Join the Lucid Dreaming Challenges! Are you up for them?

Lucid Dreaming Challenge: Are you up for them? Join now and have fun!
The Lucid Dreaming Challenge.

It is Lucid Dreaming’s challenge time!

Last week we talked about linear time? We are going to break it this way through lucid dreaming! Make sure to fluff your pillow well because… It is time for a lucid dreaming challenge.

This week’s entry is very brief, but that precisely means there is more! I have received requests from many of my students. You want to have something more “to do” after we awake in our dreams. Challenges always help since they bring expectations, fun, and even a little bit of healthy competition among the pros!

You don’t know how to lucid dream yet, but you want to? There is a lot of information on this blog. Make sure to check it out! You can also read more about in the article for lucid dreaming and regular dreaming.

A challenge may be essential for lucid dreaming success.

However, if it goes well with your convenience, I created a Lucid Dreaming course. Starting from the start, at a nice pace (access is lifetime), you can become a master oneironaut and dominate lucid dreaming at will. Check here for more info!

So, to quickly summarize (you can find the full explanation in the Lucid Dreaming Challenges Section)

A few steps to have lots of fun!

  1. Firstly. Once a month, a new video-challenge will be ready. Make sure to visit often. For a new lucid dreaming challenge, I want to see you guys working on them, so make sure to comment!
  2. You will have to complete one or more of these challenges in a lucid dream to succeed. Therefore, make sure to practice.
  3. Write down all your doings in these dreams in your Dream Journal. It is unquestionably an essential step.
  4. I encourage you to share your successes and failures, but dreams can be very personal, so it is not needed. (You can use these on your privacy if you desire)
  5. If you can quickly complete one tier (like “normal tier”), I recommend you go up to the next one.

And you know?

That’s pretty much it! No more secrets to it! These will be 19-second videos!

So, why don’t you head over here and check the first lucid dreaming challenge! 

The Lucid Dreaming Challenge.

And, for this week, this is it 🙂 I hope you guys like the new section (I am pretty sure some of you will do!).

Next Wednesday is the first one for June, so you all know it is time for the forecast! However, since tomorrow is already the first, most likely, it will be available on Youtube within a couple of days. And in a week from now, it will also be available here on this blog 🙂 See you next week! I hope you accomplish your lucid dream challenge, so I am looking forward to reading how it goes! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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