Dreaming in a Dream: A shuffle of lucid and non lucid dreams in one big dream.

Here I share a dream of dreams, lucid and normal. Because dreams, dreams are. It does not matter how they are.
Dreaming in a dream within dreams.

Dreaming in a dream can create powerful dream-chains and combinations.

When you are dreaming in a dream, and you have dreams inside other dreams, and some are lucid, it is chaos. However, dreams are dreams, and what I am about to share is a “big dream” of dreams. In the previous post, I shared a dream of four depth levels, all using the WILD technique. But in truth, the “fourth level” is no different than the first, at the time I started the lucid dream. It is a quite interesting read and this week; also, because I will share another dream of these. Some layers were lucid, others were not, and I could make short astral trips in the middle of a big mess.

This dream started in a dream that was not a lucid dream; it could even be a nightmare. As a warning, the beginning of the dream is related to an insect and an emergency operation. I do not give much detail of that part (the quality of the dream here was not very high), but if you are very sensitive to the topic, skip the “Level 1” (the one at the beginning, not the one at the end) and “Level 2 /?” (almost at the end). Do not worry that I notice it before you read it by accident. As I said before, it was a strange dream, a mixture of astral projection, lucid, not lucid, and brief moments of waking. Not induced.

I ended up very confused when I woke up. But it did not affect me either the next day or the next night because dreaming in a dream is yet another dream.

When you are dreaming in a dream, you can get a blend of dreams and lucid dreams. It can be quite intense, but in the end, it is a big dream of dreams!

Well, here’s my dream 🙂 It’s a bit of a mess, but if you keep reading it, you’ll understand it without problems:

Level 1 – Nightmare; not lucid. (Avoid this first level if you are very sensitive.)

I had a False Awakening in a big hotel room; I believe I was in Australia. It was a very long dream, and I lost some of what happened, but a weird wasp stung me and laid some eggs under my skin. Said eggs hatched almost right away, and I started to feel very sick. I went to the ER, and they told me I needed surgery. They required total anesthesia, and I was worried because I just ate. I figured I was going to get sick big time once the procedure ended. I realized that I was probably going to astral project due to the anesthesia. When they administered it, I passed out and suddenly found myself floating above my body.

Level 2 – Dreaming not lucidly of a false astral projection journey (You can read from here without problems.)

I was dreaming of an Astral Projection, but non-lucidly. I was flying around, and I passed out again.

Level 2/1/2/3? – Although dreaming in a dream is a regular dream, I already got a little lost to group them or put a specific level.

I had a series of False Awakenings and falling asleep several times, like a big loop.

Dreaming in a dream in many other dreams.

Lovel 2 – Turning Lucid without knowing that I am on level two and that level one is a dream.

At some point, I did a Reality Check and realized I was dreaming. Despite being lucid, I was still buying that my physical body was receiving surgery. I was in a big house, and I took a flight to make my dream stable and precise. The sky was clear, and I could see a very bright light. It reminded me of the month’s Bonus task to visit the ISS and watch the sunrise over our planet. A challenge from a dreaming community that I planned to beat.

Level 3 – Although I thought, “I went up one level,” I “lowered” it.

I was standing on the edge of this station, and I could see our planet and a very bright light on the east. The Sun is rising right behind the Earth, and the beams of light from the sun had a few different shades of yellow, white, and red. I was happy to accomplish the ToTM Bonus, so I decided to complete some dares; however, I passed out again.

Level 3-2-1-0-1-2 – Another loop, much more intense. Although you can be dreaming in a dream, you can also dream in a dream, in a dream…

Another false awakening triggered a small chain of it. I was in a room, and I realized it was not the hospital. Shortly after, I turned lucid and double-checked my hands. There was a lot of noise, like hospital noises, although I was outdoors. I knew the sound came from another dream. Shortly after, I started to worry about the surgery and lost lucidity.

Level 2/? – Attention, small sensitive part (if sensitive, skip this paragraph). False astral travel, without lucidity.

Again, I projected myself in the same dream of the beginning, and I saw my body, almost ready with surgery. I had an X-ray vision, and I could see how they eliminated all the parasite eggs from my body. My stomach was still full of food. Worry came. I knew that I would vomit everything, and I would feel terrible when I woke up from the surgery. I could touch other people in this ghost-form, and they could notice me. However, unable to see me. I stayed watching for a while until the dream faded. (But it does not end here).

Level 1 – A little steep, but it’s part of this dream mess.

I had another false awakening, now in the hospital bed. The operation went well, but I knew that it was going to be tricky to eliminate anesthesia. I already sick. I blacked out.

Level 1/?1/? – More loops and more confusion. Dreaming in a dream is excellent, but they can confuse you a lot with fast transitions.

I had another FA in Vegas followed by a short lucid, and I quickly passed out once again to find myself in another false awakening.

Right after that, I had then again another FA in my car. I parked in front of a store, and my wife was in the passenger seat (Was I driving asleep? lol). Moments later, I turned lucid out of all the nonsense, but my wife told me that I was not dreaming and prevented me from doing a reality check. I knew this was not my wife because we encourage each other to do a reality check.

Other False Awakening in a different room, to blackout again.

Level 1 – Crazy, crazy, and it will surprise you a little (maybe) when you read it.

I had another False Awakening in a different room, outside a building at night. Someone parked a car, and they asked me if I enjoyed my trip. They caused all of these dreams to happen; a company called “9 clairvoyants dreaming.”

While awake, I still did many reality checks to ensure I did not prolong the dream.

Crazy, right? But what I told you, dreaming in a dream, is another regular dream. Possibly, an EKG would not look different than normal sleep-dreaming. Or at least, I can guess, since I’ve never done such an experiment. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The truth is that it is a dream that I will not forget.

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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