What about recurring nightmares? How can you heal them

Recurring nightmares: How can you heal them and feel free.
You can heal recurring nightmares.

Can you heal recurring nightmares?

Hi folks, so we come this week with an exciting topic, especially if you are suffering from recurring nightmares or you want to deal with your nightmares in general. But firstly, did you listen to the forecast? I want to share and talk a little more about this today! I want to share with you that there is an entry that talks about the different types of dreams, in case you want to check out all kinds of dreams you can experience.

There is always an explanation for having nightmares almost every night, and through lucid dreaming, you can learn to understand them. The key to dealing with these nightmares starts by stopping to fear them.

I am so sorry If you are going through a phase of recurring nightmares or nightmares in general. Where sleep can be an escape from the heaviness and stress of this world, nightmares are a pest when they come, but you can heal your recurring nightmares, and when you do, they will be gone! Of course, I am going to share now my two cents. How to deal with these, so I hope this helps!

You can always heal recurring nightmares.

I have been studying dreams for years. Also, I have been a natural lucid dreamer since birth. Dreams have always fascinated me. I learned a lot from my dreams, and I have been able to help others through their dreams. An average human being spends 25-35% of their lifetime sleeping, and it is essential to keep some account of it. I am sure you are not looking for the classic answer or the obvious stuff you tried, but as a lucid dreamer teacher, I want to share a few tips that could give you a hand with your nightmares and get rid of them.

Steps to follow.

  • To heal recurring nightmares is essential to keep a dream journal next to your bed. Set the intention to write down all your dreams. Hopefully, you will recall more than just nightmares. It will make your consciousness work harder in producing more variety of dreams. As your dream recall improves, so your chances to lucid dream, to deal with your nightmare, entirely lucid.
  • Once you have some recall, you might have some lucid dreams. I am sure that you turned lucid in one of those nightmares, but you never knew what to do or just felt terrified. Make sure to account for your lucid dreams, and when you do have one, try to do so something pleasant; this also reduces nightmares.
  • nightmare sometimes is a message that we need to hear, and our consciousness does not know better somethings, lol! Until we do not deal with or fix the issue, the nightmare will continue haunting your sleeping time. So basically, you have to deal with the nightmare. But you are not dealing in the way of defeating/accomplishing whatever curse you have. Do confront it but do not destroy or overcome the problem. The best way to heal from it and permanently defeat a nightmare is to question it. You will need to ask about the nightmare.

Ask your recurring nightmare:

    • What do you want?
    • What do you represent?
    • Let me know any messages you have.
  • It might be necessary to induce the nightmare if it does not come to you. Another option is to attempt to enter that nightmare as lucidly as possible. While it sounds crazy, causing a nightmare is the best way to heal it. You want and will be entirely lucid from the start, so no terror here! Try to wake up in the middle of the night, drink some water, and go to bed. Stay relaxed and focus on your nightmare, reminding you that in reality, you are sleeping, safe, and sound on your couch, intending to understand why the recurring nightmare.

Cleanse your recurring nightmares now!

Remember that you are lucid in your nightmare.

  • Focusing on those questions is going to make a big difference. Most likely, the nightmare will end/shift, and you will get something empowering, something that will help you in life. Maybe it is to finish healing something that has been hunting you down for a while.
  • If you always have the same recurring nightmare (or around the same topic), you will heal it while on the pillow. Most likely, it will be the only way. It may happen that sometimes said nightmare might require you to take some action in waking life to fix it. You will know, and possibly, know already if that situation applies. Do not worry. When you pursue this type of healing, you will understand it!
  • Puff, no more nightmares! Unless you have other issues to deal with and they show as nightmares, you would follow as above. After this, dreaming is going to be excellent, fabulous, and fantastic for you.

And you know?

In the end, this is it. You do not need to escape your dreams with dangerous drugs or go terrified to bed every night. Dreams are wonderful. We can learn a lot from them and make our dreams come “true” (pun intended) in the very dream if we are lucid. So, the key is to heal these recurring nightmares right off the bat.

Precisely, one big reason why professionals like surgeons also use lucid dreaming, athletes, or even people before having to make a hard decision. Premonitions, as well as other phenomena, can also occur in dreams. Like I shared above, I talk about dreams, lucid dreaming, and astral projection on this site, and reading this blog alone, can help you already. There is a guided meditation to help induce lucid dreams or a tight sleep meditation that also does help with nightmare problems. Read more about meditation here.

About recurring nightmares and lucid dreaming, there is one more point. I can share with you that besides lucid dreams, you also need some dream control. If you click on the image below, you can check the entire syllabus for the lucid dreaming course and discover everything you can learn.

Control your dreams (and nightmares) with this video course:

Lucid dreaming course. Heal your recurring nightmares.

Next week we are going to have another chakra activation since last month we did not have one. This time is the Throat Chakra, and it will be ready next week! I will make sure to share all about it right here! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “What about recurring nightmares? How can you heal them

  1. ForgeAus says:

    While things like Desensitization can work for certain nightmares, and even in some instances writing the experience down can help someone release their need for it.

    However, there are a number of instances that this is more like treating the symptom but not the cause, I’m only writing this so that you can be aware that there are times where a nightmare is triggered from an issue in the sufferers waking life. Perhaps it has something to do with what scientists are researching about our brain processing during sleep – but when people have plans that are untenable (ie cross purposes that clash or are not possible to complete), even if it isn’t the dreamers own plans but almost always the dreamer has to be a subject of the plans themselves, it is a common trigger to nightmares, treat the trigger and the brain doesn’t need send out an alarm that develops into the nightmare itself.

    Some more minor waking life causes can also be things such as trying to hold on to something or someone they really should be letting go of, or trying to forget something rather than learning to accepting the past, right up to complex relationship issues.

    The Lucid Dreaming methods here are of use especially if the cause cannot be determined. oh and just for the record I am a Lucid Dreamer myself, I suffered years of Nightmares myself, and that was my path to Lucid dreaming – once I learned to overcome them, I realized the nightmare itself was Lucid Experience, I became fascinated with experiencing and controlling my dreams, not that I knew the term Lucid Dreaming back then, so it left me with what I consider very special gift – in my case there was no need for dream journals, reality checks or dream spinning, but I don’t recommend my path for anyone else, its actually all about vigilance, that’s how Dream Journals, and Reality Checks, etc. are of use..

    Another important Cause that I hadn’t as yet mentioned is PTSD, which I am not qualified to treat/discuss in any effective manner, if somebody suffers from PTSD probably the best option is to seek a Competent Medical Professional that they trust.

    1. Yeah, it was nightmares (child) that also helped me to know I could know when I was dreaming hehe.

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