Ascended Masters: Guides with great wisdom and significance.

In our spiritual team of Spirit Guides we could have one or more Ascended Masters guiding us in our lives. Find out more right here!
Maestros Ascendidos: Guías con gran sabiduría.

Ascended Masters: Guides with great wisdom and significance.

Hi there! How is the week going? I hope you liked last week’s article; I’ve wanted to write more of these for a long time. This week we are going to talk about the Ascended Masters, which are a type of Spirit Guide that we could have in our team of Spirit Guides. We have already talked about all of them at a general level in this article that explains the different types of guides. Let’s start delving into each class, beginning with the Ascended Masters.

First, I want to say that since all the souls in the Universe are part of a collective consciousness, they all have the same value. Therefore, a person is not better or worth more for having an Ascended Master as a guide in their spiritual team. Like any other guide, being connected with an Ascended Master has specific purposes for the spiritual path that the person is following.

Guides with a lot of energy.

These Spirit Guides are already a little more familiar and known; more people may work with them. Generally, anyone with a spiritual awakening, healing purposes, or other goals that require a lot of energy usually has an Ascended Master as their Guide.

For example, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, Quetzalcóatl, Ganesha, Laksmí, etc… and many more whose names we do not know since they are not known on our planet. These Guides are compelling, and each has its “special abilities.”

Each Ascended Master has a particular purpose, and their energetic signature will significantly influence the person they are guiding. For example, Ganesha is excellent at breaking blockages, problems, and “dead ends.” Its energy penetrates everything negative and brings us what we need most. Working with this Ascended Master means that, for example, channeled healing energy from him will remove blocks much more quickly.

More of the Ascended Masters.

As I said before, apart from the Ascended Masters that we know, there may be others that are unknown but have a particular purpose. This can be very interesting because there could be a specific purpose in cases like this, or else the connected soul has had important events in past lives that have made this connection real. In this case, it would be exciting to connect with that specific Ascended Master and find the purpose. Searching the Akasha for the origins of this connection can also be very important.

To connect with an Ascended Master, if you have one, is the same process as a Spirit Guide. They are our friends, and the trust is complete and absolute. Therefore, we do not have to do any specific ritual but open our heart chakra and intend to connect. I can recommend a guided meditation that will help you connect. And if you want to know more about connecting with the guides, you can see this course here.

It is possible that you can easily connect with your Ascended Master since they focus a lot on specific needs, whereas your Master Guide, for example, will focus on your entire life and all its areas.

One more thing.

I want to remind you that practice makes perfect. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t work out from the start. Many times, relaxing your mind in a state of silence will help you a lot when it comes to perceiving the energy of any of your spirit guides. You will feel their energies through clairsentience very quickly; from there, each person will perceive differently.

Now you know a little more about the Ascended Masters, I hope you have enjoyed this entry, and do not forget that you have meditations available to connect with your guides. There is one more article, a newer one that you might want to check out! Next week we have the forecast for September. I’m sure it will come loaded with energy! But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday! So, If you do not want to miss a single update, click below to join our weekly newsletter, and you will gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe now!

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