Familiar Spirits: Helping lightworkers in the physical and the astral planes

Explore today what familiar spirits are, and discover that you might have one in your life. Especially, if you work with energy, and even more if you have a cat (among others) as an animal companion, might be helping you in more ways than you can imagine. Check right now all about familiar spirits.
Familiar spirits incarnated physically in animals like cats.

Supernatural animal allies: A familiar may be incarnated in your cat

Hello all! I hope you are happy with last week’s article with the perma coupon! It is as in a way, instead of raising prices, I am reducing them! Today, the topic will be all about familiar spirits and how they impact the lives of some individuals. Keep in mind that I am referring from a point of Spirituality, and not from a fearful religious approach. I want to talk about “the typical cat with the witch,” analogy. Here, we talk about a random animal (normally a cat, but there are more) that protects energetically their family, even more, if anyone in the household manipulates energy, connects to the Spirit, or performs any type of energy work.

I’ve had the fortune to share 11 wonderful years with my wonderful and late cat Mew. In our family, we shared our home with two cats, but the arrival of Mew was quite significant and with powerful synchronicities. Long story short, as long as she was with me, I could notice a massive difference when manipulating energy, especially if it’s negative. She used to absorb (and then she would cleanse on her own, although I helped her too.) I will explain more in detail, but she was literally my energetic guardian, and maybe especially if you work with energy, you have a familiar spirit incarnated in your cat.

Familiar Spirits will incarnate normally as cats as Mew did.

Familiar Spirits will incarnate normally as cats as Mew did.

From the beginning: Who are the Familiar Spirits?

If you look online, there is a lot of information (and misinformation) about familiars. Usually, Christian religions offer a fearful and negative approach to what the bible says about familiar spirits. I have not read any of their information, so I cannot say much, however, they interpret these as disembodied demons. It is a very sad statement for something truly wonderful, and a lot of times, away from the truth, since for example, a familiar spirit cat is a physical being.

From my point of few, familiar spirits are spiritual helpers that aid lightworkers in the physical plane. They generally incarnate in animal companions to be able to interact with us physically helping us when manipulating energy. Why do you think you always see a witch with a cat? The cat is the witch’s familiar, always looking after her. You can also see a crow/raven, which is also another animal that can also be familiar, and there is also a third animal who are familiar, and these are iguana.

Crows and Ravens may also be familiar spirits.

Crows and Ravens may also be familiar spirits.

I cannot tell why it is these animals and no other like dogs. It is a matter of balance as well. A dog protects you in the physical plane, therefore has to be observant and protective. A cat will always be protected from the non-tangible since the cats can perceive this very easily. I found myself in a situation where my wife asked me “What did you see?” every time I felt something energetic. She is hyper-observant, claiming that she saw that in perfect synchronicity both Mew and myself would pick up on something by suddenly looking at a specific spot at home.

What matters the most is that you feel connected to your animal, and if you think that you have familiar relationships, keep on reading, you will be able to validate it. Familiars have some specific traits and don’t act the same.

What traits can you notice in a familiar?

There are many, many ways for you to identify if your cat is a familiar spirit. First of all, if you are open to energy, let alone manipulate it, it likely means that you will also be capable of perceiving this. You most likely already know it, but if you want to learn early on by reading the eyes you will tell. Between a lightworker and a familiar spirit, there is an essential bond. It is not necessarily a better bond than with your other cats (although it feels like it), but some energetic entanglements are probably necessary only for a lightworker-familiar connection.

It seems that when there is a bond as such, your familiar will know how you are energetically. This goes beyond emotional empathy, but almost as if your familiar is observing you, and making sure that you are well energically, otherwise, they will come to an aid and assist you.

Familiar Spirits incarnated are always there for you.

Familiar Spirits incarnated are always there for you.

Check out some traits for you to find and help you identify if you have a familiar at home.

1. Extremely sensitive to energy

The first is obvious. Familiar spirits sense everything around you constantly. For example, they will know when you are doing a reading, even if you didn’t change where you are. For example, years back, Mew didn’t act the same when I was writing here at the Meditate with Fernando blog, or if I was typing a written reading. She always knew if I started to channel for a reading, because her body language changed, and she started to emanate energy.

I have to say, they truly act like an energy filter. I felt perfect that a lot of energy was cleansed right away thanks to Mew, otherwise, I would feel it taking a small toll on my energetic shields. I always connected directly to the Spirit Guides or Akashic Records of the person, never through Mew, but she still catalyzed the energy.

Familiar Spirits incarnated are always there for you.

Familiar Spirits incarnated are always there for you.

