. One fantastic thing is that you can learn and progress independently, this is a self-paced dream exploration, although you will also have the potential for a lucid dreaming community connection. You can certainly start lucid dreaming with ease if you invest quality time and passion while you complete this course.

Experience progressive development without complications

If you want to start lucid dreaming you need to keep into account that this is not a race. Perhaps you are looking forward to experiencing your first lucid dream, and you can’t wait, however, impatience is counterproductive, so I will help you to deal with this. So, the progression in this course will be gradual, taking small steps at a time, and meeting with practical exercises to refine your technique. You will feel ready to progress when you see results during the exercises after each few lessons.

As with everything around Meditate with Fernando, here you will find no labels nor unnecessary complications. You want to Lucid Dream, and Lucid Dreaming is the phenomenon of feeling fully conscious while the dream is happening, period. We do not need to complicate it more. As far as the techniques, they will be simple, techniques that you can start doing today. You will be able to progress at your own pace, and achieve lucidity effortlessly.

  • Discover the potential you have to take your Dreams to the next level and start lucid dreaming.
  • Understand the benefits and possibilities of Lucid Dreaming. You will love it!
  • Learn the foundations you need to achieve physical relaxation and understand the best times to induce a Lucid Dream.
  • A little mental order will help you to have a balance and to be able to navigate through your Dreams with more ease.
  • You will see how to overcome the general challenges that you may encounter. Also, you will realize that this will be a more progressive development.
  • Understand what things you have to consider, such as when to do a reality check and how to do them.
  • You will get a Lucid Dreaming Certification of competition when you finish this course.

Keep in mind, that dedication pays off, and this is up to you. This course will give you reasons to keep hooked in your day-to-day activities, because the more you practice, the better your results will be. When you start lucid dreaming, you slowly reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind to be more observant during dreams. If you keep the thought of lucid dreaming in your mind during the day, be certain this thought will replicate during sleep time.

Start Lucid Dreaming to mastery

Discover today that you can start lucid dreaming tonight if you get started with this fantastic course. Check out a few more reasons why you should get started right now. I can pretty much guarantee you will not regret joining this course and starting Lucid Dream:

  • Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Hygiene: Proper sleep hygiene matters a lot for you to succeed with Lucid Dreaming. We will touch base during this course about several aspects for you to do and not to do before bed so you can have greater results.
  • Meditations and exercises: Throughout the entire course, you will find plenty of exercises and helpful guided meditations to reach your lucid dreaming goals. Once you complete the course, you will find additional lucid dreaming challenges to keep honing up your skills.
  • Dream Journaling: One key to success is dream journaling, and throughout this course, you will be reminded several times to do this. When you use a dream journal, you massively increase your chances of lucid dreaming.
  • Nightmares and challenges: During this course, we will also talk about nightmares and other struggles such as sleep paralysis. You will develop a great understanding of these phenomena, and you will learn how to deal with them.
  • Debunk unnecessary lies: As you explore this course and start lucid dreaming, you will discover many false myths about lucid dreams, and especially about sleep paralysis. You will lose any fear, or worries since Lucid Dreaming is completely safe. There are no negative entities attempting to steal your energy, nor sleep paralysis is a bad thing (quite the contrary, it’s a natural process in the brain.)
  • Reality Check Techniques: Another key to succeed in Lucid Dreaming is for you to perform reality checks. You will understand this concept very clearly through the course, and some exercises will require you to implement these in your life. We will talk about the different reality check techniques for you to succeed.
  • Lucid Dreaming Techniques for Beginners: Another key aspect is for you to have something easy to get started. I like easy, so I will share the easy first, for you to set a good foundation, and from here, you can elevate your techniques. The very first steps you will receive will be super easy, and even if you are a total beginner, you will see at least some results right from the start.
  • Dream Control: It is important to not confuse Dream Control with Lucid Dreaming. You may have great dream control during a non-lucid dream, as well as you may have a Lucid Dream with no Dream Control. I will teach you dream control techniques so you can combine the two and get the most out of your dreams.