If there were a big energetic shift such as a blowout in anger, or anxiety for whatever reason, she also would feel uncomfortable, and many times need to escape and hide away to cleanse. This is of course if they feel they can go. It seems that familiar spirits incarnated do not put themselves first at all, they always give priority to “their witch.”

2. More out there than grounded

Familiar Spirits don’t have to be grounded, only to what requires a healthy life and physical body. They are constantly checking on the energy and the same that a dog barks if a stronger approaches, a familiar spirit will look after the wellness of the household, especially for those who are the most energetic and sensitive. They prefer to be in this way, the same way a watchdog likes to be outside.

You can tell that by being energy-sensitive and not being very grounded, they are also very sensitive to physical stimuli. While this is true for all cats, it affects more cats who are familiars, turning to be a lot of sensitive and needing a silent, dark, and safe spot to hide and recharge. If a familiar gets often overwhelmed will get sick a lot faster than others who are not. Sudden physical movements, loud music, and external random loud noises will stress these sensitive spirits a lot.

If you have a familiar at home, keep in mind they are extra sensitive to loud noises.

If you have a familiar at home, remember they are extra sensitive to loud noises.

Spirit Familiars will appreciate a lot more a peaceful and relaxed environment. This is true for everybody, but for sensitive individuals, it applies a lot more. If you keep this into account, you will see how much of a difference it makes. This applies as well to you, especially if you are a Highly Sensitive Person (Source of study: National Library of Medicine) so familiar or not, don’t discard this, and always find and allow yourself some peaceful time.

3. They seem to know what to do and how

You can tell if your cat companion is familiar because you probably have spotted it. They seem to always know what to do at all times, and how to best help in every situation. These beings are highly claircognant, meaning that there are a lot of things that they know out of the blue.

For example, when doing readings while Mew is alive, she would be acting differently depending on how the energy of the reading is. If it’s a very heavy topic, she seemed to lie down next to me, and that was there, buffering away negative energy. But if it was a positive energy, she wouldn’t act the same, but maybe more playful, or even more lax (sometimes even going to her sandbox, etc)

So, you must be very observant of your familiar companions, because they have profound spiritual and metaphysical aspects that you will discover only by time. The more you connect with your familiar spirit, the stronger your bond will become. It will almost feel like a clairsentient link, knowing about each other, even remotely, through channeled emotions.

The goal of a familiar spirit is to protect

So, maybe you are asking if there is any gain over a familiar spirit cat, for example, versus an ordinary cat, and the answer is simple: no! Is it like if you think about what additional gain a big dog that guards your house, versus your poodle that loves to sleep on the couch? None, right?

Poodles are lovable, and so are familiar cats.

Poodles are lovable, and so are familiar cats.

The same goes for your cat, you need to love and cherish your cat as much as you can, as the cat will give you back their unconditional love, whether they are familiar or not.

The main goal for a familiar is to protect its human companion from negative entities and other lower vibrations stuff. For example, they will absorb and transmute negative energy into more positive energies, or be capable of detecting if there are negative entities around. Maybe you are a lightworker but you cannot see if spirits are lingering around, but if you have a familiar with you, they will signal you about this. If you have a good connection with your familiar, you will understand completely and act accordingly.

If you develop a strong connection with your familiar, the both of you can work together in many ways. For example, if you decide to Astral Project, and keep the intention to explore for a while, your familiar will be lying around, knowing they can’t touch you now, but ensuring that no one does either (especially astrally.)

You need to keep into account that it is pretty much like an added ability. Thanks to the Principles of the Universe, you will align yourself well to find a familiar when you need one. In a way, if you are meant to be connected with one, they will come to you, have no doubt.


Q: What is a familiar spirit?

A: A familiar spirit is an animal companion, usually in the form of a cat, iguana, crow, or raven that protects the household and energy practitioners.

Q: What powers do familiar spirits have?

A: It goes beyond having powers. These beings are highlighted as clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognant. Usually, all of them also have highly psychic powers, as well as being hyper-sensitive.

Q: What can familiars do?

A: Familiars will be catalysts for both good and bad energy. They will protect the household from negative entities and will promote a good energetic balance.

Q: Are familiars good?

A: There is a lot out there in between religion and witch’s folklore that yields a lot of mixed information. From a spiritual point of view, familiar spirits are good and help lightworkers.

Q: Are familiars scary or bad?

A: No, they are not. Some religions interpret them as negative entities, but this is not the correct view from my humble point.

I hope you have learned a lot of things about familiar spirits.

I could keep going and double the word count, but I feel that you should find out from here. I am only giving you a small introduction. The truth is that it makes a big difference to have the company of a family member. Next week we will talk about the Ascended Masters and the power they have over our spiritual development. I’ll tell you in a week!

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