These are only some of the few aspects that you will experience once you embark on this course. We will talk about other topics that connect when you start lucid dreaming. For example, we will briefly check over out-of-body experiences such as Astral Projection that you may also experience during some lucid dreaming induction techniques.

You will possibly meet some of your Spirit Guides and potentially have other profound spiritual experiences. When you start to lucid dream you might discover that this is the beginning of a profound spiritual path for you. It is true that sometimes you can even connect with loved ones in Spirit, however, you will need some technique here, to both accomplish it, and to ensure that you are connected with your real loved ones, and not dreamed versions.

Live transformative dream experiences

As you keep exploring your dreams, you will grow a lot by getting to know better yourself, and how do you dream. As you grow more aware of your dreams, you will understand a lot more your thought process, yielding to a better performance in your day-to-day doings. You will be more confident in yourself, and you will project this confidence in other individuals, yielding better results in your personal and professional connections.

Furthermore, you can experience profound dreams now and then. Maybe you seek something specific during your lucid dreams, and upon finding it, you can make a huge impact in your life. Or perhaps you awaken from an amazing and very profound dream, leaving you with an afterglow that lasts for weeks. These after-glows attract more positive energy and live situations, related or not related to your dreams, thanks to the Principle of Vibration. If you have positive energy, you attract more, it’s simple!

Start Lucid Dreaming today with personalized guidance

I had and continue to work with hundreds of individuals to start lucid dreaming in various ways. If during class you have questions, or perhaps you need support for one of the assignments, you will be able to reach out, and I will get back to you with some tips and support. However, you can opt-in for more personalized guidance if you prefer. You can check out the Talk to Fer monthly subscription where we can meet on camera, and chat through WhatsApp for the next 30 days, where I can personally guide you.

You will realize that this is a mindful dreaming program where you need to make minor adjustments in your life so that it will not interfere with the rest of your doings. We are all very busy, so if you want to start lucid dreaming is best that you can embed this hobby in your life with no struggle.

Furthermore, every single individual is unique, this is something that I have always kept in mind, and working with hundreds it reassured me that a more holistic and personalized approach is the key to your success. If we are personally working together, I will use my intuition and the help from your Spirit Guides to guide you best.

And there are no more complications.

I want to share some points that will help you see what this course is like:

  • I explain clearly, and from personal experience, what steps to take to start bringing Lucid Dreaming into your life.
  • This course has no over-complicated theory, which is unnecessary. It is all about practical steps that you will slowly implement.
  • You will have access to meditations to help you go through a different experience and solidify your progress.

You will understand more about Lucid Dreaming and its technique in a few hours. However, this is only the beginning. From here, it will be your dedication and work that will give you the expected results. You will succeed with an open mind and the desire to receive.


Q: What makes this course different?

A: You will find that all techniques are taught from a personalized point of view. As a Lucid Dreamer myself, I will share with you the important pitfalls and things to keep into account. The course is very personalized and easy to follow. Over the years, thousands archived Lucid Dreaming with this course.

Q: How long does the course take?

A: The course itself takes a few hours to complete, but it is not about finishing it, but about mastery. You will receive a foundation within a few hours, but it will be from here onward where you will get better results if you invest quality time.

Q: Are personal guidance sessions available?

A: You can receive personal guidance sessions if you prefer. Please, reach out here or send me a WhatsApp message so we can start chatting.

Q: How do I trigger a lucid dream?

A: There are many different techniques to induce a Lucid Dream, one of them, checking your hand and making sure it looks as always. You can find more techniques in the Start Lucid Dreaming course.

Q: How long does it take to start lucid dreaming?

A: It will depend on you whether you take more or less time to start lucid dreaming. You need to ensure you do not compare with others, and from here, you work on improving yourself a little bit every day.

Q: Is it possible to have a lucid dream on your first try?

A: Just by hearing the concept of a Lucid Dream, you may indeed have a lucid dream on the first try. However, this doesn’t make you better or worse, no guarantees more lucid dreams in the next night. However, because of the excitement about hearing this for the first time, you may indeed experience one.

Love and light,

Fernando Albert.

Thank you: Start Lucid Dreaming



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